Comfy Slim REVIEW

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About Comfy Slim

It is a 3-in-1 Slimming Waist Shaper, Lifting Bra & Smoothing Camisole that promises to tuck your belly, lift your bust, support your back, and slim your waist to give you an hour-glass figure instantly.


Comfy Slim CLAIMS

Simply slip on Comfy Slim and adjust the waist to give your body a slim and toned look. Designed with Slim Flex, an exclusive textile technology, it promises to not only stretch enough for comfort but also compresses strong to instantly slim your waist. This claim can only be substantiated once Comfy Slim reviews come out. With its adjustable waist control, Comfy Slim maintains to let you define your figure even more, a claim that will be confirmed only after Comfy Slim is reviewed.

Breathable and seamless, it states that it won’t show under your clothes, and also maintains that is comfortable to wear all day long. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once Comfy Slim is reviewed.

Sizes Available
Comfy Claim is available in sizes: S/M, L/XL, 1XL/2XL, 3XL/4XL.


Comfy Slim Pros and Cons


Katherine Henry, a Comfy Slim reviewer reveals that it is a decent cami for someone with a shorter torso. She also applauds the fact that it does make her swear and added the calorie burn while working out.

Another customer, Shari Barratt states in her Comfy Slim review that its material is very comfortable and allows movement while stretching and moving freely. It did contour her body well and was fairly smooth to help her sweat. She does advice other users to buy a bigger size if they have bigger torso since the zipper tends to roll down while working out.


A review of Comfy Slim by Sarah Perkins discloses that the shapewear doesn’t fit well and its Velcro fails to stay in place. She found it to be uncomfortable and had to constantly adjust it since it kept riding up while working out.

One other customer, Marilyn Thomas complains that Comfy Slim irritated her skin and the quality of its material isn’t worth the price. Her review further adds that Comfy Slim doesn’t hold shape uniformly and is firm only around the top and middle and loses shape at the bottom area.

A reviewer, Rene Pratt exposes Comfy Slim as useless for people with a high stomach. Also, she found that its material smells bad and doesn’t go away after washing it.

Maxine Welch, a Comfy Slim user asserts in her review that it doesn’t have a padding in the bra and as a result, the nipples show through when wearing a t-shirt.

Comfy Slim Questions and Answers

Q. What is the material of the Comfy Slim?
A. The manufacturer mentions on the website some fancy name “SlimFlex Textile”, we searched all over the internet to find more information about the material but could not find anything valuable other than the information related to trademark.

Q. There are so many waist trainers and body shapers out there, how is Cami Slim different?
A. Cami Slim is a 2-piece system, It comes with a “Upper Body Shapewear” and a “Hourglass Waist Trainer” – this combination makes this product unique.

Q.Is the bra padded?

Q.Is Comfy Slim washable?

Q.Does it smash the chest area?
A.Yes, it does for people with a larger torso.

Q.Does the Comfy Slim’s bottom roll up?

Q.Will it smoothen out the belly fat?
A.It will do so only if users are not over 150 lbs.

Q.Is it comfortable to wear?
A.It is uncomfortable for large sized individuals.

Q.Does Comfy Slim provide adequate support?
A.It has a light to medium support that is available with other shapewear.

Q.Does it provide a firm or a light abdominal support?
A.It offers minimal support at the abdominal region.



Comfy Slim price
Buy Comfy Slim at 2 easy payments of $19.99 at Official

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