Total Crunch vs Ab Coaster vs Tiger

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Compare What is it? Total Crunch vs Ab Coaster vs Tiger

What is Total Crunch – It is an all in one fitness machine that lets you get a complete body workout in as little as 15 minutes a day. For more information on the Total Crunch page, please visit this page.

What is Ab Coaster – It is workout equipment that helps you get flat abs while reducing the stress you feel on your back, neck and shoulders.

What is Tiger Exercise Machine – It is a complete body shaping machine that claims to help you burn 220 calories in about 10 minutes of workout every day.

Verdict – While Ab Coaster is an exciting machine to work with, its results are restricted to abs. Tiger on the other hand gives you a solid complete body workout and is the winner for us.


Compare How does it work? Total Crunch vs Ab Coaster vs Tiger

How does Total Crunch work? – Total Crunch makes the most out of a compound movement system, which ensures that all your muscles are worked out at the same time. Now you can get the benefits of four types of strength exercises and cardio vascular aerobic exercise so that you can burn calories and tone your body as well. Your body weight is used to create resistance, which allows all your muscles to be contracted and toned.

How does Ab Coaster work? – It utilizes the secret of abs training that has been known to gymnasts and bodybuilders for a long time. Unlike regular top down crunches, it uses bottom up crunches to help you get toned abs while reducing the stress on your back, neck and shoulders. Forward lift, side lift and free style motion are three ways to work out abs with the Ab Coaster, which ensures that there is a lower body contraction while lifting entire weight of your lower body.

How does Tiger Exercise Machine work? – It brings dual motion technology to the fore and combines body shaping resistance workout with aerobic exercise. Tiger lets you do four types of exercises; leg press, squats, rows and crunches along with the benefits of aerobics exercise to ensure that you burn calories and tone your body. Varying hand grip works out different muscle groups and the smooth gliding motion targets muscles precisely.

Verdict – If you are looking for a complete body workout and calorie burn then Tiger is definitely the best equipment of this lot for you.


Compare Features: Total Crunch vs Ab Coaster vs Tiger

Total Crunch Features – It is a light and foldable compound movement system that saves you space in your homes. You can get a full body workout in less than 15 minutes through one movement. Thus it is very easy to follow. It also helps you save money on different workout equipment for specific body parts.

Ab Coaster Features – It is packed with design and functional features including vinyl covered molded foam pads for complete comfort and durability. The free style seat allows you to target abdominal areas while the digital workout counter ensures that you can track your workout program. Front roller wheels enable you to move it around easily and steel frame can take up to 300 lbs of weight. It has a three position adjustable seat and comes with a one year warranty.

Tiger Exerciser Features – This body shaping machine ensures that you work out different areas with one single motion. It uses body weight as resistance and claims to help you burn 220 calories in 10 minutes of exercise, according to its claims. Varying hand grip and smooth gliding motion of the system not only make it easy to use but bring better results. It is easily portable for your convenience.

Verdict – Tiger is definitely the better equipment for entire body workout, but we are impressed by the detailed features of Ab Coaster and call it the winner in this category.


Compare Benefits: Total Crunch vs Ab Coaster vs Tiger

Total Crunch Benefits – Right from burning calories to toning muscles, it has several benefits for you. It strengthens and shapes your legs and glutes, defines your abs, and smoothens your stomach. You can also get well formed pecs, biceps and back.

Ab Coaster Benefits – Ab Coaster is dedicated workout equipment to ensure that you get those flat abs you have always wanted. It claims to give you the best results without straining your neck, back and shoulders.

Tiger Exercise Machine Benefits – It helps you shape your buns, thighs, shoulders, back, chest, triceps and more. It tones, sculpts and tightens your muscles while letting you burn 220 calories in about 10 minutes of daily workout.

Verdict – Tiger is the clear winner in this category because it gives you a complete body workout and helps burn more calories in a shorter time period.


Compare Construction: Total Crunch vs Ab Coaster vs Tiger

Total Crunch – It has a colour coated steel frame.

Ab Coaster – It has an all steel construction including the frame, which is made out of commercial grade steel tubing.

Tiger – It is quite sturdy with a steel frame.

Verdict – They are all well made and durable, but the commercial grade material used in Ab Coaster and all steel construction makes it the winner for us.

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