Catch It All Review

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About Catch It All

Catch It All is a flat scoop that asserts to be an innovative and better way to deal with mess caused while food prepping, art and craft project or even workshop and garage chores. It claims to catch all the mess without dropping it on the cabinet or floor thus saving your time on cleaning or sweeping and money on paper towels. Catch It All proclaims that it can also be used for prepping food.



How does it work

Alleging to have a flexible and tapered edge, Catch It All is patent-pending and designed in a way that it fits flush against the table or countertop. This way, Catch It All promises to catch every bit of mess that falls without dropping it to the cabinet or floor thus minimizing your work and time in cleaning.

Catch all the mess without dropping on the floor

Anyone who cooks knows how painful and boring cleaning up can be. And it gets worse when you end up dropping all the counter mess on to the cabinets and floor. You need to wipe and sweep thus wasting your time and also tiring in the bargain. But Catch It All is a flat scoop maintains to catch all the messes no matter how small so that you won’t end up doubling up your work. The mess catcher convinces to fit flush against counter or table top so that it prevents stuff from dropping to the floor or cabinets. Things get even messier when you end up dropping wet ingredients on the counter or even floor. Catch It All convinces to catch wet food, whether watermelon or even broken egg, just as effectively as dry ingredients eliminating mess in a big, big way. Catch It All assures to be dishwasher safe and made of 100% food grade material so it claims to be ideal not just for cleaning but also food prepping. Catch It All alleges to be easy to store and hangs on any standard hook. Catch It All assures that you will save money on paper towels and also time wiping and cleaning the cabinet doors and floors.


For the kitchen, playrooms, garages, and workshops

Not just for your kitchen, Catch It All guarantees to be great to catch small toys in the playroom. Because it is very easy to use and convenient to hold, Catch It All proclaims that your kids will comfortably use it, too. For your crafts and art project or anything that involves small pieces of items, Catch It All maintains to come to the rescue in picking messes up because small things are really difficult to pick up when they fall. The catcher states to be a big help in workshops and garages since it is constructed with sturdy material to catch nuts, bolts, screws or nail of all sizes and shapes. With its special design, Catch It All also declares that you can pour all the parts straight into a jar or container.


What do I get?

Buy Catch it All for only $.10.00 plus $6.95 P&H

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