Beauty Band REVIEW

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About Beauty Band

Beauty Band is a facial firming band that promises to instantly give you the look of a face lift! It claims to help lift & firm skin naturally without the use of chemicals.


Beauty Band CLAIMS

It asserts that it uses the power of perfect tension technology to effortlessly & painlessly stretch brow lines upward, tighten under eye bags, lift droopy eyelids, smooth crow’s feet outward, and lift the chin, jawline & neck upwards & outwards toward the ears. Does it sound too good to be true? Beauty Band reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Beauty Band proclaims that the secret of its results are the precision tabs that are strategically placed to tighten and lift problem areas smoothing and plumping skin from inside out. Does it work as it claims? We will have to wait for Beauty Band reviews to verify this claim.

It emphasizes that it gently opens the skin to make any cleanser, toner, mask, moisturizer, eye serum & wrinkle cream work better. Sounds too fanciful, Beauty Band reviews will expose it soon.

It also alleges to help lift the inner walls of lines & deep creases to the surface. It further emphasizes to eliminate the need for fillers & surgery. These claims can be proved only after we analyze Beauty Band reviews.

Beauty Band REVIEW


Diane Palmer’s Beauty Band review reveals that it does work well temporarily and helps with the swelling. She saw its effectiveness while de-puffing her face in the morning before applying makeup.


Another customer, Rene Raul complains in her review that it lacks directions for use and the flimsy piece of silicone fails to do anything that is promised. She also feels that it might have worked if it was something that can be used overnight.

A review by June Bowman exposes Beauty Band to be completely useless and uncomfortable to use. She says that its smaller size made it too tough to put on and pulled her hair as well.

A similar issue is been raised in Ramona Hick’s Beauty Band review where she adds that apart from being too tight and cheap, it smells of fresh factory smell that can be nauseating.

As per Essie McCoy’s review, Beauty Band doesn’t fit well. She warns other users and asks them not to purchase it since it didn’t reach the top of her head and reached the back of the head where it fails to stay in place.

A customer, Debra Powers exposes Beauty Band to be a waste of money in her review. She writes that the band kept falling off from the forehead and slips all over the place. She suspects that it will only work for individuals who have a smaller head. Her review also states that Beauty Band isn’t made using good quality material and shows disappointed since it is Made in China.

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