Wraps Wristband Headphones REVIEWS and VERDICT

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About Wraps Wristband Headphones

Wraps Wristband Headphones claim to be a pair of braided headphones that can be wrapped around the wrist as a band for easy storage and style when not in use. This design alleges to eliminate the frustration of looking for headphones in a bag or purse, losing them, misplacing them or getting them tangled.

How do Wraps Wristband Headphones work?

These tangle-free headphones promise to be easy to use since they can be wrapped around the wrist by sliding the earphones, wrapping them and securing the jack. The braided pattern ensures that it remains tangle-free while offering unique styling.

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Convenient design
Wraps Wristband Headphones guarantees to have a unique braided fabric that eliminates tangling. This practical and affordable design maintains to be perfect for everyone since its slide can be adjusted to fit any wrist. Such fanciful claims by Wraps Wristband Headphones will be only validated once it is reviewed.

So many options
These patented headphones are declared to come in a Classic Series and a Talk Series that has an additional one-button microphone. Both these Wraps Wristband Headphones proclaim to offer high-quality sound. More shall be revealed once it is reviewed. There are allegedly 6 stylish colors available for Wraps Wristband Headphones to match any outfit and mood. Are Wraps Wristband Headphones worth the money? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Wraps Wristband Headphones Questions and Answers

Do the Wraps Wristband Headphones work with iPhone products?
Yes. It has been used with iPhone 6 and iPad.

Is there a guarantee for this item?

Do the Wraps Wristband Headphones have a speaker for answering phone calls?

Are they waterproof?

Wraps Wristband Headphones Review

The idea behind the Wraps Wristband Headphones is really cool. The earbuds can be worn on the wrist making it convenient to carry around.

The Wraps Wristband Headphones may be uncomfortable to wear as a bracelet on the wrist. A user reported that one side stopped working after a month. The material around the cables leading to the earbuds tends to split.

The earbuds on the Wraps Wristband Headphones unravel from the wrist. Also, the ear cushions fall off easily. The sound clarity is not so good either especially when the cable rubs against clothing. This causes a disruption in the sound as well as amplification of the rubbing sound in the ears. Also, external sounds can be heard on the Wraps Wristband Headphones.

Although the Wraps Wristband Headphones are a cool idea, the execution of clarity and ease of use lacking. It is also difficult to wrap around the wrists.

Wrap Wristband Headphones Verdict

The idea of wrap wristband is really cool for obvious reason but it is not the only one having such product. There are other brands who have similar product in the market. You can find Wrap Wristband Headphones on amazon.com having a price range of $19 to $24 depending on the popularity of different colours the band is offered.

The customers who have purchased Wrap Wristband Headphones were not quite satisfied with its working. As per reviews we would suggest you not to go for Wrap Wristband Headphones and instead look for an alternative. We recommend Urizons In Ear Earphones. You can get Urizons In Ear Earphones on amazon.com for $19.99 which is in the same range as Wrap Wristband Headphones and hence affordable. t has received 4.5 stars ratings with 17 customer reviews on amazon out of which majority reviews are positive and have 5 stars. Majorly the complaint of sound quality of Wrap Wristband Headphones is nullified in Urizons In Ear Earphones. Urizons has really good sound quality as per its reviews and hence our choice for Wristband Headphones.

Official Website: BuyMyWraps.com

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