Stickup Shades

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What is Stickup Shades – It is a cling-on, reusable and repositionable sun shades that ensures relief from bright lights while driving vehicles on road.


A must-have for vehicles

Bright glare and harsh sunlight can block the view on road while driving, which can be dangerous and even fatal. To protect yourself and your family any mishap, consider using Stickup Shades, the cling-on sun shades. Stickup Shades claims to be the perfect solution to minimize glare from lights and bright sunlight without blocking your view of the road. According to the designers of Stickup Shades, it is precisely what you need as safety is of utmost importance when you drive and there can be no compromise on that.


Provides instant relief

Stickup Shades promises to offer relief instantly and perfectly. It is something you can count on to protect you from the hazards of blinding lights instantly that you’re told isn’t possible with other brands. It supposedly gives you an edge over ordinary sun protector shades that can just reduce blind spots and are also limited in other ways.


Reusable and easily movable

Unlike ordinary sun protector shades that come with adhesives and cannot be over and over again, Stickup Shades, you are assured, is reusable and flexible. Stickup Shades has a special design which ensures it doesn’t fall down or slide off. It uses no adhesive that can make your car window sticky and messy, and still stays put on the glass firmly as long as you want. Since there’s no use of adhesive in Stickup Shades and can be moved easily, you can use it on the front, rear or side car window. It seems to be really easy and quick to move these sun shades and position them as per the situation since it’s designed to be used that way.


Provides 100% protection from even ultra-violet rays

According to the makers of Stickup Shades, it also shields you from ultra-violet rays while driving in the sun. Even children’s eyes are protected by Stickup Shades no matter how bright it is outside.


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