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What is CeraTemp Pan
It is a ceramic cooking pan that changes its colour to tell you when it’s hot and when it isn’t.

CeraTemp Pan claims to help you with your regular cooking by not only telling you when it’s hot but by also letting you cook without added oil or butter. Thus you can make your favourite dishes while you eat healthy as well. How often have you got your fingers burned trying to find out if your pan is hot or not? CeraTemp Pan promises to avoid this problem for good so that you can cook safely every time.

CeraTemp Pan changes colour

That’s the highlight of this pan, according to its claims. When it’s hot this pan will be white so that you know that it’s ready for cooking. And when it cools down it will turn back to gray colour. That’s a whole lot of cooking convenience right at your fingertips.
Thanks to this feature, you can cook to perfection every single time because it changes colour just at the right temperature.

CeraTemp Pan claims to bring the latest non stick ceramic technology to your kitchen

There are ceramic pans that are known to have their advantages. But CeraTemp Pan claims to take the game to a whole new level altogether with its new ceramic technology. In fact it is said to have the latest in the non stick ceramic coating, which can let you cook without any additional butter or oil. It makes perfect sense for the health conscious who want to cook the right way without much oil or fat.

CeraTemp Pan is convenient for regular use

It claims to be very easy to clean for you because even the worst burnt out messes don’t stick to it. So you don’t have to scrub for long trying to get the mess out. Another advantage of CeraTemp Pan is said to be the fact that it’s quite versatile and it works on practically any kind of cook top.
Moreover it’s also said to be dishwasher safe, making it the go to pan for your kitchen.

What do I get?and Price
2 sets of CeraTemp Pan for $19.95 + $15.9 P&H Total amount $35.85.Official website ceratemp.com

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