Stonewell Pancake Pan

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The Stonewell Pancake Pan is a non-stick stone coated dual hinged pancake pan designed to cook delicious pancakes, eggs, crepes, sandwiches and so much more. The Stonewell Pancake Pan ensures you always enjoy light, healthy and tasty pancakes, crepes and sandwiches because it requires no butter, oil, or grease to cook the pancakes. The Stonewell Pancake Pan promises to make mouthwatering pancakes and also bring out the finest and natural flavor of the pancakes.


Easy To Use

The Stonewell Pancake Pan is very simple and easy to use and ensures there are no drips and no mess too. To make delicious mouthwatering pancakes simply pour the prepared mixture into the pan, close the lid and allow it cook, then turn over for additional cooking, and simply take it out of the pan and your pancake is ready to be served. The best part about the Stonewell Pancake Pan is that you don’t even need to use a spatula. This dual hinged non-stick pancake pan lets you enjoy delicious pancakes, sandwiches, crepes and more every time you use it.


Hard and Scratch-Resistant coating

Stonewell Pancake Pan features a100% non-stick and scratch-resistant coating too. Using the pan brings out the best, finest and natural flavor of the food.



Stonewell Pancake Pan is highly durable and allows for food to be cooked at very high temperatures.


Easy To Clean

The Stonewell Pancake Pan features a non-stick coating making cleaning the pan an extremely simple and easy task. With just one clean-up wipe the pan is clean and ready for its next use.


Light and Healthy Cooking

The Stonewell Pancake Pan does not require any fat, butter, oil or grease to cook pancakes and crepes. So every pancake you make on the Stonewell Pancake Pan is always light and healthy to eat.


Dishwasher Safe

The Stonewell Pancake Pan is dishwasher safe too.



You can use the Stonewell Pancake Pan with gas hobs, electric hobs, ceramic hobs and induction hobs too.


Order your Stonewell Pancake Pan and enjoy light, tasty, healthy and delicious pancakes anytime you want them!


What do I get?
Get the Stonewell Pancake Pan for just £24.99 + 5.99. Official website:

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