Bend N Bake Review

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About Bend N Bake

Bend N Bake states to be a mould for cakes that can be connected together to create over 50 different shapes and sizes of cakes and free up space in your kitchen cupboard by replacing tens of baking utensils. Bend N Bake declares that the batter will hold shape and not leak. Bend N Bake assures to also let you create muffins, mini cakes and tier cakes easily, too.



How does it work

No matter what shape of cake you want to delight your family or guests with, Bend N Bake claims to let you do it easily. Just connect Bend N Bake together to create a shape, line an oven tray with foil and place Bend N Bake on it, then fill it with the cake batter and toss it in the oven. Take off Bend N Bake after the cake is baked and get the cake in the perfect shape that you wanted courtesy the interlocking design of the mould and the stabilizing pillars that hold the mix in securely.


Bake cakes of all sorts of shapes

Forget boring round or square cakes when you can create many crazy shapes right at home, easily and quickly. Bend N Bake is a cake mould that promises to let you bake tons of different shapes of cake by connecting together to create shapes as different as a heart, star, flowers, fruits, animals, race track, and 50 more such shapes. You just need to place the mould on a foil lining an oven tray, fill it with the batter and bake. Then take the mould off and decorate the cake with toppings and icings. Bend N Bake guarantees to hold the mix without leaking even if the mould tips and tilts.

Free up your cupboard space

Bakers always have their cupboard filled with cake tins, baking trays, moulds and other baking accessories that make for a lot of clutter and mess when you want to find the right stuff for baking. But Bend N Bake claims to replace all these tens of utensils with just one item thus freeing up a lot of your cupboard space and also saving time and energy on cleaning utensils after the cake is baked.


Also makes muffins, mini cakes and tier cakes

Bend N Bake emphasizes that you no longer have to bang and knock the cake out of the tray. Bend N Bake assures to peel from the side without sticking so you won’t have messy cake sticking to the surface like a traditional baking tray. Bend N Bake maintains that the 7” long and 2” high moulds can also be used to bake muffins, mini cakes or even tier cakes. Bend N Bake assures to be made of flexible and safe food-grade silicon that works in a gas, electrical or microwave oven and can stand up to 480° of heat. Bend N Bake claims to be dishwasher safe and it retains its shape even when not in use and can be used again and again.


What do I get?

You Get a Set of 8 Bend ‘N Bake® with Recipe Guide for $14.95 + $13.9 P&H.Official website

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