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What are Coffee Caps?

Coffee Caps are caps that can be used on K-Cups multiple times.

Use Coffee Caps to brew your favorite beverage in K-Cups. You can reuse them,
refill your K-Cups, according to its claims.

Using Coffee Caps

Coffee Caps claim to be very easy to use. Just brew yourself a cup of your favorite
K-Cup coffee or tea or other beverage. Next, take the tin foil off the K-Cup and
dispose it in your bin.

Wash the K-Cup clean by removing the tea or coffee grounds from your previous
brew. Make sure that you leave the filter in. Then, take your favorite ground
coffee or loose tea leaves and fill it up in the K-Cup. Next, you need to insert the
Coffee Cap onto the inside of the K-Cup. Make sure that it is a snug fit. All you
have to do next is brew your beverage. Then sit back and enjoy it.

It is easy to clean the Coffee Caps, they claim. Just remove the cap and rinse it
out. Then, you have your K-Cup ready to use for the next fresh cup of coffee or

Features of Coffee Caps

Coffee Caps come in 3 exciting colors: Red, Green and Clear. They are made using
durable plastic. They can last for several years. They can be used and reused for
thousands of brews of your favorite beverages. You can save a lot of money on
each cup of beverage. In addition, you can brew all your favorite beverages using
Coffee Caps.

Coffee Caps can be extremely handy as they are reusable. They are supposed
to be easy to use. You can brew all your favorite beverages in your K-Cup: tea,
coffee and even hot chocolate. The good thing is that they promise to be made
of durable plastic that can be reused many times and can last several years. This
would be a great way to save money on your beverages.

What do I get? And Price

  • 2 Red coffee caps
  • 2 Green coffee caps
  • 2 clear coffee caps
  • 2 cleaning brushes

Price – $10 + $13.9 P&H Total amount $23.9. Official website

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