Evoderma Lumi+ Plus

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What is EvoDerma LUMI+? – A non-invasive light-based hair removal system that uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to remove hair and simultaneously keep skin looking soft.


Sophisticated, brilliant and innovative

EvoDerma LUMI+ is being launched as the new EvoDerma IPL hair removal device that effortlessly targets unwanted body hair and makes your skin look fabulous. It’s perfect for removing hair from underarms and arms, chest, back, shoulders, bikini line, legs and feet.


Preceded by former hair removal tools, here is advanced LUMI+ IPL Hair Removal system, the latest and the perfectly sophisticated hair removal tool. It claims to be the most effective home-based device that facilitates hair removal method that disables its growth cycle. LUMI+ recognizes the behavior of hair growth cycle and systematically removes hair to sure long-term prevention of future hair growth and keep your skin soft. A skin tone chart is provided to determine how effective and safe the device is for you based on the color of our skin and hair.


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology- The LUMI+ Secret

LUMI+ uses the latest Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), a clinically proven technique that its makers say produces results that are as good as those created by professional beauty centers. Evoderma LUMI+ comes with a light which functions as a bright flash of light that is supposedly attracted and absorbed by melanin, the natural dark pigment of hair. The device gets pigment to absorb the light pulses emitted by LUMI+ and turn that energy into heat. This heat acts as a conductor that directs the energy toward the root of the hair to stop it from growing back. This process gradually immobilizes the hair follicle. The IPL technology uses a white spectrum light that passes through the hair follicle, which targets its growth cycle and prevents hair growth.


IPL works that is attracted and absorbed by the natural dark pigment of hair called melanin. The pigment absorbs the light pulses emitted by Evoderma LUMI+ and turns that energy into heat. This heat then acts as a conductor that directs the energy towards the root of the hair and prevents it from growing back. This process gradually disables the hair follicle leaving you with smoother skin over time. To obtain the best long-term results with IPL technology, its makers encourage you to take multiple treatment sessions as it is vital to use it on all the hairs in a particular area.


Redesigned as quick and easy

Removing hair on certain parts of body can be taxing and expensive. LUMI+ has been redesigned by EvoDerma recently and claims to make removing hair, quick, painless and easy unlike other devices.


Save big

EvoDerma LUMI+ draws your attention toward high costs you incur every time you visit a beauty spa or clinic, and how much you could save if you switch over to it. Since you pay only once to get this light-based hair removal device that works virtually the same as a professional machine would. Apparently it gives 50,000 flashes, so it is really cost-effective as compared to other devices or treatments. In addition to that, you don’t need to purchase replacement lamp cartridges to be used in the device as this improved version is equipped with a built in lamp pre-loaded with over 50,000 flashes. You may also appreciate the fact that now you don’t need to keep purchasing razors, creams, waxing or spas to remove hair.


Trusted by specialists and medical experts

LUMI+ wants you to know that it’s a trusted name that has been approved by dermatologists and medical experts. Since the specialists have given it the green signal, you can consider opting for it without doubting or worrying about anything.


Useful for both, men and women

LUMI+ is for women as well as men; it is suggested that men can use it in place of razors and still get best results.


Cordless and easily manageable

LUMI+ doesn’t require electricity to run on. It is cordless, portable and can be carried anywhere for use.



The manufacturers of LUMI+ state that they prioritized ease-of-use and convenience while designing and creating it. This version, which is the latest, promises to give you an edge in results and usage. It is a handy machine that glides over your body to help you access even hard to reach areas without any trouble.


Evoderma LUMI+ has only two buttons on it, the power button and the light pulse button. You are instructed to turn on the device by pressing and holding the power button repeatedly until you reach the desired intensity level to apply the treatment window against your skin. After that, you need to press the pulse button to start treatment and when it’s complete, press and hold the power button again to switch it off.


Easy to follow steps

You are advised to avoid sun exposure to skin by wearing a good sun protection cream at least 4 weeks before and after Evoderma LUMI+ treatment. Before using LUMI+, use the Skin tone Chart to determine whether your skin and hair type is compatible with it and read up the User Manual before use.


Before you get down to use LUMI+, remove all make-up, creams, perfumes and other products from your skin, then shave, clean and dry the area(s) to be treated. Select the intensity level that suits you and go from low to high intensity settings. Next, apply the treatment window evenly against your skin and press the pulse button to start the treatment. Repeat this step with slightly overlapping pulses until the treatment is completed. For best results, apply a moisturizing lotion after using LUMI+. After a Evoderma LUMI+ treatment session, you will notice hair falling out for two weeks, which is your body’s normal procedure of discharging dead hair. You are asked to remember that LUMI+ is not to be used on the head, face or anywhere above the neckline.


Safe to use

Evoderma LUMI+ assures you that it has been tested and approved as per the highest safety standards for a home-use device. The light hair removal treatment with IPL it uses is a gentle, non-invasive and safe procedure. It has a built-in Contact Indicator Light which helps you make sure that it remains in full contact with your skin before producing light pulses. This feature supposedly helps prevent accidental flashes and protects your eyes. An IPL protective eyewear is also provided for added safety. The makers of UMI+ claim that with basic care, it gives progressively permanent results minus side effects.What do I get?

  • EvoDerma LUMI+ device
  • IPL Protective Eyewear
  • Velvet travel pouch
  • User Manual
  • Charger
  • Adapter

All this for just $617.00. Official website Evoderma.com.

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