Super Cooler Review

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About Super Cooler

Super Cooler states to be a cooling system that makes beverages icy cold right from the bottle in just a few seconds. Super Cooler asserts to be great for Slushies for kids, margaritas, ice teas, milkshakes, frozen lemonades, iced coffees, and more. Assuring to be very easy to carry, Super Cooler can be used by sports players for instant energy beverages, on RVs, boating trips, tailgating, an more such outings. It claims to save money on expensive coffee drinks and give chilled beverages every time.



How does it work

Making your beverages super cool has never been easier and quicker, as the manufacturers of Super Cooler declare. All you are alleged to do is place your beverage in the cooling chamber of Super Cooler and seal the container to see the beverage go below freezing point in seconds. The secret of Super Cooler is maintained to be in its ice accelerator that activates the ice cubes in the chill chamber and lowers the temperature of the beverage almost instantaneously so that you will see the drink cooling right before your eyes.


Icy cool beverages in seconds

You place your favorite beverages in an ice box but when you want to have them all the ice has melted without even cooling your drink. Or if you want a chilled beverage and add ice cubes to it, all you get is a diluted version of the drink. But not anymore as the innovative cooling system Super Cooler promises. Super Cooler convinces to chill any beverage right from the bottle in just a few seconds. It emphasizes that all you need to do is place the beverage in the chilling chamber and seal it. The ice accelerators of Super Cooler proclaim to activate the ice cubes and lower the temperature of the beverage and your chilled drink will be ready to be had. Super Cooler assures to chill any kind of beverage whether it is ice slush for kids, margaritas for adults, energy drinks for sportspersons, refreshing beverage for professionals who work under the harsh sun or even beers when chilling out watching TV at home.


Great indoors and outdoors

Whether you want to add extra fun to movie nights at home with your kids or enjoy cool beverage while tailgating, Super Cooler states to do it all. It assures to be easy to carry and can be taken on beach, RVs, boating trips, on the sidelines during a game, replenishing after a jog, and many more such activities. If you fancy having a cola, it is cumbersome to get the glass and ice cubes out. But Super Cooler convinces to eliminate the need for ice cubes so you just need the bottle of your beverage to cool it and enjoy it in seconds. Super Cooler proclaims to let you save money on expensive iced coffee drinks and gives chilled beverages every time. Super Cooler declares that it will be loved by adults and kids alike to chill their delightful beverages in seconds.


What do I get?

You get Super Cooler and Two ice accelerators for $19.99 plus $7.99 P&H.Official website

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