Purest Pour

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What is Purest Pour?

It is a water purifying pitcher that cleanses water of contaminants and imparts a delicious taste to it.

Sparkling Pure Water

If you’ve been looking for a reliable water purifier that removes all the harmful toxins from water and also makes it taste wonderful, you ought to consider Purest Pour. It is a water pitcher that claims to eliminate lead, mercury, cadmium and other contaminations quickly and easily.

Water Tastes Great too
Further, the makers of Purest Pour say that water filtered in this pitcher also tastes fresher and better. Drinking water filtered by Purest Pour also feels much cleaner as it also removes bad odor along with impurities.

Meets FDA and NSF Standards
It is also claimed that Purest Pour is one of the few filters that successfully meets the standard prescribed by FDA and NSF. Purest Pour is provided with a four stage filter that supposedly removes the minutest of harmful particles and also has a quick filtering chamber that stops harmful elements from passing through. Purest Pour offers 12 glasses of filtered water at a time. Also, Purest Pour is also a cost-effective method as it’s not any more expensive than good quality bottled water.

Purest Pour Q & A

Q. Does Purest Pour come with a single filter?
A. Yes.

Q. Does Purest Pour use older filters?
A. Purest Pour is compatible with both, new and old filters so you can use either.

Q. After how long should the filter of Purest Pour be changed?
A. Please change the filter after 40 gallons of water is filtered by it.

Q. Is it ok to store hot water in Purest Pour?
A. Please avoid pouring hot water into Purest Pour as it can cause damage to the pitcher. However, you can very much store lukewarm water in it.

Q. What will happen if the water level in Purest Pour exceeds the given limit? Will the filter start floating and allow filtered water to get mixed with non-filtered water?
A.To avoid that from happening, first soak the new filter in water and keep holding it there till air bubbles stop rising. If you keep the filter in the pitcher after doing that, it will not float in water.

Q. How can I clean the Purest Pour pitcher?
A. Cleaning Purest Pour is a simple and time-saving process. Remove the lid of the pitcher and slide the filter cartridge out by gripping both sides of the white plastic section. You can easily clean the pitcher now. Even though this procedure seems difficult at first, once you get used to it, you’ll find cleaning it easy and quick.

Q. In how much time can one fill water in Purest Pour?
A. About three minutes.

Q. How can I remove the reservoir of my new pitcher? Please advise.
A. First remove the filter, fill the pitcher till the top with warm, dilute bleach water to loosen the seal. After a few minutes, turn the pitcher upside down in a swift motion. It will force the reservoir out. Now scrub them with dish soap and insert the reservoir back in the pitcher.

Q. Is there a lift up flap in Purest Pour to fill water through?
A. No.

Q. How much does Purest Pour weigh?
A. About 1.9 lbs.

Q. Is the plastic used in Purest Pour FDA-approved?
A. Yes, it is.

Q. Why do ants come in my Purest Pour daily? How can I stop this menace.
A. Always keep surrounding of the pitcher clean dry and it can be avoided.

Q. What are the benefits of using Purest Pour?
A. It is the best quality pitcher, meets FDA standards and filters out lead from water like no other brand can.

Q. Does Purest Pour fit on the fridge door?
A.Yes, it does.

Q. Can Purest Pour remove sediment from well water?
A. Yes, it can.

Q. Is Purest Pour capable of reducing the amount of nitrate in water?
A. It does, as per the compliance standards.

Q. Can Purest Pour filter asbestos from water?
A – Purest Pour system filters out cadmium, copper, chlorine, mercury, and zinc and makes water taste better.

Q. Does Purest Pour remove lead from the water?
A.Yes, it does.

Q. Can I keep warm water in Purest Pour throughout the day? Is there a chance of bacteria settling in the pitcher if I do that?
A.No.It is completely safe to drink warm water from Purest Pour through the day.

Q. Does Purest Pour filter well water?
A.It depends on what’s in your well water. Purest Pour filters and removes copper, mercury, cadmium, chlorine and zinc and some more from water.

Q. Does it eliminate fluoride?
A. The filter on the pitcher reduces or eliminates chlorine, copper, cadmium, zinc and mercury. But there was no indication of removing fluoride.

Q. How can one prevent contaminants such as bacteria, dirt, etc. from falling into the open spout of this pitcher?
A. It might be a better idea to not buy Purest Pour.

Q. Should one finish all the water in the pitcher of Purest Pour or can water be added to fill the pitcher?
A. You can add water to keep it filled. The filter works only when it has contact with water. However, to be safe, clean the filter every couple of weeks.

Q. As per the instructions, Purest Pour must not be filled over the Max Fill line, but there is no such line on it. Also, can one remove the reservoir for cleaning?
A. The reservoir does come out for cleaning. Please avoid using harsh chemicals to clean Purest Pour. Max fill is around 3/4 to 1 inch below the brim of the pitcher.

Q. Can one clean the Purest Pour pitcher by taking the white part apart from the clear plastic like in the old pitcher?
A. Yes, the white part is separable from the clear plastic to clean. The filter of Purest Pore pitcher is located in the centre and the water drains better.

Q. The top of Purest Pour does not fit over the filter. How can one secure it?
A.You can flip the filter and secure it in the opposite way.

Q. I need to determine whether Purest Pour will fit on the door shelf of my fridge. What are its top dimensions of from the spout to the handle?
A. The dimensions of Purest Pour are 9.44” D x 4.3” W x 11.02” H

Q. How does one use Purest Pure? It seems a lot cheaper to buy this than water bottles.
A. You need to fill the top reservoir with tap water and it drips to the bottom reservoir through the replaceable filter.

Q. Can Purest Pour remove Chromium-6 from water?
A. Yes, it can.

Q. Is Purest Pour dishwasher safe?
A. Purest Pour is very easy to wash with hands. Putting it in the dishwasher may cause it to melt if the dryer or heat is not turned off.

Q. How does one know when to change the Purest Pour filter?
A. The pitcher has an LCD timer on the top that indicates when it is time to change the filter. The life of the filter depends on its use and contaminants in the water. However, it’s ideal to change the Purest Pore filter after 40 gallons of use.

Q. Is Purest Pour difficult to fill?
A. Purest Pour pitcher has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to carry and pour and it fills easily with the convenient latch on top.

Q. What is the height of Purest Pour?
A. Approximately 11.02 inches

Q. What is Purest Pour warranty period?
A. Purest Pour pitcher has a warranty period of 90 days and Filters for 30 days, subject to the conditions, against defects in workmanship and material, from the date of a customer’s original retail purchase.

Q. Why does Purest Pour have black charcoal particles floating after several uses even though instructions to soak it before using were followed?
A. The black particles are harmless and normal and work through. You may re-soak it if needed but they have never floated into the glass of water.

Q. What is the capacity of the Purest Pour Pitcher?
A. The pitcher can hold up to 12 cups of filtered water.

Q. Will the Purest Pour handle fill with water or collect mold?
A. No, there’s no opening in the Purest Pour handle to allow water to flow in. There have been no such issues yet.

Q. Can Purest Pour filter lead from water?
A. Yes, it can.

Q. Will Purest Pour be safe from bacteria if I keep it out after use?
A. Yes, the filter will be safe from bacteria if it is dry. You need to air dry your Purest Pour to keep it safe from bacteria, which thrive only in moist conditions.

Q. Can Purest Pour remove minerals from hard water and make it soft?
A. Water stored in Purest Pour definitely tastes better and feels cleaner. However, one can’t say if it actually removes minerals.

Q. Can Purest Pour eliminate the taste of iron from water?
A. In all likelihood, yes. The metallic taste will definitely be gone from water if you filter it in this pitcher.

Q. How many filters come with Purest Pour?
A. One.

Q. Is it ok to put slices of lemon in Purest Pour? I like a hint of its taste in my drinking water.
A. Yes, it’s alright to put slices of lemon into Purest Pour but doing that won’t really infuse the flavor of lemon in water. The slices will keep floating at the top.

Q. Why do I see dark green slime in Purest Pour? How should I remove it?
A. This must be seaweed growth, which is often found in tap water. It thrives in light and builds up easily in containers that are in proximity to the sun. You need to wash the filter of Purest Pour thoroughly and keep it away from sunlight.

Q. How should I clean Purest Pour before using it?
A.Clean Purest Pour just like you would any other pitcher. But make sure you don’t forget to air dry it for some time.

Q. Does Purest Pour run on batteries?
A.No, it doesn’t run on batteries.

Q. How can I replace the indicator light of this pitcher? I bought it a couple of months back and it has already stopped working. I hope I don’t have to spend much on it…
A. Please check with the makers. Also note that indicator lights generally don’t work for long so don’t have too many expectations from these. If you plan to use Purest Pour often, be prepared to get its indicator light changed on a regular basis.

Purest Pour Reviews

Purest Pour is a water pitcher which, its makers claim, effectively eliminates lead and other impurities and also imparts a healthy, fresh touch of taste to water processed in it. However, several people who’ve purchased Purest Pour have a different story to tell. They have written in saying that Purest Pour is not only quite fragile but also ineffective in keeping filtered and unfiltered water separate, which beats the very purpose of having a water purifying pitcher.

A customer who bought Purest Pour not even a year back says its handle has already broken and separated from the body. He also says that water in the upper chamber of Purest Pour wasn’t getting filtered properly. He even noticed unfiltered water leaking out from below the lid, which has rendered Purest Pour completely useless for him.

Purest Pour, many customers say, doesn’t make water taste great or fresh. One customer has actually commented that water processed by Purest Pour tastes awful. Another user says that whenever she puts water in the container of Purest Pour, she notices a leakage in the bottom of the handle. She also says that the reservoir of Purest Pour does not get detached easily from the body for cleaning. Soap bubbles, unclean water and foreign bodies present in the water remain stuck between the pitcher’s surface and reservoir. As for the instructions given in the manual for draining waste water, they just don’t work.

Yet another user has written in that whenever she fills the Purest Pour pitcher in the sink, water gets locked between the two layers and when she turns it to pour it out, it just leaks from between the layers. And all the water that doesn’t come out of Purest Pour remains inside and turns stagnant, which obviously poses a health hazard.

Purest Pour also seems to have a defect in the way it’s designed; some buyers say that its top does not stay tight securely. One homemaker who bought Purest Pour says that when the top chamber is filled with water, the top cover somehow pops out. She says it makes her feel that she’s not supposed to pour any water into Purest Pour. The same happens with the hole-flap at the top. She’s also complained about water always leaking at the bottom of the pitcher. Even the filter that came with Purest Pour was ill-fitting, which made things all the more inconvenient.

What do I get?
Get the Purest Pour filtered water pitcher + 1 FREE Filter $39.99+ $9.95 SHIPPING
Official Website:purestpour.com

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