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About Bucket Stool

Bucket Stool proclaims to be a unique stool that is designed with a decent height to fit a standard bucket for convenient seating. The grooves on the legs of Bucket Stool emphasize to fit a 3.5 or 5-gallon bucket easily. Its design maintains to be easy to use as it goes easily over a bucket for seating or can be flipped to work as a lid.


bucket stool


How does Bucket Stool work?

A versatile stool – Bucket Stool asserts to provide an appropriate sitting height for indoor and outdoor purposes such as fishing, hunting, gardening, detailing cars, etc. The smart design of Bucket Stool claims to leave a gap that is perfect for storing items while using it as a stool. Does Bucket Stool really work as promised? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

360-degree movement – Bucket Stool promises to spin while seated to offer 360-degree movement. It also declares to act as a lid for buckets while carrying stuff around. More shall be revealed once it has been reviewed. The sturdy material of the stool assures that it can hold up to 300 lbs. weight without breaking it. At this point in time, there are no Bucket Stool reviews available for analysis.



Bucket Stool Reviews

Brent Potter frustratingly writes in his Bucket Stool review that he threw it away due to its poor quality and design.

Another reviewer, Ricky Christensen, found Bucket Stool a little pricey but states that it is good as an extra seat when required. He further writes in the review that Bucket Stool is nice for sitting while gardening, removing small weeds, etc.

Heather Jacobs’s Bucket Stool review reveals that its height is perfect for activities such as ice-fishing while as it perfectly fits on a 5-gallon bucket. She wishes it had a little more padding or insulation for comfortable seating.


Bucket Stool Questions & Answers

Q. What are the exact measurements of the slots on Bucket Stool when placed on the top of the bucket? It is mentioned to be 14 inches but is it from the slot to slot?
A. The measurement on Bucket Stool from one center of the slot to another is 11.5 inches with each slot being about 0.5 inches wide. The outside edge at the widest point of the legs stands at 14 inches and the inside edge where it is widest is about 9 inches.

Q. What is the rated weight capacity of Bucket Stool?
A. 300 lbs.

Q. Can the bucket handle work if the Bucket Stool is placed in sitting position?
A. No, it would require flipping of Bucket Stool as a lid to work.

Q. Will Bucket Stool work with the lid on?
A. No, it is designed to fit as a seat on an open bucket. It can be used as a lid when reversed while carrying the bucket. It also leaves a gap that can be used to put items inside the bucket with ease.

Q. Does Bucket Stool really swivel?
A. When placed on the top of a bucket, Bucket Stool has a free swiveling mechanism that rotates around the edges. To reduce the resistance while swiveling, one can apply a bit of liquid Teflon on the bucket’s rim. Such an application will ensure smooth movement of Bucket Stool in 360-degrees.


What do I get?
2 X Bucket Stools for $14.99 + S/h at the official website GetBucketStool.com

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