Cobra Coil REVIEW

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What is Cobra Coil

It claims to be a super flexible charging stand made out of military grade aluminum that can be twisted into any shape for viewing and hands-free operation. Cobra Coil proclaims to be a flexible charging station that also functions as a dock, stand, and a sync cable at the same time. Cobra Coil assures that it flexibly takes any shape that the user wants and offers a hand’s free operation. At this point in time, there are no Cobra Coil reviews available to attest its claims.




Cobra Coil CLAIMS

Sturdy, flexible design – Cobra Coil guarantees that it can be flexibly tuned anywhere with its coil shape and stays strongly there with the help of military grade aluminum material. The gooseneck design of Cobra Coil maintains to twist, reshape, and flex in any way while holding the phone securely and charging it. It promises to support all types of phones, tablets, and music players. Currently, there are no Cobra Coil reviews available to substantiate its claims.

Endless options – The smart design of Cobra Coil promises to stay in any shape till it’s not changed manually. After use, it can be simply coiled and carried in a bag. The possibilities of using Cobra Coil are endless as it maintains to work as a stand for alarm, a way to watch videos while charging, supporting easy video chat, or in a car as a navigation stand. Did you find Cobra Coil as good as it claims? Send us your reviews.



Cobra Coil Reviews

Sheryl Guzman, a Cobra Coil reviewer, states that it doesn’t work at all as promised. The coil is flimsy and holds up the phone after a long setup time. She warns in her Cobra Coil review that even though it holds the phone after, slightest of disturbance can make the phone fall.
A review of Cobra Coil by Darrel Quinn reveals that it failed to support his iPhone 5S phone even after removing the case. He further asserts in his review that Cobra Coil doesn’t mold very well or stay in its position especially while driving.
One other customer, Carla Butler, writes in her review that Cobra Coil doesn’t accommodate phones with cases and cannot hold the weight of an iPhone 6 Plus.
Edna Reid affirms similar problems with Cobra Coil in her review and calls it an overall disappointing stand. She also claims in her review that Cobra Coil failed to bend properly and is highly unstable to take a risk of keeping costly phones over it.
As per the review of one Stanley Jones, Cobra Coil feels unstable and unsafe to keep a phone over it securely. He had to move the stand a lot to find the right position where it wouldn’t wobble and fall.
Another reviewer, Stella Drake, exposes that Cobra Coil is highly unstable and has a loose connector that can damage the phone’s port. She also complaints in the review that Cobra Coil keeps disconnecting and falling off that can damage the phone. Her review adds that Cobra Coil was too heavy for the car’s interior and it didn’t hold onto the car’s slightly rough interior surface.
Gene Jenkins though shows positive response in his Cobra Coil review saying it works well but requires removal of the case since the metal power plug isn’t long enough.


Cobra Coil Questions & Answers

Q. How well does Cobra Coil work for holding and charging an iPhone 6 in the car?
A. Cobra Coil works great for speech to text function and accessing maps while driving. For use in the car, a stabilizer is provided that sticks to the dash and attaches the cable to hold it steady while driving.

Q. Is Cobra Coil flexible enough to work as a microphone stand?
A. No, it doesn’t have a dedicated microphone slot but can work if it is wrapped around it.

Q. How to ensure that Cobra Coil holds iPhone 7 plus well enough?
A. As per the quick instructions, ensure that the base is coiled to support the weight and size of the phone. For use in the car, Bobine Auto is better since it includes dash mounting clips as well.

Q. Does the car version of Cobra Coil work well to hold an iPhone 7 covered with a life proof case?
A. No, the iPhone 7 is a bigger model and along with the cover, Cobra Coil will fail to hold its weight. The phone might keep leaning and falling off the charger. For bigger phones, it is a disappointing stand.

Q. Does Cobra Coil work with Android phones?
A. There are two different versions of Cobra Coil available that are suitable for either Android or Apple devices.

Q. Can a corded headphone be plugged in Cobra Coil?
A. No, there is no way a plugged in corded head or earphones can be used while a device is attached to Cobra Coil. Also, cases and covers will need to be removed to charge the device on it.

Q. Does Cobra Coil accommodate an iPhone 5S inside an Apple Leather case?
A. The concept of Cobra Coil is very good but it fails to keep the phone as advertised. Also, the phone will only mount once any cover or case is removed from it.

Q. Does Cobra Coil only stand straight or can be twisted in landscape mode too?
A. Yes, it can be bent in any shape but chances are that the phone will fall in a landscape mode.

Q. Is Cobra Coil compatible to work with old Motorola RAZR flip phone?
A. There are only two versions available – one for Android and another for Apple devices.

Q. Will Cobra Coil hold an iPhone 6 plus with Otterbox defender case?
A. Yes, it fits the phone but not with the case.

Q. How long is Cobra Coil?
A. Cobra Coil is approximately 28 inches long. But quality wise it is cheap and the lightning port snapped within a week’s use.

Q. Does Cobra Coil retain its shape after twists and turns into various shapes?
A. Unfortunately no, it all depends on the phone that is plugged in and the kind of spiral shapes that are created. One has to be smart in using it and coil it in the right way to keep it functioning optimally.

Q. Can Cobra Coil support an iPad mini?
A. Cobra Coil is pretty small to take up the weight of an iPad. It is difficult to even use it with a smaller device such as an iPhone 5S.


What do I get?
2 X Cobra Coil 4-in-1 Flexible Charging Station for $14.99 at the Official Website

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