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What is Atomic Beam

As per the TV infomercial it is an ultra-bright flashlight that is military-grade and about 4 times brighter than regular flashlights. Ok so in this Atomic Beam review lets analyze the features of Atomic Beam flashlight. Atomic Beam claims to be a VERY POWERFUL flashlight at a very cheap price. They compare Atomic Beam with feature-rich branded flashlights and lure in gullible buyers in believing that it could be a alternative to costly flashlights.

Atomic Beam REVIEW

Telebrands is promoting Atomic Beam as a cheap alternative to other expensive (over $200) flashlights like FENIXLIGHT, NITECORE, OLIGHT etc. BUT the truth is that a $30 flashlight cannot substitute branded flashlights (above $100) – so please don’t fall for all the hype and misleading advertisement. We will further update our Atomic Beam review once we have actual user reviews.

Atomic Beam DOES NOT back up all those fancy claims with credible information. Very little information about the specifications of Atomic Beam Flashlight are available on the site.

Atomic Beam Batteries – The most important is the type of battery used, The Atomic Beam website and TV ad does not mention anything about the battery used. This is the most crucial information missing from their official website, we have gone through tons of high-end flashlight reviews and found that these batteries drain fast when you use the flashlight at the maximum level, also these batteries are expensive to replace. They also don’t tell if the batteries are rechargeable. We presume that Flashlight uses some cheap use-and-throw Chinese batteries. The Atomic Beam lit does not include a battery charger – we can conclude from this that Atomic Beam is NOT RECHARGEABLE.

POLARITY PROTECTION – We don’t expect Atomic Beam flashlight to have this high-end feature.

LEDs – The other information that is missing from the Atomic Beam’s site is – type of LEDs used and their lifespan. We speculate that the Atomic Beam flashlight uses some cheap MADE IN CHINA LEDs. They also don’t mention the number of LED bulbs in the flashlight and also whether they can be replaced.

RUNTIME – No information is available about how long the Atomic Beam flashlight would run on specific setting before the batteries run out. We don’t expect Atomic Beam flashlight to be anywhere near the expensive branded ones in this regard.

Dimensions – They don’t reveal anything about Atomic Beam’s dimensions.

WEIGHT – No information regarding how much the Atomic Beam flashlights weighs is available. They just say it is light-weight that implies is made of some cheap plastic.

Irradiation distance – Not clearly mentioned, they say it can illuminate an area of the size of a football field which sounds exaggerated.

MATERIAL – May be some cheap plastic.

Here are some of the excerpts from Atomic Beam reviews

Atomic Beam tactical flashlight is a nice bright light but lasted 60 seconds, back red indicator still lit. The bulb must have burnt out.

Held the Atomic Beam tactical flashlight in water a few seconds at a time near the surface and a day later it was extremely difficult to zoom. A week later Atomic Beam tactical flashlight stopped working all together. Tried using new batteries but it didn’t work.

Atomic Beam tactical flashlight worked great. It was kept on a nightstand. After 3 weeks it stopped working. Changed batteries of Atomic Beam tactical flashlight but that was not the problem. The button in the back no longer clicked the Atomic Beam tactical flashlight on.

Atomic Beam tactical flashlight is a decent light for the price. One Atomic Beam tactical flashlight is fine and the other doesn’t adjust. Good for ’72 hour Go Bags’ and around the house type stuff.

Atomic Beam tactical flashlight puts out some good light, yet the battery life is short so you need to carry 2 Atomic Beam tactical flashlight‘s so you can get through 4-6 hours outdoors at night!

Atomic Beam tactical flashlight is incredibly bright and fits securely on the head. The light holder is adjustable and can be angled 180 to 270 degrees allowing for perfect illumination on most tasks. Rechargeable batteries are included and have lasted for 2 weeks without charging.

The output light color of Atomic Beam tactical flashlight is somewhere around 5000K and is extremely bright. Atomic Beam tactical flashlight is so bright it may be a hazard when working with others.

The straps are adjustable but have to be set to the largest size and it’s still a little tight. The battery pack is located in the rear for the straps and sits on the back of the head. It’s cushioned but still a little uncomfortable. Also, the cushion isn’t secured very well and tends to come off with normal usage. This exposes the batteries to any moisture and potentially water damage.

The power button is located on the rear of the lamp module and the module needs to be lowered to allow access. When pressed there are 3 settings, High (~1500-2000 lumens), Low (~200-300 lumens), and strobe (beware people with epilepsy). In order to shut the unit off you need to cycle through these 3 settings to get to off.

An independent power button instead of the cycle would have been better. The straps could be larger and the cushion on the battery compartment could be better fitted so as not to come lose from normal wear.

Atomic Beam tactical flashlight has missing information on the official website, warranty and guarantee is not given, product dimensions are not given and how many hours it will work is not mentioned.

Atomic Beam Verdict

Well, Atomic Beam flashlight does not seem to be what the manufacturer claim it to be. It supposedly has all the features of a High-end tactical flashlight but we seriously doubt these claims.

Should you buy Atomic Beam flashlight? – Atomic Beam flashlight is not a unique product not available elsewhere – there are dozens of tactical/special forces type flashlights available in the market. But yes this is the only one which claims to have 5000 LUMENS (if it really is) of power. If you are looking for a cheap tactical flashlight then we would recommend the Titop 2016 4000lm Aluminum E17 Cree Xm-l T6 LED which is comparable to Atomic Beam flashlight, has got some reviews at and is $10 cheaper than Atomic Beam. Besides there a other woes (backorder, high s/h rates, false advertisement, return hassles etc) associated with As Seen On TV companies like Telebrands.

If you really want a Tactical Special-forces flashlight than go for the branded ones like FENIXLIGHT, NITECORE or OLIGHT.

What does Atomic Beam claim to do?

Powerful flashlight – Atomic Beam proclaims to be the brightest flashlight that is 40 times brighter with 5000 Lux brightness over standard 30 lumens flashlights. At this point of time there are no Atomic Beam reviews available that will attest to its claims. Atomic Beam promises to be ultra-bright with capacity to reach over 100 yards which is farther than an entire football field.

Military-grade features – Atomic Beam convinces to be made with military-grade technology used by US Special Forces and does not damage by fall, in boiling water or ice cold weather. Atomic Beam declares to include strobe feature for self defense and even a SOS signal in times of need. It has 2000X Zoom feature and is extremely light to carry. The compactness of the flashlight allows easy stowing. Currently there are no Atomic Beam reviews available that will substantiate all these claims.

What do I get?
2 Atomic Beam Flashlights for $19.99 + $9.99 S/h. | Official website:

Compare Atomic Beam with Tac Light and Shadowhawk

Compare Atomic Beam with Maglite and Surefire

140 Comments on "Atomic Beam Flashlight REVIEW | Exposed"

  1. It has an aluminium body. Inside the package is an offer to buy a lithium battery and charger for 12 bucks. offering 13,000 Lux
    or you use what it came with a 3xAAA adapter
    It is a single large LED square

  2. Whoever wrote this review has lost their mind.

    Quote: ” If you are looking for a cheap tactical flashlight then we would recommend the Titop 2016 4000lm Aluminum E17 Cree Xm-l T6 LED”

    First the Atomic Beam is a junk flashlight made for people who think a maglite is bright. Second, it is impossible for a Cree XML T6 LED to output 4000 lumens. That LED will only put out a little over 900 lumens under perfect voltage and current conditions. Which is still brighter and better than Atomic Junk.

    Maglite, Surefire, Streamlight, all overrated and overpriced. You can do much better for much cheaper. Search for these names and pick the features you want. You won’t be disappointed and you will have extra cash in your pocket.

    Thorfire, Sofirn, Astrolux, Emisar, Utorch, Thrunite, DQG, Wowtac, Convoy, BLF.

    Those companies will tell you exactly what their lights are made of, the lumen ratings are correct and honest and the prices can’t be beat for what you get. Or you can keep buying overhyped crap and when someone comes along with a real flashlight you will look like you are holding a candle.

  3. First of all, whoever wrote the original review of the atomic beam tactical flashlight and didn’t research it first is a total moron. Get your facts together and straight before you trash a product. Don’t make assumptions. It is the brightest and most dependable small flashlight I have ever owned. By far better than any other tactical flashlight I have ordered online. I definitely suggest giving it a try. Now the headlamp on the other hand I wasn’t to impressed with. The bulb is half the size of the flashlight and burns out very quickly. Stay away from.

  4. This tactical flashlight that claims to be ultra-powerful at a cheap price is definitely unique and effective. Similar flashlights such as URPOWER are available at half its price and still do the job. Search for tactical flashlights on Amazon or Walmart to get a full list of similar items. Ratings-wise too Atomic Beam stands poorly when compared since it has a 3.9 rating averaging from 41 customer reviews. Cost wise it isn’t anywhere cheap and is almost twice the price of similar flashlights with better ratings and reviews. It is suggested to go through the list of these other tactical flashlights since Atomic Beam doesn’t really provide value for the money spent on it.

  5. My husband was wearing one just now and the batteries literally blew up on the back of his head. I was standing 5 feet away from him and heard a pop that was so loud that it actually made me flinch. At the same time my husband cried out in pain and went down to one knee, while grabbing his head. At first we couldn’t figure out what happened. In his confused state he thought that someone had to have shot him with a BB or pellet and for a moment we were thankful that it hit the battery pack instead of his head. That was until we took a good look and saw that there was no damage present that would have been the result of that sort of impact. Instead we noticed that battery acid was coated all over the inner compartment and had begun to drip out of it. If it weren’t for the fact that the part of the battery pack that rested against his head was made of rubber, (which thank God, was flexible enough to be able to absorb and the force of the bursting battery without shattering and transferring the force through to his skull) I shudder to think how much worse it could have been.

    • Gretchen Kindrick | June 10, 2018 at 8:51 pm | Reply

      The same thing happened to me. I use for working on jewelry. A pop, and some smoke, and I was kind of freaked out. Buyer beware.

  6. Mickey Nov 27 2017 | November 28, 2017 at 6:05 am | Reply

    I have 2 Atomic Beam flashlights one with rechargeable battery and one with the 3AAA BATTERIES They have both worked fine for over a year now.

  7. I stuck it up my _____ and thoroughly enjoyed it I just don’t understand why people don’t like this light.

  8. Christopher D Robertson | October 8, 2017 at 8:33 pm | Reply

    I own the Atomic Beam flashlight, ordered mine online and also got 2 rechargeable batteries and a charger. I love it.

  9. Bought the the light, used the light. The head or bezel slides to easily. I hate the five different functions. I have to role through them to get back to an actual usable function. They charged me twice for a rechargeable setup. They then called me offering a free set of diamond earrings. I don’t wear earrings. THE absolute worst product I have ever bought online, I will continue to boycott these people.

  10. Terry V Fabro | August 19, 2017 at 8:27 am | Reply

    Had this less than a week. Accidentally dropped it, now it won’t stay on. Piece of junk! !!!

  11. The real review. Thisautomic beam flash light works as in casting a beam of light. During a three minute use the lithium battery produces extream heat and escalates the longer it is used. The led is full beight while in non strobe/flashing setting. The intensity changes by sliding the magnifying lense for or aft to narrow or expand the beam. Which when the beam is at its narrowest and subsequently brightest the light is projected as a square shape. The liding motion for beam adjustment within three months of use will cause the light to automatically change the beam from steady to strobe/flashing uncomanded. To return the beam to steady you must cycle the on/off command button the will remain at your preferred setting untill you touch the sliding magnification which then causes the beam to change from the commanded setting to the next . The commands are steady beam strobe and s.o.s. and are normally manually selected by pressing the on / off switch untill you obtain you desired setting. A built in feature is when the light is commanded off and left offf for a short period of time the next time the light is commanded on will be a steady beam of light non flashing. Untill the slider is touched the the anoying uncommanded changes start over again. How often do I use this light? As an aircraft mechanic every day and it is contstntly being cycled on and off and beam focus adjusted every time it is in use.. this light does not come woth a holster so I keep in in my pocket to prevent it from damage. I do not feel this light is intended for mechanics or industrial use and may be more suited for ocasional use. My honest opinion of this light is once the uncommanded change of settings is figured out this will be a perfect compact light for any use. I have to say yes as a recommendation but beware the beam will change from steady to flash then to s.o.s uncommanded during the use of the sliding beam magnification feature.

  12. george martin | June 24, 2017 at 2:06 pm | Reply

    avoid buying the batterie mines 2 monthes old and it wont hold a charge now i was just told it has a 30 warranty i would have to buy a new one for the price they want ill buy a flashlight some where else i had to have the flashlight replaced already because the button was defective a waste of money

  13. the atomic beam flashlight is flawed electronically the microchip will not accommodate voltage under 3AAA lithium ion rechargeable batteries without burning out the chip so if you use one it has to be alkaline battery’s only there needs to be a ? OLM resistor placed inside to accommodate any voltage or amperage overflows to the microchip to stop the electrical over load from the battery’s. Sincerely robert a cain

    • Dustin Burrows | August 5, 2017 at 3:40 am | Reply

      Sir, you are absolutely right. Try this.. get Energizer Lithium batteries, put it in the head lamp.. turn it on.. with a laser thermometer, observe the battery pack climb in temperature to a hundred and fifty degrees. Yea.. that’s right.. try it.. I am not a troll or pulling a retarded prank, I wish I were.. At what point to lithium batteries blow up, strapped to the back of your head, in a little plastic box? My noticing the temp increase might have saved my life just now.. Peolle need to know about this..

  14. Personally I think the commercial should be Outlawed!!
    Everytime I have the tv on & I’m not paying attention, this stupid commercial comes on that gives me a instant migraine!
    Bright and flashy lights!!
    There’s a time & a place for something like this & it’s not on a commercial!

  15. Even a cheap flashlight is bright when new. The problem typically is when it gets to be months or years old, sitting in a car over summer and winder conditions… and you go to use it and it just doesn’t work.

    I’ve had many failures (including some name brands) before I settled on one that has been reliable from sub zero temperatures to over 100F for the past 8 years.

    (I’m not identifying the lights in question because I’m not interested in a brand fight, this is to point out where many lights simply do not make the cut)

    The brightness is possibly nice (may be unnecessary) but brightness always is a tradeoff with battery life (laws of physics), Making it bright is not that difficult, making it bright and efficient is.

    The Atomic packaging, unlike most quality lights, gives not battery life ratings and I suspect there is a reason for this. If they give an hour rating that wasn’t embarrassingly low, it would open them up to truth in advertising claims.

    FWIW, I accidently left my regular light on for a weekend once, it was still going strong when I found it.

  16. 14411 s kedvale ave
    Midlothian Illinois 60445

  17. Received one of the Atomic Beam flashlights as a gift, it’s bright but not as bright as the Nebo 7Z We use at work, but for a 1/3 of the price ($20 vs $60), and half the size of the 7Z it’s pretty good. I replaced the 3 AAA batteries with a 3400 Mah 18650 battery I had for an E-cig and it’s even brighter than the Nebo now. The beam pattern is nice and clean around the edges, I can light up a house or tree a few hundred feet away with no problem. Buy it or not for $20 I think it’s a good deal. It blows away my 6 D cell Maglite with LED upgrade bulb.

  18. I’ve had an atomic beam for about 2 months. I buy a lot of flashlights for fishing, working,gifts,looking down sewer cleanouts ( I’m a plumber ). I honestly think for the price -$20 at Walmart, this is a great flashlight. It’s very bright, even the lowest setting is enough for most purposes. When it on the high setting or strobe just a glance from a side angle or reflection will mess my eyes up for a half hour or so. I loaded it with three cheap batteries from Harbor Freight (non alkaline ) & they seemed to last pretty good compared to how other flashlights drain batteries. I have about 30 flashlights around the house, van & shop. Right now this is my favorite one. When on high setting, when I pull the zoom out,it will light up a stop sign 300 yards away like lights from a car. I’m going to buy a few for Christmas presents for some of my friends and family members.
    Shine on you crazy diamond. See ya.

  19. Maximus Meridius | September 16, 2016 at 8:19 am | Reply

    Seriously people?

    You would buy a flashlight from a “former” fighter pilot?

    I can assure you, NO fighter pilot has ever had a need for such a flashlight (even if it does do what it’s advertised as).

    You people might as well buy your tools from Tim the Toolman Taylor, because he’s not an actor, he’s a tool guy!

    • 1LT It's just a flashlight | May 16, 2017 at 9:31 am | Reply

      Maximus, I know you posted this commentat year. But, I thought I would let you know fighter pilots DO use flashlights a lot for their occupation. Before aircrew and pilots accept their aircraft from the crew chief and sign off on the Aircrafts completed Maintainance, the Pilot will do a visual pre-flight inspection of the aircraft. It’s a lengthy inspection and the atomic beam works just fine when I would use it for inspections. The reason I chose to use an atomic beam over Surefires and other tac lights is I didn’t have to worry about losing another $150 flashlight. Or grow legs and walk off the flightline somehow.

      I think a lot of people here are getting a little off-track with the purpose of a flashlight. To Illuminate. That’s it.

      Atomic Beam is a great, affordable flashlight. Every product manufactured in the world always has a couple lemons. Even cars. I use energizer rechargeable AAA batteries. I leave three in the charger base plugged into an outlet and three in the flashlight. Never have a problem with battery life. It’s a flashlight folks. Unless you’re one of those civilian “tacticool” guys that need a tactical flashlight hanging off their picatinny rail screwed onto their .22 calibre AR-15.

  20. I personally cannot believe a website which boasts honest and unbiased reviews would permit some xenophobic, assumed due to price, backed by their hatred of china review to be submitted and not even edited once someone even pressed the button in a dark room to see if it turns on. This review is based on absolutely nothing factual all completely biased from past experience everything is begun with ” well we’re gonna assume its made with the lowest grade commy landfill parts and we gonna guess its powered by a potatoe, a dang cheap chinese commy potatoe at that”. I bought this lil doozy today and cant vouche for the longevity of the 3a battery option (which i find convenient to alternate in a pinch) but i have several 18650 batts for my vape that i have on me at all times charged every night religiously and i must say i am ecstatic at my purchase! I am an avid angler, a child of the darkness and henceforth a flashlight nerd and this is by far my favorite one. I lit up a pond about 2 acres exposing a plethora of fish on my way to the car. It can be adjusted to an intense square of pure white light that hurts your eyes if reflected or a flood of less concentrated intensity, but nearly a well lit room with just the sliding of the main body. Il keep the 3a adapter around for emergencies but this will be powered by my 18650s preferably as they are rechargeable. This is an honest actually tried the product review not assuming too good to be true commy scam nonreview like what im responding to. I bought 1 for $20 from walgreens today and so far its amazingly wonderful. If it breaks down the line ok fine everything does eventually it was 20 bucks. It claims 5000 lux by the way not 5000 lumens its powered by 3 aaa or 1 18650, it might be madein china but nearly everything is even the good stuff however i dont know its origin. If you buy it from a store save your receipt in case you get the commy potatoe powered candle the writer of this article anticipated because believe it or not… you can return it. Thats right for real red white and blue merican scratch not a fortune cookie note that says haha china got you pick another flashlight. I have no respect or belief in this website after this slop up job.

    • I agree. I had the same impression about this review. The author never held one in his hand. I won’t return to this web site.

  21. I bought it. I used it. Its the best flashlight I have owned. Why would I boil it or drop it from a helo? That sucker is bright and I am very happy!

  22. Charles Rowland | September 1, 2016 at 2:57 am | Reply

    Americans are FORCED to buy this chinese $shit. We should stop this. USA is not a dumping ground for China.

  23. This tactical flashlight lives up to the hype. I love mine and have given several as gifts. Everybody thinks they are great. It’s bright as hell and indestructible. It also is the perfect size for gun mounting. Bought mine on eBay and got it fast.

  24. Have any of you checked out the website lately vs. listening to the bozo who wrote this review? I’m not one to poo poo a product till I’ve done my personal research. I just checked the website today (8-31-2016) and most of the reviewer’s questions are answered. What type of batteries does Atomic Beam USA™ use and how many batteries are required? Atomic Beam uses 3 AAA batteries OR 1 Lithium Ion battery, available with the Deluxe Atomic Beam USA
    Dimensions and weight: Length – 5.25″, Width – 1.50″ at its widest point, Weight – 1.38 lbs. What material is Atomic Beam USA™ constructed from? Atomic Beam casing is made of aluminum.

    I’m not saying this compares to the top $100+ flashlights cause the website is pretty sparse with info and the infomercial is over exaggerated for sure, but this certainly isn’t a $2 plastic version. Whoever wrote this review obviously didn’t check the actual flashlight out nor read the website. Shame on this reviewer!

  25. Thanks…I wont purchase Atomic Beam but buy a reliable tactical flashlight from as recommended above. I got it.

  26. Thanks…I will not buy Atomic Beam

  27. I dropped this flashlight into hot grease like they show in the commercial and ate it. It definitely did not taste as good as they claim in the commercial so I can’t recommend it at all.

    • buzz lightbeer | October 29, 2016 at 8:32 am | Reply

      Some salt and ketchup helps but I thought everyone knew that flashlights are far better when baked. Remove from freezer and thaw from ice block, tenderize with sledge, dip in boiling water, roll in cinder block crumbs and bake at 350 for 30 to 40 minutes. Now that’s a light recipe!

  28. I wouldn’t buy any junk from Bell and Howell

  29. I bought the atomic beam flashlight. I like it a lot and I have owned several flashlights including the nice ones sold at Atomic Beam is solid and very bright with 5 settings. I trusted bell and Howell would not put their name on sub-standard products so bought it. I did not buy the rechargeable because if your electricity is out and flashlight not charged, how do you recharge? Beam at lowest setting would be recommended to preserve battery life and should be fine for general purpose. High setting is bright and you can adjust the size of the beam. For the money I found it a decent value. Have fun.

  30. Don’t buy this flashlight it does not Boil very well in hot grease, it melts

  31. Me too…I agree with this review and what Suman says. I was shocked to see the sick marketing tactics used by this manufacturer. Just look at all the positive comments – they sound so UNREAL. I am convinced not to buy this atomic flashlight, when there are several branded tactical flashlights available for even cheaper price.

  32. I agree with this review above, I am not going to buy Atomic Beam flashlight because they have adopted bad business practices to sell their product and as mentioned in the review Atomic is not the only tactical flashlight available in the market. I will buy one from Amazon and post its review here. Thanks a TON.

  33. I agree it’s silly that this reviewer didn’t even have this flashlight but “reviewed” it.

    I’ve been buying these super-bright LED flashlights for several years (first 100 lumens, then 200, 300, 500, 1000, and 1300 lumens.

    Bottom line is if you have not bought a flashlight in the past few years with a Cree LED, then any of these ‘Atomic’ and other brand of flashlights will be the brightest flashlight you’ve ever owned and you will toss out any flashlight you’ve owned previously.

    Most of these new generation flashlights that are small use 3 AAA batteries (or 18650 rechargeable) and have an output of 100-350 lumens, which will be much brighter than any flashlight over a few years old. If you want an even brighter flashlight, then get a larger one that uses C or D batteries and you can get 500-1300+ lumens.

    Regarding the Atomic flashlight, cheaper options are at Costco. 3-pack of Duracell 350 lumen flashlights are $20. Duracell 1300 lumen flashlight is $19.

  34. I gotta agree with this review, just watching the comercial and what I know is on the market. They are definitely not telling the truth, the high end flashlights don’t mesure in lux, that is not an accurate way to mesure light out put and it represents a lot less light out put than what the manufacturer says it is. I own lights that will actually light up the night that far away and there the same size, but they were mesured in lumens, that is a more accurate way to mesure light out put. No other manufacturer uses lux or candle power.

  35. bought the atomic beam and used it in water to find my husbands wedding band he lost in the river it worked good and bright but the lens filled with water had to keep emptying it and the water went clear through the light to the batteries now the button doesn’t work to turn it on. the inside is rusty now and it drains the batteries fast if you use it on the brightest setting my husband duracell flashlight is brighter than the atomic beam and he bought three for 19.99 at costcos and they work alot better than the atomic beam i would not recommend them to anyone
    took 6 weeks to get them not worth the wait

    • i saw the ad on tv;and one thing i noticed is that they never speculated on how long the batteries last;or even what type of battery,all they kept bragging about was it’s durability;but who worries about their flashlight getting run over by a truck;or landing in boiling water (lol) i smell scam big time.

      • They didn’t pick it up and shine it at the camera after the hot grease dip either. I write “dip” because if it were in those fries much longer than shown, it would melt…
        Pass the salt?

    • Thanks for the info. I guess it is safe to assume the light would be worthless after a dip in hot grease with French fries. Simply stated, an adult with common sense knows, if it’s too good to be true, it is. The entire ad is ludicrous, PERIOD. They will not capitalize on obvious junk. To exclaim, you get what you pay for…just shop for sales after educating yourself…

  36. Umm so you didnt actually review the physical product? You reviewed their claims and lack of info. I mean you couldn’t even confirm if it was metal or plastic….Well Im off to review the htc vive even though i don’t have one or have ever used one. Seriously not to be rude but wow really unprofessional review. If you called it something else then ok but a review of info not the product? 🙁

    • This review was enough to convince me not to buy it.

    • Lol, I agree that reviewing an item you’ve not used nor even seen in person is pretty pointless. I skimmed through the “review” to find where the actual review was only to end up at the comments section. The comments section has more review content than the actual “review” article.

    • D. Vandersloot | August 11, 2016 at 10:19 pm | Reply

      Exactly Night, they didn’t have the thing in hand, never saw one in real life but here they are “reviewing” it. They made presumptions and tried to pass this on as a legitimate review.

      “We presume”, “we speculate”, “we expect” and “we don’t expect”, all this having never held one in hand. Not fair to the product or the consumer.

  37. I have an atomic beam flashlight.
    I purchased the “deluxe” package.
    It took about two weeks to arrive.
    The headband leaves a little to be desired and should not be considered as a strong selling point.
    As far as the light itself goes…I do not have any experience with “tactical” or expensive super bright compact lights; ny experience is limited to $5.00-$7.00 basic flashlights like everyone has kicking around. That being said the case of the light seems very well made…it is most certainly waterproof (at least moderately), and this little sucker IS BRIGHT by comparison to a normal flashlight. I purchased it to see the back end of my property at night which is a little more than 200 feet away and this little dude lights it up as well as those old “plug into your car cigarette lighter” hand held spot lights. Is it worth what I paid? Only time will tell, but so far I’m satisfied and believe for my limited use will more than serve its purpose.

  38. Well i bought it and it works just great. You can use the internal battery holder that uses 3 tripple A batteries or put in a 18650 rechargeable witch is alot better. Yes it does go way further then a football field , is very bright has one led and is telescoping for a wide beam or narrow, SOS,& strobe. Use an 18650 battery & you wont be dissipointed. Ive had it for months now & very pleased.

    • I purchased an atomic beam from bed&bath, uses made in USA Cree LEDs, performs very well is
      Made of aluminum, can use rechargeable as well as standard batteries so far so good.

  39. Folks….do not fall for the PAID reviews being planted by Telebrands. If their flashlight is that good, why don’t they sell it on Because their flashlight is not worth the price ($30). I agree with this review, though the webmaster has not used the flashlight himself, I am sure there are pretty good flashlights available for half the price elsewhere.

    • Deltaforceranger | July 28, 2016 at 12:07 am | Reply

      I’m so glad I watched this commercial for the sun in a bottle. At first I thought the Bell plus Howell was the ultimate culmination of alien technology, redneck know-how and government funded luminary weaponry, then you went and sent me this. Surely the humvee would be no match for this little glowing ball of brilliance either. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped my expensive tactical flashlight into a full french frier. It was getting so fucking frustrating! Imagine my surprise when I discovered this little genius stick was under $500. I said to myself “wow! Imagine if it was under $200.” NOPE!!!

      19motherfrickin95! How do these people stay in business???!!!! I will purchase this death dealing tube of magic and stack some bodies…..NO! Twice the bodies ’cause I get one fer free. Yeeehaaaw!!!.

    • It is sold on Amazon! I recently bought one, and I love it!!! So far it’s done everything the commercial said its capable of doing! (except I don’t have a helicopter to drop it out of)…. GREAT BUY!!

    • Got mine at Hi-School Pharmacy. $20 and no shipping that way. Sucker works GREAT!!! Don’t accuse us of being paid plants cuz they don’t need to with an item this cool!!! As silly as the tests are in the commercial….And they are…Still a great little heavy duty light bringer. STFU and let us that actually bought this gem enjoy our find.

      The so called review is the joke on this site. How can that be called a review…..Laughable.

  40. Greetings to this forum! I purchased two of these lights recently. They arrived three weeks later! I was REALLY surprised as to how well the light performs, with 3 AAA batteries! I was so pleasantly surprised, I purchased additional lights for my mother and my wife’s mother! Moreover, I am a retired police major, and was a tactical officer earlier on, in my career. And, for the price, this is the best performing light that I have used – dollar for dollar! Additionally, most police lights were 100.00 – plus! Again, I am well please!

  41. The ad DOESN’T claim to be 5000 lumens, it DOES claim to be up to 5000 lux (which is not a measurement of brightness).
    In order to find lumens, you multiple lux by the surface area…so they’re most likely trying to sound fancy so you’ll buy junk.
    Just go buy a 600+ lumen Streamlight…you’ll be happy you did

  42. JDnHuntsvilleAL | July 17, 2016 at 3:02 am | Reply

    Actually, Atomic Beam’s web site FAQ has a lot of the answers that this “reviewer” claims isn’t there, making me think this review is a PAID NEGATIVE review.

  43. Add is kind of confusing, is the deep fryer included?

  44. You provided all sorts of information about what the ads don’t say, but no information at all about your own research or experiences. You use the terms “irradiation distance” when you really should have used the word “illumination” instead. Although visible light is within the RF spectrum, using the term “irradiation” is very misleading. You seem to base your review strictly upon the advertising, not an actual controlled, scientific test of the product; in fact, nowhere do you say that you actually bought and used the product. How reliable can your review be then?

    • Thank you. Finally someone with abit of logic.

    • Flashlights are normally rated in lumans not lux. Lux is a term used in night vision cameras. 0.0 lux is complete darkness.

  45. chaimy jewberg | July 8, 2016 at 9:32 am | Reply

    Also sold under Bell and Howel brand.

    i vote for trump

  46. I like the guy who says he drops it from HUNDREDS of feet from the helicopter. Looks like 20 feet on tv maybe. Never saw an ad with so much b.s. Wonder how many stupid people really fall for this crap. An air force pilot really…. From some third world country????

    • That’s the problem…people don’t do any type of research other than reading the Amazon “reviews” of equally ignorant people who’ve never owned a product like this before, and shop for the cheapest one they can find…which just like this TV ad, promises the “world” and delivers crap. Then…they claim the crap is great, because having never owned one before, they have nothing better to compare it to.

  47. This was a gift, so I’m not going to harp on the price and going to be upfront about the actual product.

    My husband was outside one night and turned it on. It’s important to note we live in a house that has no city or street lights around for miles. I looked out the door and thought it was still light out, but it was almost midnight. He brought it inside and it actually lit up my entire family room without effort.

    I was seriously shocked about how blazing white this little guy is. Would make for a good light for hunters, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. I’m keeping it in a safe place if it storms because I know it’ll be a vital source of light.

    • I own over 2 dozen LED flashlights of ALL shapes and sizes. Virtually every one of them will light up an entire family room without effort.

  48. doug dantonino | June 29, 2016 at 10:37 pm | Reply

    yes.. I did order this flashlight…very bright but the tailcap button broke within a week!!!!…very hard to get money back….I went to ebay and ordered two ultrafire cree flashlights with batteries and chargers for less than twelve dollars…atomic is a major ripoff!

    • I’m not surprised the button on the Atomic Beam broke. Now, let’s count the days until the EXACT same thing happens on the CHEAP Ultrafire’s you just bought! And the batteries and chargers that came with those are DANGEROUS! The batteries are WEAK and NOT PROTECTED!! So after wasting $20 on the big “TV offer”, you’re throwing MORE good money after bad, by buying the EXACT same flashlights from eBay…which will end up the same way! Instead of trying to save money by buying crap…you could’ve done some research, and paid $35 to $40 on a fabulous 4″ 1000 lumen flashlight that would last you years, not weeks…and saved a lot of frustration as well.
      This is more proof of why the average flashlight consumer is as dumb as a box of rocks!

      • I seriously lol’d at “the average flashlight consumer” comment. “Hey I’m Joe Schmo, your average, everyday flashlight consumer” lmao Expert analysis indeed!

        • LOL! You beat me to it!
          “Hi. My name is Bill, and I’m an average flashlight consumer…”

  49. You people Gil and the like have just robbed me of the limited precious time I have left on this earth. I feel as if I actually became more ignorant after reading all of your pointless and worthless rants about a God Dam Flashlight advertised on TV. I think most of you could do the world a favor and go stare into the sun as you walk across the closest freeway. Now there you’ll see your 5000 lux lumens whatever. Then that precious light at the end of the tunnel. Oh and hey write us and let us know if those are lith-ion powered led’s at the end of that tunnel would ya? All but the few people who actually have given us some good brands to check out and those who clearly enlightened us with the truth behind this crap flashlight please take the aforementioned advice. Have a Nice Day.

    • Note:The light at the end of the tunnel is a train..Watch out….

      • What is this (awaiting moderation)???

        • Answer him! Why is it awaiting moderation?! Why would this need to be moderated? It’s a flashlight review website. Too many people listening in to our conversation. Must…stop….typing….they’re onto …us….

    • You forgot to also say ” god bless”

  50. Got a good chuckle from the part of the ad where they put it between two cinder blocks and hit the top cinder block with a sledgehammer. To me that’s the biggest tip-off that they are purposely deceitful. I haven’t done the calculations but I would guess that the blocks absorb 95% of the force. Can guess what would happen if the flashlight were put on a concrete slab and then hit directly with the sledgehammer.

  51. The same cheap Chinese flashlight is available on Amazon for $3.39 delivered.

  52. don’t ever buy anything on tv

  53. I got a small ravocc or something. Its thick aluminum. Takes 2 AA. Has actually been ran over and left in the rain. Still works great. I had to buff the lens but other than that its solid. Has 2 settings, normal and then super bright . Its black and looks tactical. My point is you don’t need some fancy flashlight. You can go to Wal-Mart kmart ect. and find really solid metal body flashlights. Yea they have the cheapos but nice ones as well. 26 dollars and im set. Im actually going to go back for a Bushnell aluminum one that has a belt clip. I think its like 20-30 something. And you could always go with maglight. I got the 2 d cell one for $10 on rollback lol.

  54. You can get flashlights of equal or better quality right on eBay for less than 15 bucks with free shipping from a us vender and have it in a couple days! They almost always use a 18650 battery that can be easily purchased at places like Batteries Plus. You’d be changing AAA batteries constantly if you’d use them. Do your home work and don’t get suckered in by stupid TV ads!

  55. It is NOT 5000 Lumens, it is 5000 LUX as advertised. BIG difference between the two AND they are INTERRELATED.

    A half-inch diameter BEAM of light from 5000 Lumens would burn a hole in one sheet of 2mil paper at 5 feet with beam held on target for 5 seconds or more.

    A 14,000 Lumen flashlight used in search and rescue (probably not legal to own without a permit) will burn paper at 15 feet, if light held to it for 5 seconds or more.

    The cost of a 14,000 LUMEN LED light is $1200.00 (surmising that a 5Klumen would cost $800, if one exists – the 14K DOES exist)

    • Great info! Curious as to what law enforcement members have to say about this product…if they endorse it, then I would surely get one. But after reading the previous reviews and your info…I don’t believe the sellers hype.

      • I bought a very excellent light, laser, both, and the flickering effect for a Firearm mounting through Amazon quite inexpensive. The seller was going to replace it, because I couldn’t get it lined up right, but I had problems with getting ahold of him – my fault. I am going to see what battery is in it… I actually thought it was 2-AAAs, but it was awhile back. No 5k lux, but a good ~ 250 lumen KREE.

      • Deltaforceranger | July 28, 2016 at 12:21 am | Reply

        I’m so glad I watched this commercial for the sun in a bottle. At first I thought the Bell plus Howell was the ultimate culmination of alien technology, redneck know-how and government funded luminary weaponry, then you went and sent me this. Surely the humvee would be no match for this little glowing ball of brilliance either. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped my expensive tactical flashlight into a full french frier. It was getting so fucking frustrating! Imagine my surprise when I discovered this little genius stick was under $500. I said to myself “wow! Imagine if it was under $200.” NOPE!!!

        19motherfrickin95! How do these people stay in business???!!!! I will purchase this death dealing tube of magic and stack some bodies…..NO! Twice the bodies ’cause I get one fer free. Yeeehaaaw!!!.

    • Prowse- no pun, but u didn’t enlighten us on how lumens and lux are interrelated… are you saying that they are both Exactly the same thing? Best Review yet, thanks.

  56. Paul Mailloux | June 25, 2016 at 9:14 am | Reply

    You can get these on ebay for $5-$10 bucks w/free shipping. They use rechargable 18650 batteries, also available on ebay. There are only 3 manufacturers of ‘real’ 18650 batteries, LG, Samsung & Panasonic. All the other brands are complete lies. I have a killer charger that actually tests the capacity of these batteries. Most of the fakes like UltraFire, etc. claim 3000-5500 mah are really around 800-1200 mah. You can get the real 18650’s for around $5-$6 each on ebay w/free shipping. The real batteries are worth every penny. This ‘Atomic Beam’ thing is just a marketing ploy. They are just reselling what is already out there and has been for years. I bought the exact flashlight 4 years ago for around $8. They must be laughing all the way to the bank. Don’t be a dumbass, this is a complete sucker deal.
    Go to ebay and search ‘18650 flashlight t6’

    • Danny gillespie | June 25, 2016 at 7:14 pm | Reply

      Go to ebay & buy a flashlight that uses AAA or D cells,which are cheaper & last just as long.

      • Why on earth would you want D cells!!!??? That’s just stupid! There are plenty of LED lights that run off AA batteries…which CAN be as bright as 500 lumens! A single AA battery flashlight can often (also) use a rechargeable 14500 lithium battery…which allows the light to be as bright as 900 lumens!
        It’s amazing how much rampant ignorance still exists today with LED flashlights…considering the “coverage” they’ve had over the past couple of years.
        The Main problem are these “scam” sellers on Amazon & eBay that market cheap, horrible quality products that claim to be many times better than they are, and market them SPECIFICALLY to ignorant buyers who’ve never used one before! Then they sell them UNPROTECTED lithium batteries and junk chargers. All the ingredients are there to cause a major disaster. These people are dime pinchers who seem to think a $15 flashlight is just as good as a $50 flashlight. Then you have other scam marketers who take a $10 junk flashlight, give it a name like G700, tell the world its been reduced by 70% and is NOW only $80! Unbelievable!!
        This is what I tell everyone. The BRAND NAME flashlights are the ONLY ones than ARE what they SAY they are!
        Nitecore, Olight, Sunwayman, Convoy, Solarforce, Jetbeam, Eagletac, Manker, Thrunite, Lumintop… are all QUALITY names that emblazon excellent flashlights and lithium batteries. Many of these are upwards of $50…but they’re worth EVERY penny!! If you don’t believe me, visit a flashlight forum like “Candlepowerforums” and read what the experts recommend.

        • Nitecore sucks. I dropped mine from my shirt pocket while I bent over to put air in my tire. It fell from about 2 feet and broke. Now it won’t turn on. Fenix flashlights are better.

        • I believe that you are way too liberal about how many lumens you’re saying that a $50 flashlight has. Another poster was much more credible, saying that the S&R 1400 lumens – IF you can find one without a special license, runs over $1400! I was doubting that mine for my firearm was actually ~250 lumens, and may be less, even though it is EVERY bit as bright as the atomic on TV was. Just trying to keep it real here…

    • Part of what you said is correct. Most 18650’s on Amazon and eBay are garbage…but even on eBay, the best brands (depending on capacity) can’t normally be found for much less than $15 a battery. The cheaper ones will often not be protected…even if they’re made by Panasonic or LG.

      The design of the Atomic Beam is heavily copied. There are now dozens of cheap flashlights all over the internet with different “brands” stamped on them, all resembling the Atomic Beam. Most use fake LED’s (even though CREE is in the description). You’ll notice there’s no mention of what LED the “AB” is supposed to have. The fact that they “claim” 1200 lumens means absolutely nothing. Dozens on Amazon claim 900 to 2000 lumens…but aren’t. I’m speaking specifically of “budget” lights…not those from reliable manufacturers.

  57. Light is junk don’t but it. Fucking garbage.

  58. The real gil | June 23, 2016 at 4:40 pm | Reply

    Gil is a rep, don’t listen to him

  59. Not one of these reviews is believable. Just reading this crap convinced me that I would get more use out of stacking up 30 $1 bills and burning them for light. Deceptive at best.

  60. hi, I call in for the light it ben one week now e,maill so I no wen it will be here thank you ellen

  61. Every comment on here is a waste, not one of you have the flashlight and either prove or disprove the authors claims of this product. I guess OPINIONS are like @$$holes, everyone has them and they all stink. Is there someone who actually purchased this product and can give a yay or nay review on it?

    • My son bought it and he turned it on the day he got it and yes the light is bright as it says. You can actually see something in and outside the house. He also got a battery and a recharger with the flashlight

    • just ordered atomic beam now. will get back to you on that.

    • But unlike @#$%!, your opinion is useless also, go cry somewhere else. Must be nap time, or a dirty diaper…..LOL

    • I purchased this product from bed and bath, am so far satisfied, great light!

    It is very flipping bright, just as discribed on tv!
    Hey people! Here’s a thought, actually read their website as posted on the info commercial!
    It tells you everything you want to know!!!
    Instead of listening to this nothing else better to do jiberish writing mumbo jumbo!

    Answers To Your Questions About Atomic Beam
    The Atomic Beam is 1200 Lumens bright (equivalent to approximately 75 watts).
    Atomic Beam is made of aluminum.
    Length – 5.25″
    Width – 1.50″ at its widest point
    Weight – 1.38 lbs.
    Atomic Beam uses 3 AAA batteries OR 1 Lithium Ion battery.
    Shipping MAY take 3-6 weeks. Throughout different times of the year demand is greater than others, so we always state 3-6 weeks. However, we always do our best to plan for those times of the year so we can avoid “back orders.”

    We process your order within 24 hours, but we do not charge your card for the purchase until the order is shipped to your address.
    Get your Atomic Beam USA today for just $19.99 and pay NO SHIPPING & HANDLING! Plus, you can get a 2nd Atomic Beam USA for just a separate fee of $9.99.
    You also have the opportunity to upgrade to the Atomic Beam USA Deluxe with rechargeable battery, tactical headband and portable carrying case at additional cost. See pricing below. Atomic Beam USA comes with a lifetime guarantee. Shipping and handling applies.

    2 – Atomic Beam USA Flashlight
    2 – Rechargeable Battery & Charger
    2 – Reinforced Nylon Carrying Case
    2 – Hands-Free Tactical Headband
    $69.96 + FREE S&H

    • Gil says he bought the atomic beam flashlight, but after that it appears to be nothing but an ad from the company itself.

    • Wow, how much did they pay you for writing this review? I’m not falling for it. Catch phrases like “free shipping” … yet must pay a “separate fee” isn’t FREE S&H to me. Plus, 1200 lumens is not that bright (for this price), IMO. Delivery of 3 to 6 weeks? Hmmm …. not sure where this is truly coming from. Don’t think I’ll be getting one anytime soon. If only we could have truth in advertising {SMH}

      • If you buy one, its $19.99 and free shipping. If you want a second one, its a separate fee of $9.99. Both are shipped for free though. The ability to understand what you read is kind of important too……LOL

        • So kind of like buying one for $19.99 and getting the second 1/2 Price!! LoL
          There is really not ONE REVIEW of someone who bought it and tested it and used it and either hated or loved it….I am more confused now then before I looked for reviews…
          Thanks Guy’s 🙂

      • I’m thinking you’re knowledge of flashlights is slim. 1200 lumens is pretty damn bright, and for a QUALITY flashlight of that output you’d normally pay around $80. Having said that…the AB is NOT 1200 lumens. For you to say 1200 isn’t bright for that price, either means you have no conception as to what “lumens” are, OR, you have been tricked by the false claims of dozens of cheap flashlights on the internet that artificially inflate their lumens for the purpose of selling more product.

        • i agree, this is about max for current technology with 1 18650 and cree led. the atomic beam is probably about 300 to 400 lummens.

      • For the price what flashlight would you recommend providing the same quality and strength? Thanks very much.

    • Greg & Heather | July 2, 2016 at 9:56 am | Reply

      Thank you for your help an information about the Atomic flashlight.
      What your saying..
      “Don’t Waste Your Money”
      I’m very glad there’s people like you. Who gives the Pro & Cons. So that we’re not wasting time or money.

      Just wanted to say Thanks again.

    • “LIFETIME” ?????? WHOSE???? one day, one hour, 100 years and save your receipt for a laugh ! money well spent on china products and not made in USA never buy info commercial garbage.

  63. Thats why i never buy anything online,because it aint all its cracked up to be!

    • @ Judy; saying not to buy anything online is stupid. You can get excellent choices and excellent prices online. Most items are not available in stores. BUT…you need to research and be SMART about what you buy!!!!!

  64. I’ve purchased flashlights on Ebay generic brands of course but they are some pretty nice flashlight for most part you have to order batteries separately some new law about shipping overseas from China

  65. Your “review” is full of inaccurate information.
    First of all, Nitecore, Olight and Fenix flashlights are not $200!! The majority of their lights are between $40 – $70. Within the FAQ section of the Atomic Beam website, it lists the dimensions of the light. Nowhere with the text does it claim the Atomic is 5000 lumens! They say “5000 LUX” and 1200 lumens! The Atomic Beam is not a rechargeable flashlight….and nobody said it is. It can use BOTH rechargeable and disposable batteries.

  66. Watch out!!!
    If you purchase the 2 flashlights and upgrade to the rechargeable. The ad says you pay 9.99 for the rechargeable upgrade, but they charge you 9.99 each. THAT IS NOT HOW THE AD READS

    • Do you recommend it

      • Yes, I do! I actually bought the 2x deluxe set with 2 Atomic Beam lifetime warranty flashlights, 2 chargers and 2 sets of rechargeable batteries, 2 belt pouches, and 2 tactical headbands for $69.99 free S&H

    • Foster Coker | June 12, 2016 at 2:46 am | Reply

      Does this light use AA or AAA batteries, or something more exotic and expensive?

      • It uses either 3 AAA’s or 1 – 18650 lithium-ion…which is hardly “exotic”.

        • Uses batteries and claims it can withstand boiling water. Maybe standard batteries could handle the boiling water, but I’m sure the rechargeable battery cannot.

          • In 55 years, I’ve never have put a flashlight in boiling water, or have frozen one in a block of ice. If thats an “issue” for you, then a flashlight would be dangerous in your hands……..LOL

      • KateAckerman | June 26, 2016 at 7:23 pm | Reply

        Uses AAA….:but beware….high intensity devices tend to draw down batteries very quickly…may be better to use rechargeable type batteries which I do believe are also accepted in the Atomic Beam flashlight.

    • Um, you might want you actually read the ad again, you must have misread it!

    • Actually, that is Exactly HOW someone with ears HEARS it. $19.99 plus fee, OR get a second one for free, just pay the fee, and it comes with free shipping and handling! Not exactly the most honest ads, but IF you actually listen, I just repeated just what it says.

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