Swerve Ball vs Blitzball vs Wiffle Ball vs Junk Ball

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Compare what is it? Swerve Ball vs Blitzball vs Wiffle Ball vs Junk Ball

Swerve Ball – It is a specially designed ball that lets anyone pitch like a pro. The weighted ball lets you throw perfect curve balls, sinkers, back door sliders, knuckle balls, fast balls and changers.

Blitzball – It’s a plastic baseball toy with high-grade construction that takes backyard playing to a higher level. Blitzball provides more curve, speed, and distance to the ball.

As the name suggests Wiffle Balls are perforated, light-weight, resilient plastic WIFFLE balls and Junk Balls are classic junk balls with a red ring.


Compare how does it work? Swerve Ball vs Blitzball vs Wiffle Ball vs Junk Ball

Swerve Ball – The ball has a unique geometric shape, namely hexpropello dodecahedron, which harnesses the power of torque and airflow. With this Swerve ball makes extreme and innovative pitches. You just need to place your fingers on markers specified for different throws and pitches. By adjusting your hold on the ball, you can throw curves, sinkers, sliders, and more.

Blitzball – The balls have patent pending design that perfects throwing curve balls and faster balls, and gives deeper home run distance.

Wiffle Ball is easy to throw curves with! To curve and control the ball simply follow the simple instructions as indicated on the package. The Wiffle ball is designed to take the place of a baseball, stickball and softball for boys and girls in back yards and city streets.

Junk Balls feature specially designed air baffles that allow kids adjust the airflow around the ball to throw fastballs, curveballs, sliders, and risers.


Compare features: Swerve Ball vs Blitzball vs Wiffle Ball vs Junk Ball

Swerve Ball – It is a specially weighted ball with hexpropello dodecahedron shape that lets anyone throw curve balls, sliders and other trick pitches. By using simple markings on the ball and making use of the ball’s power torque and airflow anyone can adjust throws in seconds. The ball is perfect for girls as well as boys and can be played with a plastic bat.

Blitzball – The backyard toy has high-grade plastic polymer construction that lets a player get more breaking action on curves, fast balls, and deeper home run distance. Blitzball weighs under 1oz making it safe for everyone.

Wiffle Ball are perforated plastic WIFFLE balls. They are individually boxed, they are a size with 9″ circumference, extremely durable and a great training product for children. It curves like crazy and is safe to use anywhere.

Junk Ball lets you practice your pitches. You can also learn to manipulate the ball with fast balls, curve, risers and more! It is a classic junk ball with a red ring. It includes 2 junk balls. Both balls, Wiffle Ball and Junk Ball curve.



Compare Price: Swerve Ball vs Blitzball vs Wiffle Ball vs Junk Ball

Swerve Ball – $14.99

Blitzball – $ 13.74

Wiffle Ball – $2.99 – $12.99

Junk Ball – $6.99 & FREE Shipping


Compare Review: Swerve Ball vs Blitzball vs Wiffle Ball vs Junk Ball

Swerve Ball REVIEW – One reviewer of Swerve Ball says that the pack of three balls is a great way to teach someone how to throw like a professional especially due to its step-by-step finger placement. The ball teaches six different professional pitches and even their nephew who is a Little League baseball player thinks these are very good and gets great curve balls with them. They add that the balls are lightweight like wiffle ball and easy to sight because of light orange. Other than their nephew who’s been getting great practice with them everyone gets a kick out of it and makes for fun family time. A user of Swerve Ball writes in their review that when their son used the ball, it was a perfect first hit but it also created a big dent and made the ball unusable after one use. Another reviewer says that their son couldn’t wait to buy and start using the ball. Out of the many balls they pitched only two curved but for just two inches and only people who know how to pitches sinkers and curves.


Blitzball REVIEW – A reviewer of BlitzBall says that it’s a lot of fun even for adults and it is so perfect that it gives great pitches. The ball makes great contact with the makeshift bat and could withstand a lot of hard hits. Another user of the ball says that their son had been asking for the balls for a long time, takes them out to practice, and has been practicing nonstop on a baseball net. Even though it is lighter than other balls it can be used to see the movements of a throw and improve skills. For another reviewer it didn’t work well at all and one customer says that it didn’t know anything like it claimed and is a waste of money. According to one user of the ball, the price is a bit steep and seems ridiculous for a ball but their son and his friends have been having a lot of fun with it so it’s worth the price. Another user says that it is great for playing wiffle ball and its color makes it easy to spot.


Wiffle Ball REVIEW – It looks like it’s easy to pitch a curve ball with Wiffle balls from the Youtube clips. However, that is not the case.
The balls are great, these are the quality wiffle balls of your youth that are a little malleable and won’t shatter with one hit. The bag is just a plastic shipping bag, nothing reusable or functional about it.


Junk Ball REVIEW
The concept is cool, but if you plan to actually play baseball with them instead of just throwing cool pitches, this is not the product for you. Playing with the balls one afternoon, the balls cracked and were rendered useless.
The red ring disconnects from the ball after one solid piece of contact with the bat.

It is a cool idea but after a couple of hits each ball broke on the seam. If made a little stronger to be able to actually be hit it would be great.

The balls dent very easily. It would be better if they were made of better material.

If you have children under 12 hitting, these balls may last a few weeks. If you have kids over 12 swinging at these balls, they will last a matter of pitches. In general, the red ring cracks very easily and then the ball is too light and doesn’t work as well.

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