Lazer Bond Review

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About Lazer Bond

It is a precise spot repair product that makes the most out of UV curing from the built in LED lighting system to bear good results, according to its claims.

Lazer Bond asserts that it works well as a glue to repair things precisely and at specific areas. Since it works because of UV curing, which doesn’t really work on thick layers, its use on thin layers of items is recommended. When used exactly according to instructions, Lazer Bond stresses that it can join a wide variety of similar and dissimilar materials. That’s why it has an edge over your other regular glues that cannot put together different materials.

Lazer Bond is an as seen on tv glue system that proclaims to create a rock solid bond on virtually any surface in just 3 seconds. Lazer Bond states to be a liquid plastic that creates airtight and watertight seals permanently that can withstand up to 350 lbs of weight. Lazer Bond assures that it is not messy like glue and doesn’t dry up in the container so that you can use it till the last drop.

How does Lazer Bond work

To create a permanent and strong bond in just 3 seconds, Lazer Bond asserts that you just need to apply the solution on the surfaces to stick them together and then activate the UV light. Lazer Bond maintains to combine the plastic resin and power of UV light to create a durable and permanent bond no matter what you want to fix – porcelain, plastic, wood, PVC, glass among many other things.

UV curing does the trick
Lazer Bond promises to glue different types of surfaces together and fix things precisely. It maintains that it is effective because it uses a battery powered LED light to harden the glue. Using it is fairly simple and you apply it where you need to, and shine the UV light for 15-20 seconds. It thickens the resins and ensures that the surface is fixed. The UV light does the job of “wielding”, which is why a bigger flashlight that can cover a larger area can repair items faster.

Convenient to use
Lazer Bond emphasizes on the fact that it has been designed to be very simple and convenient for use. It works on batteries that are used for keyless entry remote for cars. It can easily be sourced and replaced whenever needed. Lazer Bond claims that it has various applications for you and does a good job of fixing things like arms of sunglasses. The delivery mechanism of the system ensures that the area that needs to be fixed is glued precisely and without any hassle.

Important features
Lazer Bond claims that it cures materials hard and clear almost instantly. It also creates a waterproof bond, which is an added advantage. Cleaning it is also straightforward and you can wipe of uncured materials with mineral spirits. Lazer Bond stresses that it can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 150 degrees C. Once the adhesive is completely cured, it is dishwasher safe too. On the whole about 20 drops of the adhesive can do the job of bonding materials.

However one must also remember that Lazer Bond has been designed to blond plastics; hence should not be used on cookware that goes into microwaves or cast iron for that matter.

Lazer Bond Review

Works but has limitations
Cassandra who used Lazer Bond complained in her review that though it works well there are a few limitations to it. For starters, it only bonds areas that are visible to the light. It is absolutely useless on items that are not clear. She also thinks that calling it a “wielder” might be wrong and it is more of a bonder that does the job. She reminds that the bond it makes is definitely not permanent and you cannot use it as an alternative to electrical tapes.

Doesn’t last long
Mary who reviewed exposed in her review that when she used it on an antique vase it did seem to work. But to her annoyance it completely fell apart in about two weeks’ time. She also thinks that the product is not very well made and there is a chance of the adhesive leaking all over the place, which is just not what you want. It is particularly true because there is way too much glue while the light emanates from a cheaply made flashlight. The battery too seems to be quite cheap and not in keeping with the cost of the product.

Poor battery
Derek who bought Lazer Bond revealed in his review that he used it for the visor of his vehicle and it seemed to hold okay. But it all went wrong and fell apart when the temperature of the car rose. It turned into gel immediately and the clip became loose and fell off. He was not expecting that and was disappointed with the result. Another problem he had with the product was with the battery, which gets weak very quickly. It results in light dimming out and making the bond weaker.

Light isn’t strong enough
Natasha who used Lazer Bond complained in her review that the biggest problem with the product is that the LED light isn’t strong enough. She used it on 1mm layer for more than 30 seconds and the bond was soft. She is going to find a more intense UV source, which hopefully will do the job.

Fix and seal anything in 3 seconds

Things break in a household practically every day. While you cannot keep replacing them all the time, you fix them with tapes, glues or other sticky tools. But, you end up holding the broken pieces together waiting for them to dry and that is a waste of time and not to mention annoying. But the new sticking system Lazer Bond convinces that you do not have to wait to stick things together ever again. Lazer Bond claims that you just need to zap it and tap to create a rock solid bond to fix things in just 3 seconds.

Fixes virtually anything

Lazer Bond guarantees that you can fix virtually anything with it and let its powerful clear resin that hardens instantly combined with ultraviolet technology used by professional dentists works its magic so that you do not have to hold the pieces and wait till they dry. Whether you want to fix a golf club to make it like new, eyewear, flower vase or anything else, the system claims to work on it all. Any kind of surface like porcelain, vinyl, metal, glass, plastic, leather copper or PVC, any material is allegedly fixed in just 3 seconds with Lazer Bond that gives you permanent fixing unlike other glues.

Airtight and watertight seal

Whether it’s a leaky water pipe or an airtight container, Lazer Bond promises to let you fix them all and create a watertight and airtight seal. Other than fixing a water leak you can also fix a car, furniture and a lot, lot more. Lazer Bond alleges that it is so powerful that it can support up to 350 lbs. The clear resin of Lazer Bond assures that no one will ever know there was a crack that you fixed even if it is your expensive glassware. Lazer bond maintains that it doesn’t harden in the container so you can use even the last drop without wasting any. Instead of investing in replacing things or calling professionals, Lazer Bond guarantees to let you save money and pays for itself right in the first use.

What do I get?

Please see official website

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  1. rivhard f noriegs | November 15, 2015 at 3:02 am | Reply

    Please cancel my order!i did not order 4 in fact i do not want any cancel my order totally.i do not want any of your product zero zilch#

  2. I ordered Lazer Bond almost a month ago and still don’t have it. I have talked to there service center twice and each time they have told me that they haven’t charged my credit card but they have and that they were sending it the next day which they haven’t done yet. Beware of this company!

  3. Raymond J Mattes Jr | October 24, 2015 at 1:18 pm | Reply

    Why would you cut your boat in half to test this product? Something wrong here!

  4. I cut my boat in half and tried the lazer bond. In the middle of my lake the boat split in 2.

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