Bunion Buddy REVIEW

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About Bunion Buddy

Protect your bunion from friction with Bunion Buddy. It treats bunions without surgery, spacers or pads. Bunion Buddy is a thin, soft and flexible sleeve that fits over your foot without any additional bulk or pressure. It has a unique heel strap and toe hood that helps align your toe right over time.

You can wear Bunion Buddy discreetly with all types of shoes every day. Its comfortable and breathable design offers round-the-clock comfort even in special footwear. It is made of odor and bacteria resistant polyurethane/nylon material that is latex free. It can be reused and is machine washable.

bunion buddy

Bunion Buddy REVIEW

Austin Garner, a Bunion Buddy reviewer states that it doesn’t provide any real support and isn’t thick enough at the ball of the foot to provide any kind of relief. In fact, after a couple of uses, he noticed that it made his foot even more than before.

Another reviewer, Ellen Day complains that Bunion Buddy doesn’t fit her foot well since her feet are narrow. She says that the sizing isn’t appropriately presented by the manufacturer. Even after finding the right size, she doesn’t seem to get adequate support or relief from wearing it.

A review by Lloyd Hammond reveals that Bunion Buddy doesn’t really provide any adequate support or relief even after using it for a while. He does mention that there is a chance that it might work for some other people since it is designed smartly to separate the toe from others.

Wilma Patrick’s review of Bunion Buddy asserts that it was difficult to put on and that she had to remove it after only 5 minutes of use. The material isn’t great and the asking price for the product isn’t really worth the money. Her review warns other users that Bunion Buddy is as good as buying a piece of cloth and wrapping it around the toe manually.

Another customer, Jessica Perez claims that Bunion Buddy isn’t value for money and is made using the cheap quality material. As per her Bunion Buddy review, she found it to be satisfactory in terms of pain relief initially but noticed that it lost its shape after 2 weeks of standard use.

Bunion Buddy Questions and Answers

Q:What is the material used in Bunion Buddy?
A:It is made using a blend of Polyurethane and Nylon. The fabric used is a snug fit and anchors around the ankle to pull away from the big toe and relieve the built-up tension.

Q:Does Bunion Buddy really straighten the toe?
A:Yes, it is designed to keep the toe straight when it is used.

Q:Is Bunion Buddy useful?
A:It depends on individual to individual when it comes to Bunion Buddy’s effectiveness. It all depends a lot on whether the user is looking for a snug fit to keep the big toe away from the other or friction protection from the footwear.

Q:Is it a corrector or a reliever?
A:It is only a reliever and works to keep the toe straight only when it is used. The toe will go bent once it is removed.

Bunion Buddy Verdict

Bunion Buddy isn’t a unique pain reliever and is similar to numerous other bunion relief systems available in the market. One of the key problems with it is the fact that it is just a reliever and doesn’t really correct the position of the toe to provide a permanent solution similar to the Bunion Corrector. Another problem with Bunion Buddy is that the sleeve doesn’t really stay in shape for a long time. One can purchase it only from the manufacturer’s website. Whereas the Bunion Corrector is a better system that offers correction and pain relief with proven customer reviews on Amazon. Such unavailability on major e-commerce website doesn’t really add to the confidence in purchasing Bunion Buddy. It is better to surf the internet for more options and search for Bunion pain relievers, bunion corrector, and bunion sleeves to look for better-reviewed systems only. Have a look at the ratings; compare the ones that are 2 or 3 star rated to really understand the pros and cons of systems similar to the Bunion Buddy.

Bunion Buddy price
Bunion Buddy is available in two sizes: Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large $14.99 plus $6.99 S&H at
Official Website:buybunionbuddy.com

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