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What is Auchen Weighted Blanket?

It is a weighted blanket designed to soothe your body and mind instantly and promote peaceful sleep. It boasts of supposedly medical grade attributes like evenly distributed weight, special seven-layer design, eco-friendly glass beads and more that also induces brighter mood when worn.

Auchen Weighted Blanket Spread

Auchen Weighted Blanket Features

Comfort and Calm Sleep Guaranteed
Auchen Weighted Blanket could be precisely what you need to overcome the commonly experienced problem- lack of relaxation and proper sleep due to common everyday stress. The makers of Auchen Weighted Blanket claim it isn’t just another warm, comforting blanket we pull over ourselves to snooze indulgently. According to them, it works like a medically prescribed tool that provides guaranteed relief. Auchen Weighted Blanket is made from soft pure cotton fabric and has advanced features that relieve you of stress and feel soothing and warm to the body.

Versatile, Eco-Friendly and Reliable
To begin with, Auchen Weighted Blanket has been designed with special 7-layer system on account of which it envelops your body and takes to your shape while sleeping. Auchen Weighted Blanket also contains special glass beads and has less fiber fill design to enhance comfort while creating better temperature control. Appropriate measures have been taken to prevent problems like quilting cracks and glass bead leaks in designing the Auchen Weighted Blanket. Moreover, it is eco-friendly, distributes weight evenly when worn and is suitable for adults and children alike which enhances your comfort in every way it can.

Auchen Weighted Blanket

Auchen Weighted Blanket Review

Overall, the Auchen Weighted Blanket has impressed an overwhelming numbers of customers who purchased it hoping to get rid of stress that builds up throughout the day and enjoy a restful sleep. The response about the quality of this weighted blanket is especially positive. One of them has written in saying how the Auchen Weighted Blanket has really made it possible for her to get sound sleep, which has eluded her till now. She says she does not experience disturbed sleep anymore and does not wake up in the middle of the night like before.

According to another user, Auchen Weighted Blanket exerts the right amount of weight, which helps him feel quite cosy and warm. He does not feel any load on wearing it even though it is quite heavy. However, he wishes his Auchen Weighted Blanket was a bit longer as does not cover his entire body and slips off him sometimes.

Another customer who has had sleep issues all along says he’s now able to sleep well ever since he’s started using Auchen Weighted Blanket. Initially, he was hesitant about the beads inside and was afraid they may break or spilling may occur, but thankfully, that’s not happened yet. An elderly user has written in saying that she’s able to sleep instantly since she’s purchased the Auchen Weighted Blanket. However, she’s not sure if the blanket can be washed in the machine, so she’s been doing spot cleaning instead of washing it.

According to some reviews, the Auchen Weighted Blanket does not seem anything extraordinary as its material seems simple, but on the whole, they are satisfied with it.

One customer has said she’d like to advise buyers to get a cover for the Auchen Weighted Blanket for hygiene purposes and convenience. However, some of the people who bought a cover along with the Auchen Weighted Blanket say that it doesn’t stay even inside and needs to be adjusted occasionally after you go to bed.

A user who suffers from asthma, however, says that the Auchen Weighted Blanket has not suited him that much. The weight of the blanket is rather heavy so he’s now started wearing his Auchen Weighted Blanket only partially (only on his legs), and that gives him some comfort especially to his aching knees.

Some more users who suffer from allergies have observed that the Auchen Weighted Blanket does not suit them much. In fact, some of them are planning to return it due to the discomfort they experience by wearing it. One customer has complained that the fabric of Auchen Weighted Blanket doesn’t breathe as it should, and he feels quite suffocated in a few hours.

The price of the Auchen Weighted Blanket is also, according to a number of buyers rather steep, and they wish it was more reasonable. In spite of that, most of them did buy Auchen Weighted Blanket because of the positive reviews thy have read about it.

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