Rejenstar Cream

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What is Regenstar

– Rejenstar is a regenerating cream with starfish extract. Rejenstar promises to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin of your body and face while it repairs spots and blemishes making your skin look and feel younger. Regenstar is perfect for skin with wrinkles, blemishes, scars and imperfections. It also increases your skin’s natural production of collagen.


The Secret of Regenstar

Regenstar is made of the starfish extract as the starfish has an incredible regenerating power. It only needs 20% of its body to completely regenerate itself. Rejenstar contains starfish extract but its formula has been enriched with some other effective active ingredients like collagen that adds elasticity and moisture to the skin, a protein called elastin that is effective against skin ageing and the loss of elasticity and firmness, allantoin a molecule with very powerful regenerative capacities, glycolic acid that is obtained from sugar cane to perform an exfoliating, moisturizing action and triclosan an antibacterial agent. All these ingredients act together to give you a healthy looking younger and restored skin.



Regenstar is a skincare treatment that has several benefits. It claims to treat wrinkles, scars, blemishes and stretch marks while regenerating and rejuvenating your skin at the same time. One treatment for your several problems.


Regenstar for a Younger Restored Skin

Regenstar is clinically tested and is safe to use on any skin type. Regenstar regenerates the skin of your body and face giving it a fresh feeling. Enriched with starfish extract, Collagen, elastin, allanton, glycolic acid and triclosan. Regenstar supports your skins regenerating process with this caring formula. Regenstar claims to reduce wrinkles by 45%, unify your skin color by 69% and reduce your blemishes by 83%. It Promises to regenerate 69% of your skin cells giving you a radiant, young and a fresh look.


Perfect for skin with wrinkles, blemishes, scars and imperfections it claims to give you a positive effect in just 4 weeks. Regenstar increases your skins natural production of collagen giving you a rejuvenated and restored looking skin. Now you can get a healthy younger looking skin at home by using Regenstar with its incredible regenerating power.


What do I get?

Get REJENSTAR Regenerating Cream for just £31.99 + S/h. Official website:

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