5 Second Fix vs Lazer Bond

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Compare what is it? 5 Second Fix vs Lazer Bond

What is 5 Second Fix – It is a liquid plastic welding tool that helps in fixing, sealing, filling, and repairing any type of surface easily. It can fix metal, plastic, glass, wood and other material without the mess that is created by glues.

What is Lazer Bond – It is a precise spot repairing liquid plastic formula that helps in fixing, repairing and welding most types of surfaces in just 3 seconds. It can be used to bond and repair things such as kids’ toys, glassware, footwear, sunglasses, jewelry, furniture, and even leaky pipes.

Compare how does it work? 5 Second Fix vs Lazer Bond

How does 5 Second Fix work? – The liquid plastic welding compound in 5 Second Fix is different from regular plastic glues. The solution should be applied to the surface first. Later it needs to be welded and hardened using the battery powered UV light for 15-20 seconds. The fixing and repairing will happen in as little as 5 seconds and creates an extremely strong waterproof bond.

How does Lazer Bond work? – It functions on UV light curing, which is why it is foolproof at its job and provides incredible bond between various surfaces. The surfaces are to be applied with Lazer Bond and treated with battery-based UV light is to be activated for 15-20 seconds to combine the surfaces using the plastic resin to achieve a permanent bond.

Compare Features: 5 Second Fix vs Lazer Bond

5 Second Fix Features – It can mend anything without worrying about leaving traces as it dries clear and is invisible even on transparent items. It is flexible, paintable, and sandable too. One can easily position or reposition the surface to be treated with the use of UV light treating before fixing it permanently. It can handle temperature range within -40 degrees to 150 degree centigrade.

Lazer Bond Features – It is very simple to use and the fixing also takes place without any residue or mess. It has the capacity to withstand 350 lbs. weight with its rock solid bond. The bond created using its unique compound is completely airtight and is also watertight for use anywhere and is dishwasher safe, too. It can withstand temperatures between -4 degrees to 150 degrees centigrade.

Compare what to expect? 5 Second Fix vs Lazer Bond

What to expect from 5 Second Fix? – One can repair almost any breakage that generally either renders the item useless or even cost a fortune for professional fixing. Glassware, eye-wear, toys, furniture, craft, leather, plastic and metal items and much more can be fixed.

What to expect from Lazer Bond? – Lazer Bond works well on thin surfaces made from porcelain, plastic, wood, PVC, glass and much more. Since it comes in clear form no one will notice any bonding or repair work done.

Compare Price: 5 Second Fix vs Lazer Bond

5 Second Fix – It comes for $19.99 along with a carrying case.

Lazer Bond – It is priced at $19.99

Compare Review: 5 Second Fix vs Lazer Bond

5 Second Fix Review

One customer who reviewed 5 Second Fix says that it does a fairly decent job at fixing things. The user tried to mend the broken arm of sunglasses, which bonded pretty well. The customer, however, complains that the delivery mechanism of 5 Second Fix is not very well designed. Chances are that the glue tube comes out with many breaks or even arrive broken, causing a leakage all over the surface. One other customer who used 5 Second Fix reveals that the UV LED light is to be shone over the glued area for 15-20 seconds where it is supposed to harden the surface. But the problem faced was the UV lights construction, which is not very well designed. Apart from that the battery might run low and if the light dims the bonding does not take place very well or at all. In fact, the customer asserts that the chances are battery is already dead when it arrives. The customer suggests trying a larger UV flashlight with larger coverage area for quicker repairs. Another customer who used 5 Second Fix says it worked well enough to bond items at home and the welding compound is highly powerful to provide a strong bond. Read more 5 Second Fix reviews here.

Lazer Bond Review

Cassandra, a customer who used Lazer Bond, reveals that it works very well at bonding items but has limitations of its own. The main issue was that the bonding only takes place in the area that is exposed and visible to the light. For items that aren’t clear enough do not bond very well. She also mentions that it is not permanent and does not function as an alternative for electrical tapes. Another customer, Mary, who reviewed Lazer Bond complains that the bond fell apart in just two weeks’ time. She refutes about the quality of Lazer Bond and says the adhesive can even leak all over the place while applying. Its battery seems to be of cheap quality and does not last long. Another customer, Derek, agrees with the battery issue and says the battery runs out quickly. Once the light dims the treatment does not work very well and as a result the bond becomes weaker. Natasha, a customer who also reviewed Lazer Bond complained that the bonding is not strong and permanent. A simple 1 mm layer was applied with the solution and didn’t last for more than 30 seconds. Although she says it may be a much intense UV source could fix it. For more Lazer Bond reviews see this page.

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