Shiver Critters Review

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What is Shiver Critters?

As shown in the infomercial Shiver Critters claims to be an amazing interactive toy that keeps dogs and pups entertained, occupied and happy all day long. It apparently shivers, jiggles, shakes and dances for hours at end and the dogs simply can’t seem to get enough of its interactive fun. It is a great alternative for dog owners who don’t have enough time to play with their dogs. The Shiver Critters keeps them well-occupied. Are these Shiver Critters really so effective? Shiver Critters reviews will have to confirm that for us.

How does Shiver Critters work?

Many a times it so happens that we reach home after a hectic day at work and our dog has been eagerly waiting for us so that he/she can go out and play with you. Though your mind wants to turn those yearning eyes happy again, but your body just doesn’t have that much energy. So what do you do in such a scenario?

Shiver Critters seems to have come up with an amazing interactive toy that puts an end to your worries and makes your dog happy again. It sure seems like a far-fetched claim. So let’s just wait and see what Shiver Critters reviews have to say. The secret behind this engrossing feature is the motion mechanism that gets activated by the dog’s touch. It begins to shake, jiggle, and dance much to the amusement of the dog. This goes on for a long time, keeping them busy on their paws and they just don’t seem to get enough of the interactive fun. How true this claim really is can only be substantiated once the Shiver Critters reviews are analysed.

So if you and your dog are getting tired of the same old games of running and fetching Frisbee, the Shiver Critters just might be a good alternative. Made of super soft and durable design, the Shiver Critters are built extra tough for extreme play that can last throughout the entire day. Unlike other regular dog toys, the puppies don’t get tired of Shiver Critters. On the contrary they fall in love with the Shiver Critters almost instantly, not letting it go out of their sight. Since the toy works on the touch mechanism, when the puppy gets tired, the Shiver Critters slips into sleep mode and turns off automatically till your puppy is ready to play again with just a touch. The makers maintain that your pup will leap into action like never before. So even when you can’t play, Shiver Critters guarantees to provide healthy exercise throughout the day. It’s ideal for dogs of all age, size and breed. Shiver Critters asserts to be a fun treat that your dog and kids can enjoy together and will soon become your dog’s favourite toy that he or she will never get bored with. All in all, the Shiver Critters does sound very promising at first look but we will need to verify these claims after we have seen the Shiver Critters user reviews.

What do I get?

You get Shiver Critter Raccoon and Shiver Critter Fox for $10.99 plus $13.98 S&H.Official website

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