BeQuiet Review

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About BeQuiet

BeQuiet is a contraption that assures to have a unique design to provide a sure-fire solution for snoring. BeQuiet asserts to be comfortable to wear and unlike traditional anti-snoring solutions like straps or snaps, mouthpieces, etc., it promises not to have side effects uneasiness due to tightening of straps causing dents on the face as it digs into the skin, dental pain due to mouthpieces, jaw tightness, etc. BeQuiet promises to help in eliminating snoring without any kind of side-effects.


How does it work:

BeQuietasserts to be very easy to use and very comfortable to wear. To start a no-snoring life one has to simply wear the v-shape design around their head. There are two straps that lead to a chin rest. One of the straps goes behind the head to secure it nicely and another one rests on the top to provide a sturdy anchor. These two sides state to hold the chin portion to slightly close in and act as a fulcrum to pull the mouth close. In this manner, BeQuiet asserts to work opposite to mouth opening and disallow breathing through it which is the cause of snoring. BeQuiet states that this unique design makes it a perfect anti-snore solution which is effective and at the same time is comfortable to wear with a snug fit.

A comfortable contraption to stop snoring

BeQuiet declares to be a universal anti-snore solution as it perfectly fits men and women both. The chinstrap design that brings the jaw forward and keeps the mouth closed is very sturdy and does not come off at night. BeQuiet promises that the material used to manufacture it is made from a comfort-flex fabric. This fabric is maintained to be weaved in such a way that it is light in weight, breathable and dynamic. The fabric is also stretchable which means there is no such thing as purchasing for a particular size, it is a one-size-fits all solution. BeQuiet guarantees that with such a fabric in use there is no way that a person will feel uncomfortable wearing it. BeQuiet further promises to not function like other straps which can really dig into the face and leave marks behind on the skin. BeQuiet emphasizes on a fact that it is very easy to put on and does not even come off during the sleep.


Undisturbed sleep each night

BeQuiet convinces to be effective as it allows the mouth close in a natural and safe way. This helps the user sleep undisturbed and breathe using the nasal passage which is the right and healthy way. BeQuiet claims to help people get better sleep and increase intimacy with loved ones. It also apparently helps in providing a healthy life style and promotes family harmony. BeQuiet guarantees such a thing since loved ones who sleep around while people snoring generally get disturbed a lot. This results in arguments, shaking, kicking & begging for some quiet time. BeQuiet thus assures of no such things repeating and bringing the family together as one.


What do I get?

You get two BeQuiet for $10 plus $15.9 P&H.Official website

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