WOW! Miracle Cleanser Review

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About WOW! Miracle Cleanser

WOW! Miracle Cleanser convinces to be a multipurpose cleaner and stain remover for hard surfaces inside or outside the house. It proclaims to get rid of the toughest stain, dirt, and odor easily.


WOW! Miracle Cleanser Claims

Unlike backbreaking scrubbing with regular cleaners, WOW! Miracle Cleanser assures that you just need to apply it and wipe the surface and watch the stains disappear with its powerful formula.


Powerful cleaner and stain remover
There are stains in the house and outside that impossible to eliminate. But WOW! Miracle Cleanser promises to give you sparkling clean surfaces with its powerful formula. WOW! Miracle Cleanser maintains to save money on solutions and time on scrubbing. These claims of WOW! Miracle Cleanser will be verified by user reviews. Soap scum, grease, rust, scale, burnt, food, ink, water marks, or permanent marker, WOW! Miracle Cleanser alleges to remove all kinds of stains. It proclaims to work on kitchen appliances, furniture, granite, tiles, grills, sinks, showers, stoves, and any other surface. How far this is true will be know with WOW! Miracle Cleanser user reviews.


Safe and non-toxic
No matter how difficult the dirt or stain, WOW! Miracle Cleanser declares to get rid of it easily while deodorizing the surface without harming it. There are no user reviews to corroborate this yet. Most cleaners are chemical-based and hazardous for the environment, kids and pets. But WOW! Miracle Cleanser convinces to be non-toxic and safe to use. We’d like to hear from you if WOW! Miracle Cleanser was this helpful for you.


What do I get?
You will get WOW! Miracle Cleanser for $19.00 | Official website:


Wow Miracle Cleanser REVIEW

Melanie Phelps, a Wow Miracle Cleanser reviewer reveals that it is not a bad cleanser but doesn’t have anything unique either. In her review she states that the wipes in Wow Miracle Cleanser comes out dry but leave behind an oily finish while removing fingerprints. She suggests using vinegar instead of spending extra money on it in her Wow Miracle Cleanser review.

A review by Roxanne Peterson states that Wow Miracle Cleanser leaves behind a very oily and greasy finish. Such a residue can make the surface dirtier and make cleaning a mess.

Evelyn Mills asserts similar things in her Wow Miracle Cleanser review saying the oily residue is a problem even though it cleans the prints off. She warns using it for kitchen appliances due to oiliness.

Another Wow Miracle Cleanser review by Marilyn Herrera complains about the greasy film that bubbles. She also failed to see any list of ingredients in its packaging.

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