Booty Max

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About Booty Max

Booty Max states to be an at-home exercise machine that tones and lifts the booty, transforming it from flat or saggy to sexy and toned. It also asserts to give upper body exercise including the arms, shoulders, and abs.



How does it work

Booty Max alleges have a Smart Dial Muscle Targeting technology that allows a user to dial in the Multidirectional Resistance that gives optimal and targeted results. All you need to do is strap the ankle wrap and secure the left or right ankle to Booty Max, stand on the padded deck, hold the handle and kick away.


Exercise machine for a sensational booty
It takes just seven simple workouts on Booty Max to get a sensational booty and maximize muscle activity, as its promoters convince. By wrapping the band around the smart dial provides more resistance and better results. These claims of Booty Max will be verified with user reviews. Booty Max also guarantees to provide upper body workout, toned arms, sculpted shoulder and ripped abs just by detaching its handle to work out. The padded ankle cuff and deck provide extra comfort while exercising. There are no Booty Max user reviews to corroborate these claims.


Compact and Self-Storing
Booty Max proclaims to be compact and the whole equipment snaps into the base making it self-storing and can even be stowed under the bed. Booty Max declares to replace all expensive equipments such as the treadmill, elliptical trainer, exercise bike, stepper, etc. Did you find Booty Max that great? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?
Get Booty Maxx only 2 easy payment of $19.95 + 13.99 S&H.

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