Shift Shop vs Insanity vs Core de Force

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Compare what is it? Shift Shop vs Insanity vs Core de Force

Shift Shop, Insanity, and Core de Force, all three are fitness programs made available by Beachbody. They are workouts designed to get in shape and shed pounds by following the DVDs right at home.

Shift Shop is a breakthrough program designed by Chris Downing to achieve maximum results with the rapid-rebuilding program in just 3 weeks duration. The program works for everyone regardless of age or fitness level.

Insanity by Shaun T is a master mix of Interval Training and additional routines to give guaranteed results in just 60 days. The training techniques are designed to offer lean, muscular body to users in a short amount of duration. The workouts come with a nutrition guide, a calendar for tracking the progress, and DVDs to follow. This program is designed to work without any exercise equipment in a small space right at home.

Core de Force is a Mixed Martial Arts workout that helps in defining the core without the use of any additional equipment. It uses a mix of various martial art techniques to give amazing result in just 30 days.


Compare what to expect? Shift Shop vs Insanity vs Core de Force

Shift Shop – On performing this workout routine for 3 weeks, users can expect a loss of about 10 pounds in weight that is relatively in line with the Centers for Disease Control’s guidelines for a healthy weight loss. The Week 1 comes with short, 25-minute workouts that help in achieving focus and commitment to the program ahead. Users are urged to eat a balanced amount of carbs, protein, and fat during the span of this week. The Week 2 workouts are ramped up in terms of intensity and activity level with workouts lasting for 35 minutes duration each session. This week, the protein and vegetable intake is to be increased and a cut down on starchy carbs is recommended. In Week 3, users are pushed to a higher-intensity routine of 45-minute duration with clean eating that comprises of natural and whole foods. The body is said to start feeling stronger, and leaner in this week.

InsanityInsanity is a 10 DVD pack that comes with various workouts including cardio and plyometric drills with intervals of strength, power, resistance, and core training. The exercises don’t require any workout but can get users into extreme shape due to its advanced nature. The workout assures that there can be amazing results after use for just 60 days.

Core de Force – The use of Mixed Martial Arts techniques with moves sets from boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai helps in blasting calories and fat while making the core stronger from every possible angle. It basically uses bodyweight training to sculpt the muscles and interval training routines for an intense cardio burn. The two trainers, Jericho McMatthews and Joel Nichols keep users on the toe with constant core rotational movement to target belly fat, strengthen the abs, and reshape the body. Users can expect to achieve a tightened core and toned body to get stronger from the inside. It also assures to improve the cardiovascular fitness, endurance, speed, agility, and coordination.


Compare when to Expect Results? Shift Shop vs Insanity vs Core de Force

Users can start expecting results in three weeks of a proper workout after following Shift Shop, in 60 days after using Insanity, and 30 days post Core de Force routine.


Compare Duration

Shift Shop – 3 Weeks

Insanity – 60 days

Core de Force – 30 days


Compare Method: Shift Shop vs Insanity vs Core de Force

Shift Shop – The workout routine planned for three weeks uses a revolutionary Ramp-Up method that slowly and gradually begins in the first week and the intensity increases along with changes in the nutrition till the 3rd week. This helps in making maximum progress in minimal time. The 1st week has short cardio and strength training workouts of 25 minutes, the next push the barrier a little more with 35 minutes of workout and the final week has 45 minutes high-intensity workout. Each week users are required to eat clean and follow the provided diet.

Insanity workouts are designed to work the users in an interval training method where they work out in 3 to 5 minutes block and then take a very little break. The term used here is Max Interval Training where the body works out at its maximum capacity through the entire workout. Users are asked to push their limits and adapt to the workout as they see a new body unveiled in 60 days.

Core de Force – The workouts come with 3-minute rounds where users have to alternate between various fighting styles with bodyweight moves and cardio spikes for burning maximum calories. It is similar to a boxing ring where you put all the effort in the round and then take a break. The rounds consist of punches and kick combos to spike the heart rate. These high-intensity moves are known to burn more calories as opposed to regular cardio workouts. The workouts are designed for people of all fitness levels since they can kick and punch at their own pace and requires no equipment.


Compare Exercises: Shift Shop vs Insanity vs Core de Force

Shift Shop – No information available.

Insanity – The first month of Insanity is packed with 5 Max Interval Workouts – Plyometrics for legs and glutes, Upper Body Resistance for sculpting the arms, shoulders, chest, and back, Pure Cardio for amazing fat burn, Cardio Abs to provide intensive core workout, and Recovery to relax the body at the end of the week. The second month adds longer interval workouts comprising of – Max Interval Circuit that is the toughest interval routine, Max Interval Plyo that pushes the legs and sculpts them, Max Cardio Conditioning to provide an extreme cardio workout, and Max Recovery to help build strength for the next round.

Core de Force – This workout regime comes with 10 MMA-inspired workouts placed on 3 DVDs. Each of them has a step-by-step approach to breakdowns that help master the moves. The MMA Speed workout comprises 6 rounds of 27 minutes in total that focuses on the core and upper-body. It is inspired by boxing and is known to pack a punch. The MMA Shred workout of 37 minutes comprises of 9 rounds that use Muay-Thai inspired elbows and kicks to get lean. MMA Power routines of 12 rounds in 447 minutes use explosive and defensive-style movements with cardio-conditioning to achieve a tighter, leaner body. MMPA Piyo lasts for 47 minutes with 12 rounds of combination workout from boxing to Muay Thai to Plyometrics. It is designed to shred the body and spike the heart for a calorie-scorching workout. Use the Power Sculpt DVD to go 9 rounds in 37 minutes for sculpting lean muscles and build next-level endurance using interval training. The Dynamic Strength’s 12 rounds in 47 minutes are designed to provide high intensity with lower impact. It uses bodyweight to carve the muscles into shape. The Core Kinetics of 15 minutes duration uses mixed martial art movements to shape the abs. Use the Active Recovery in just 21 minutes to fight muscle stiffness and soreness. The Core de Force Relief also helps in doing a quick 5-minute stretch before bed to relieve the tightness and tired muscles to keep fit and up for working out the next day. Use the Core on the Floor 5-minute workout to perform 5 challenging plan movements that help in burning the belly fat and flatten it.


Compare who is it for? Shift Shop vs Insanity vs Core de Force

Shift Shop – As per the program’s website and the creator Chris Downing, Shift Shop takes a result-driven approach to provide an effective workout to people who are beginners in the fitness world to gym rats. It uses short interval workouts to deliver faster results.

Insanity – No information is available.

Core de Force – This program offers strength training and cardio to people of all fitness levels. It comes with a low-impact option for the workouts to help transform the body and shred the belly fat using mixed martial arts-inspired training.


Compare Price: Shift Shop vs Insanity vs Core de Force

Shift Shop – $99 for 12 months duration

Insanity – $144.80

Core de Force – $72.80


Compare Reviews: Shift Shop vs Insanity vs Core de Force

Shift Shop REVIEW

Cedric Pope, a customer who used Shift Shop, asserts in his review that the system doesn’t really offer a lot of cardio as other beach body programs do. As per his review, Shift Shop jumps too quickly into combos and it takes a few times for users to really keep up. The speed isn’t set so users can’t get used to it and since each person is at their own speed and comfort level, following the program was harder while watching it.


Insanity REVIEW

An Insanity customer, Tiffany Rogers, reveals in her review that the workouts are hardcore in nature and impacted her joints and tendons. She complains that the high-intensity nature of the workout left her injured that she is trying to recover from even after a year.

Elena Turner, an Insanity reviewer discloses that some of the DVDs that were shipped came out blank and did not play. The remaining ones come with very poor quality and skip or freeze in between. This makes it difficult to even start working out.

Another reviewer, Shannon Thornton warns that Insanity is not designed for people with beginner or intermediate fitness level. The workouts are of very high intensity and can harm or stress people who have pre-existing issues in joints such as shoulders, knees, and more.

According to Elbert Lowe’s review, Insanity workouts are very stressful not just on the joints but on the mind as well. There is not a lot of fun added to the workouts and it doesn’t produce the results it promises.

Oscar Dixon’s Insanity review states that people with good fitness level should use this DVD else it poses a risk of injury. There are imbalanced routines and awkward stretching that can hamper their efforts furthermore. He also complains that the 90 minutes duration per workout for 6 days a week is kind of an unrealistic commitment required from users.

Megan Carroll says in her Insanity review that the DVDs come with poor video quality and the sound also isn’t as good as expected.


Core de Force REVIEW

Jenna Welch, a Core de Force reviewer claims that the workouts actually slow you down since the users will need time to figure out the transitions in the combinations. She found that the editing of the videos wasn’t good since it jumped from one place or person to another. This creates more confusion for following the set combination.

As per Cesar Barton, a Core de Force customer, the workouts are very slow and it is difficult to really replicate the moves since it is not well directed. His review also states that he hardly broke a sweat in terms of aerobically speaking.

Nick Bradley, a Core de Force reviewer reveals that the instructors make the dominant side workouts more in nature and leaves the weaker side less coordinated and less affected to gain strength.

Rhonda Webb, a customer with advanced fitness level discloses in her review that Core de Force for people who are absolute beginners. She found the instructors boring and the workouts repetitive over and over again for 20 to 30 seconds. She does suggest in her review that it can be a good program to lose weight initially for overweight individuals.

Another customer, Brandi Atkins, complains that Core de Force doesn’t offer a lot of recipes to utilize and is based on container sizes and booklet provided.

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