Nabi SE vs Nabi 2 vs Nabi 2S vs Leapfrog Epic vs Nabi Elev-8

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Compare What is it? Nabi SE vs Nabi 2 vs Nabi 2S vs Leapfrog Epic vs Nabi Elev-8

The Nabi SE 7 inch Tablet provides creative and personalized learning experience for kids above 6 years.

Nabi 2 – It is the first full-featured Android tablet made especially by keeping in mind kids in the age group 4 to 10 years old, it provides a wide range of tool for educating, entertaining and providing information to kids through kiddified Web surfing, movies and TV shows, book reading, learning math and playing games.

Nabi 2S is the fastest and powerful tablet in the world made for kids in the age group 4-10 years old to make them learn, understand and grow.

Leapfrog Epic – It is the most advanced research based Android tablet, developed for kids in the age group 3-9 years old. It offers powerful features and a unique world for exploration, creativity and learning.It is best suitable to provide first tablet experience for creating endless possibilities that grow with your child as they play with it.

Nabi Elev-8 – It has everything a kid in the age group 6-9 years old need in a tablet. The innovative Nabi Elev-8 helps in boosting the brain power of the kids by delivering them the most advanced and playful educational learning.


Compare What is it good for? Nabi SE vs Nabi 2 vs Nabi 2S vs Leapfrog Epic vs Nabi Elev-8

Nabi SE – It helps in building confidence and interest for learning with the personalized curriculum in Wings Learning System. It gains controls and access to the stock Android experience, including Google Play.

Nabi 2 – With the feature of nabi synch application, it can easily Synchronize with your home computer or laptop. It provides one with 2GB of free nabi-cloud for storage. For a kid’s tablet, it has very generous selection of connectivity options which even outdo a full-featured tablets.

Nabi 2S – It has NVIDIA Tegra 3 Super 4-Plus-1TM Quad-Core with 5th Battery Saver Core which makes it the most fastest and powerful tablet.

Leapfrog Epic – It has a virtual world none like other that can easily Excite children. One can Watch night fall, add characters and discover a fun surprise every day! Which is just amazing.Just for Me learning is an exclusive addition to LeapFrog, Just for Me Learning technology challenge children as they grow by making constant changes in their games. It’s interactive home-screen allows kids to create their own custom tablet while building their skills and imagination which is one of its kind feature

Nabi Elev-8 – By providing Elevating screen time it enriches the playtime, thus the innovative Nabi Elev-8 delivers the most educational value and good for the brain content in a kids tablet experience.


Compare Features: Nabi SE vs Nabi 2 vs Nabi 2S vs Leapfrog Epic vs Nabi Elev-8

Nabi SE – It features Wings learning system, time control, nabi mode for kids and parent mode, various rewards for children and nabi Konnect. Wings Learning System course-ware is designed to master a child’s fundamentals in math, reading and writing for grades Pre-K through 6. To control the child’s screen time nabi’s time control lets parents manage it tactfully by choosing to off the tab showing fun animated characters video bidding goodbyes, thus avoiding the child’s tantrum. Nabi provides kids complete access to child-appropriate apps, games, e-books and videos in the nabi mode whereas password-protected Parent Mode is a full Android OS experience with management tools such as Parental Controls, Chore List and Google Play. Parents can Reward their children for managing their time and making responsible choices. Nabi Konnect is one of its kind of an first social experience for kids where they can only connect with parent-approved friends using a unique friend code. Once connected, children can safely chat, send email or share photos with mom, dad and approved friends. Also, children’s profiles cannot be searched.

Nabi 2 – Kids can have access to a full curriculum from Pre-K through 6th grade to learn and parents can track their growth. With growing age learning apps and game appropriate for that particular age can be unlocked by the parents and so Nabi 2 is said to grow with kids over time rather than being discarded like toy tablet. Parents are provided the control and also access to full web and app store in the mommy mode which is password protected. It is Powered by a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and preloaded with plenty of compelling children’s content, which makes its fast, responsive, and a joy to use. For a kid’s tablet, it has a very generous selection of connectivity options, outdoing even full-featured tablets i.e. 3.5mm headphone jack, mini HDMI and micro USB ports, microSD card slot, and a connector for the included AC adapter. Fuhu’s child-safe Android ecosystem, dubbed Nabi mode, runs on top of Android 4.0.4 “Ice Cream Sandwich” and looks similar to the interface found on the original Fuhu tablet.

Nabi 2S – It provides a great learning experience. It comes exclusively with Wings Explorer covering reading, writing and math for grades Pre-K through 3rd. Wings Learning System has the most advanced tablet-based adaptive learning system which is used to developed for skill set mastery and confidence. Your kids will enjoy Nabi 2S ’s console-quality HD games and top billboard music. Also, they can earn nabi Coins after completing their lessons in Wings or finish chores in Chore List which can be used to purchase their own apps and games in Treasure Box – the first mobile app store developed just for kids.

Leapfrog Epic – It features one of its kind kiddified web that gives access to only approved, kid-appropriate web content through leapsearch browser. Also, parents can easily add websites as child grows using parent control. It has Robust parent controls. It has popular android apps, kids can play their favorites like Fruit Ninja Academy: Maths Master and Doodle Jump (sold separately). Its durable and tough design makes it favorable for clumsy kid’s hands. Daily surprises are received by the kids in their mailbox. Surprises such as new vocabulary word, how it can be used in a sentence and collect over the week all the sentence to make an interesting story helping children build their vocabulary and imaginations through story writing in a fun way. Leapfrog Epic provides real time weather and real-time clock which will help children learn time and know the weather for their home town or any place in the world. Kids can watch their city go from day to night built into the interactive home screen. They can also travel through time to watch the moon rise above their town or to enjoy a sunrise at midday. Which is a very great feature.

Nabi Elev-8 – It includes over 400 kid-focused features including, exclusive creativity apps, utilities for time and calendar, kid-safe social networking, and Wings Learning System. Nabi Elev-8 comes with a nabi pass, it’s a 6 months free subscription to unlimited kid-friendly books, videos, apps, games and learning. Nabi Pass is curated and refreshed every month with a mix of educational content and kid-safe entertainment. The Wings Learning System’s curriculum are aligned to Common Core States Standards for Pre K to standard 6. Parents can access their child proficiency levels with N-Site Reports at real time. Nabi’s Blue Morpho OS allows comprehensive parental controls including Time Controls for managing screen time. Nabi Elev-8 is a powerful tablet featuring a sleek, sophisticated design that provides thinner and lightest tablet with superior performance. Its enhanced durability makes the tablet kids friendly to carry around for kids.


Compare Resolution: Nabi SE vs Nabi 2 vs Nabi 2S vs Leapfrog Epic vs Nabi Elev-8

Nabi SE – 7-inch Multi-Touch Capacitive 1024 x 600 Resolution

Nabi 2 – 1024 x 600 pixels

Nabi 2S – 1280 x 800 Resolution

Leapfrog Epic – 7-inch 1024×600 pixels

Nabi Elev-8 – 8-inch Multi-Touch Capacitive 1280 x 800 IPS Panel

Verdict – While buying kids tablet one of the certain criteria taken into account is the display i.e color, readability and the viewing angles making it easier for kids eyes to adapt to the screen. Nabi SE, Nabi 2 and Leapfrog Epic have comparatively low resolution as Compared to Nabi 2S and Nabi Elev-8. Also among Nabi 2S and Nabi Elev-8 , Nabi Elev-8 is the clear winner with 8 inch screen and IPS panel making the screen easy for kids eyes.


Compare Mobile Processor: Nabi SE vs Nabi 2 vs Nabi 2S vs Leapfrog Epic vs Nabi Elev-8

Nabi SE – Quad-Core Processor

Nabi 2 – quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3.0 1.3 GHz

Nabi 2S – NVIDIA Tegra 3 Mobile Processor with Quad-Core CPU and 5th Battery-Saver Core

Leapfrog Epic – 1.3GHz quad-core processor

Nabi Elev-8 – Octa-Core 64-bit Mobile Processor

Verdict – Now it is a big question for the user which one to choose between the quad core and octa core processor. The truth is that you don’t really need that much processing power for the vast majority of smartphone tasks. Navigating through your home screens, checking messages, and even browsing the web aren’t particularly power-hungry tasks. However, HD video, gaming, and photo manipulation most certainly are. And since the kids tablet mostly include gamified coursework and kids certainly use their tablet for gaming and watching videos Nabi Elev-8 with octa core processor would be recommended for better experience of kids tablet.


Compare Storage Nabi SE vs Nabi 2 vs Nabi 2S vs Leapfrog Epic vs Nabi Elev-8

Nabi SE – 16GB, Expandable via MicroSD (Up to 32GB)

Nabi 2 – 8 GB expandable upto 64GB

Nabi 2S – 16GB, Expandable via MicroSD (Up to 32GB)

Leapfrog Epic – 16GB expandable up to 32GB

Nabi Elev-8 – 32GB, Expandable via MicroSD (Up to 32GB)

Verdict – Since kids have the habit of continuously downloading various apps back to back which catches their eye storage space in the kids tablet is an essential point to be taken into consideration. So with Nabi SE, Nabi 2S and Leapfrog Epic with expandable 32 GB and Nabi 2 and Nabi Elev-8 with expandable upto 64 GB, Nabi 2 and Nabi Elev-8 win in this particular category giving enough space for kids as well as parents store their favorite apps.


Compare Memory Nabi SE vs Nabi 2 vs Nabi 2S vs Leapfrog Epic vs Nabi Elev-8

Nabi SE – 1GB RAM

Nabi 2 – 1 GB RAM

Nabi 2S – 1GB RAM

Leapfrog Epic – 1GB RAM

Nabi Elev-8 – 1GB RAM


Compare Camera Nabi SE vs Nabi 2 vs Nabi 2S vs Leapfrog Epic vs Nabi Elev-8

Nabi SE
0.3MP Front Facing Camera 480p Video
2MP Rear Camera 720p Video

Nabi 2
2MP front camera

Nabi 2S
2MP front camera 720p Video

Leapfrog Epic
2MP front and back 480p video recording

Nabi Elev-8
2MP Front Facing Camera 720p Video
5MP Rear Camera 1080p Video

Verdict – As kids love playing with the camera constantly taking snaps of various things in the surroundings camera is a good add on in the kids tablet. Nabi 2 and Nabi 2S only have front camera and no rear camera which is a big disappointment as kids would hardly take their selfies which makes these 2 tabs drop from our list at first in this category. Among Nabi SE, Leapfrog Epic and Nabi Elev-8 , Nabi Elev-8 is at the forefront with better megapixel and video resolutions for kids tab. If you and your kid can overlook the resolution of camera then Nabi SE and Leapfrog Epic are also worth considering.


Compare Battery Nabi SE vs Nabi 2 vs Nabi 2S vs Leapfrog Epic vs Nabi Elev-8

Nabi SE – 2,500 mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery

Nabi 2 – 3850 mAh Rechargeable Lithium ion battery

Nabi 2S – 4350 mAh, Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery

Leapfrog Epic – Built-in 3240 mAh Rechargeable lithium ion

Nabi Elev-8 – 4,500 mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery

Verdict – Battery life of a tablet mainly depends on how much a particular app consumes the battery i.e continuous use of video vs long run of game may drain the battery differently same way the long time use of internet vs audio may drain battery differently. Hence we are giving you the average battery life of the tablet. Nabi SE‘s battery lasts for 5+ hours which is lowest among all whereas Nabi 2S ‘s and Leapfrog Epic ‘s batteries are expected to last 6+ hours depending on the usage of the apps. Nabi 2S and Elev-8 are at the forefront in this category which will also be helpful keeping the kids occupied during the long traveling time.


Compare OS Nabi SE vs Nabi 2 vs Nabi 2S vs Leapfrog Epic vs Nabi Elev-8

Nabi SE – Blue Morpho OS, Android M

Nabi 2 – Android 4.0

Nabi 2S – Android 4.2, Jelly Bean

Leapfrog Epic – Google Android 4.4 (KitKat) OS

Nabi Elev-8 – Android 5.1 Lollipop, Blue Morpho OS Overlay

Verdict – With the whole world looking forward to keep themselves updated in every section of life and having updated version of technology is not any different expectation of today’s generation. Nabi Elev-8 clearly stands out all others in this category with having the latest upgraded version of OS among all and also an overlay of award winning Blue Morpho OS for the kids tablet in the nabi mode. The Blue Morpho OS also nabi’s comprehensive parental controls enabling parents to fully monitor and manage their child’s tablet use directly on the tablet or remotely through the navigator app from their smartphones. Blue Morpho OS is also there in Nabi SE but with older version of android hence Nabi Elev-8 will be great choice for the tech enthusiastic else otherwise any tablet can work for you.


Compare Price Nabi SE vs Nabi 2 vs Nabi 2S vs Leapfrog Epic vs Nabi Elev-8

Nabi SE – $79.99

Nabi 2 – $107.22

Nabi 2S – $179.99

Leapfrog Epic – $89.95

Nabi Elev-8 – $149.99

VerdictNabi SE and Leapfrog Epic both are an inexpensive way to introduce them to tablets and help them learn at their own pace. Though their hardware is not great but there software are the interesting part. Among both Leapfrog Epic offers more upgraded version of technology by adding only $10 approx. So among Nabi SE and Leapfrog Epic my pick would be Leapfrog Epic as it is giving way more at the close price. Among Nabi 2 and Nabi 2S , Nabi 2 will be my definite pick as most of the tech specs are same. Nabi 2S is way costlier for its upgraded technology if any and definitely not worth the price. Also Nabi Elev-8 would surely be the choice over Nabi 2S as it’s specs are far more better than Nabi 2S and with less price than Nabi 2S . Since Nabi Elev-8 is the elevated version of all it’s previous product having all the upgraded tech specs it is surely worth the price.


Compare Reviews Nabi SE vs Nabi 2 vs Nabi 2S vs Leapfrog Epic vs Nabi Elev-8

Nabi SE – You are not going to get cutting edge hardware specs in a $79 tablet. Not great with hardware but the good part is its software it has award winning blue morpho os very popular for the kids tablet with good screen time and parental control. The screen and camera resolution will not win any awards. As it a kids tablet it is good for kids to get use to electronics at the initial stage.

Nabi 2 – It has a problem with the screen constantly flickering even though factory reset and/or update is done. Battery lifetime is another major issue with this tablet, it doesn’t stay charged for long period of time. Also the user can’t delete apps already on the kid mode even though they are games above her level that are just clustering it up. Nabi definitely has major functionality issues which they need to address to.

Nabi 2S – Definitely not a kid proof tablet as the screens cracks up when dropped. Commonly observed issues with Nabi 2S are screen freezes up and moves very slow, battery dies quickly, couldn’t charge. Nabi 2S ‘s menus can be little complicated to handle for kids. Also it is heavy for kids for long time hold.

Leapfrog Epic – The most common problem with Leapfrog Epic is its poor quality leading to short shelf life. The tablet will freeze and hang up due to lack of computing performance prompting the kids (who are used to faster hardware) to repeatedly tap the screen impatiently. Charging issue and DRM error are the next big let down of this product. Another drawback are expensive apps which makes this tablet costly.Leapfrog Epic lacks the ability to access google play store which gives the user limited content and also restricts them to use content made available by the LeapFrog itself or from amazon. The low quality stylus tip went ruined and took the screen with it – scratched all over. The 7-inch screen has a seriously underwhelming resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. The viewing angles are also poor, so you really have to be square-on to get a nice picture, which is less than ideal when kids are trying to play together.

Nabi Elev-8 – Overall review for this nabi states that it’s performance is slow, it takes a min for apps to open and another for it to load each time going to next page. Also the screen keeps freezing up. Easy to set up but may not be easy for children to find everything.


Final Verdict: Nabi SE vs Nabi 2 vs Nabi 2S vs Leapfrog Epic vs Nabi Elev-8

Nabi SE – If price is your criteria for choosing a tablet than Nabi SE is for you. Since there are more tablets in the market with great specs Nabi SE lags in the tech specs category giving new tablets an edge over it.

Nabi 2 – Only great thing about Nabi 2 is its connectivity options as Compared to other tablets. If your sole purpose is to let your toddler enjoy the YouTube videos or any other downloaded/preloaded video on the tablet or television (using HDMI) you can go with Nabi 2. Though it has good educational content and parental control but battery life can make your toddler irritated since not getting enough time to use the tablet. Going for other tablets with better battery life and price would be worth it.

Nabi 2S – Even though the tech specs are great as specified Nabi 2S doesn’t work upto it’s expectations. But looking at the product’s features it’s still worth buying as it gives parents peace of mind because of it’s good parental control feature. Nabi 2S has great educational content for toddlers and more can be downloaded using google play store and amazon hence making Nabi 2S great for parents too.

Leapfrog Epic – If you are looking for something interactive for your kids where your kids can built their imagination using the tablet Leapfrog Epic makes an appropriate choice for you. With this price LeapFrog is giving their users a great deal for the features, tech specs and the lots of teaching application making learning a fun thig for children. Leapfrog Epic strikes a perfect balance between education and distraction!

Nabi Elev-8 – If you are looking for an improved graphics, better battery life and capabilities like normal android tablet (i.e google play store, chrome webpage, WiFi connectivity) and ready to shell out a few extra bucks than Nabi Elev-8 makes a better choice for you. Also it has way better parental features than any other tablets on the market. Taking into consideration the criteria such as portability (i.e height, weight and battery) , display(i.e color, readability) and durability it is a great product to have.

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