Screen Sensation REVIEW

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What is Screen Sensation?

It claims to let you create beautifully screen printed designs at home!

How does Screen Sensation work?

Screen Sensation maintains it is simple and easy to use! First, tape to secure your desired design to the frame. Then use your Palette knife to transfer your ink to the top of the screen mesh. Using your Squeegee, draw the ink down from the top across the mesh design. Lastly, raise the hinged lid of the Compact to reveal your beautiful printed design! Does Screen Sensation really work as promised? We will have to wait for Screen Sensation reviews to verify the claim.

Screen Sensation alleges it is portable allowing you to use it anywhere! Essential Accessories includes a frame, a squeegee, a palette knife, and a 7 x 5 Decorative Elements Screen to get you started. Decorative Screens includes four different designs in contemporary patterns and styles that you can use all together or mask them off and use each one individually. Professional Quality Ink is soft and flexible when dry and washable after you heat set. It is water based and drain safe, making clean up quick and easy. The Fixing Tape has just the right amount of tack to hold each screen firmly in place, without causing any damage. We will have to wait for Screen Sensation reviews to find out whether it is worth purchasing.

It emphasizes to be perfect to use for team clothing, wall décor, invitations, holiday cards, home décor, party decorations, shoes, furniture & so much more! These claims can be proved only after we analyze Screen Sensation reviews.

Screen Sensation

Cleaning Screen Sensation

Using cold water and a cloth apply light pressure to remove any dried on ink. Remove the fixing tape from the edges of your screen or any masked off areas before washing off any residue ink.

Removing Screen Sensation ink off the screen
Some of the pigment in the darker ink will stain over time. When washing it, simply run your hands over the screen and you will be able to feel what is “dried on” and what has just discolored the mesh. Discoloration of the mesh will not alter the final product, but dried on ink will prevent a clear print.

Stopping the Screen Sensation inks from washing out of fabric
Once the inks have dried on your fabric, they can be heat set with a regular iron for at least 2 minutes. Follow the ironing recommendation for your fabric to avoid damaging the material with heat.

Curing Screen Sensation inks on glass
If using the Screen Sensation ink, allow to touch dry. The ink will cure fully in 7 days.

Selling things made with Screen Sensation
There is no limit to how many individually handmade items can be sold for charity or for profit or where they can be sold.

Reproduction or replication of designs in any format other than being printed with the Screen Sensation system is not permitted. This includes graphic, digital, electronic or photocopying.

Any artwork used to make your own screens must be your own original artwork or come from a copyright free source.

Getting a good print on your Screen Sensation
• Your mesh design should be secured tight enough so there is no sag. There should be no visible creases as it sits on the frame.
• Ensure there is no dried ink over the mesh. This could block the ink from passing through.
• Prime your mesh with a ‘test run’ on scrap material so the Screen Sensation is coated in your chosen ink colour. This helps in creating an even finish on even the most detailed designs.
Storing Screen Sensation inks
Screen Sensation inks are an organic product. To get the best from your ink down to the very last drop the following is recommended:
• When replacing the lid on your pot of ink make sure you press it down firmly to ensure that it is on properly and the pot is sealed.
• When the lid is on the pot, use the finger notch on the side of the pot to help you pull up the lid open slightly to expel any excess air. Then press the lid down firmly again to seal.
• Inks should be stored in a cool place.

Correcting a mistake when printing on to fabric
If you make a mistake when printing on to fabric, try washing the ink out with cold water before it dries. This may work with some colors but it is not guaranteed that the ink colour will be completely removed as Screen Sensation inks are so heavily pigmented and may stain the fabric.

Screens with spots on them
In some cases, by-products of the manufacturing process may leave minor dotting on the screen. This is only an aesthetic attribute and will not affect the quality of your screen prints.

Screen Sensation REVIEW

Edith Berry writes in her Screen Sensation review- “It is a lot work for a mediocre turnout”.

Judy Soto, another user, claims in her Screen Sensation review that she bought it to run some shirts for a friend’s band. The screen clogged often so she had to rinse about every 5-7 shirts. She says you will need some other items so not to expect printing right out of the box.

In her Screen Sensation review Erica Cole says that the package screen printed only one shirt and after that the screen would not come clean and remained impermeable to the print. The cost is not worth for only one shirt design.
Another user, Judith Clayton states in her Screen Sensation review that the pros are that it is slightly cheaper to buy this kit than to buy the items separately. It is ideal for beginners or someone just looking to experiment. The ink can be used on both fabric and paper and is water-soluble making it very easy to clean up. The instructions included are clear and the Squeegee included is good quality and size.

Della Dean purchased the Screen Sensation and mentions in her Screen Sensation review- “ Not much ink is included–if you are frugal and keep excess ink from the screen and squeegee for later use, it will go a long way–but order extra ink if you will be doing many items. The silk is just glued to the frame, not stapled and mine became loose on one edge after a couple uses. I would recommend immediately stapling the silk in place when you receive it”.

  • Screen Sensation Compact Unit
  • Screen Sensation Frame
  • Squeegee
  • Palette Knife
  • 7×5 Screen with 4 Designs
  • Instructional Leaflet
  • Black Ink Pot
  • Fixing Tape
  • Vip Membership Club with Exclusive Offers & Videos!

Price: $49.95 + $9.99 S/h at the official website:
Screen Sensation Kit

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