Pop Bag

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What is Pop Bag?

It is an inflatable, reusable bag that pops open and closes in an instant and is perfect for shopping, storing things and more.

Simplifies Shopping and Storing Things

Pop Bag is crafted as a multipurpose bag with a unique pop-hinge design that firmly locks the secure steel frame into place and helps you store a variety of things in an organised way. Its makers claim that it is an exceptionally well-designed bag that simplifies a whole lot of things at home as well as outside. Pop Bag can be used not only for grocery shopping, laundry and storing things that weigh as much as 40 lbs. but also to store tiny articles like bills, coupons, jewellery pieces and more in its zippered pocket securely.

Tough, Sturdy and Steady
The makers of Pop Bag state that it is constructed from extra durable, rip-proof material and is also collapsible. Also, it is an environment-friendly bag made from recyclable material. It addition to that, it has a large assembly (with 18″ L x 12″ W x 11″ H as dimensions) and a non-slip base, which offers the greatest degree of steadiness and ensures things don’t fall out of it.


Estelle Tran, a customer who’s sent in Pop Bag review after using it, has remarked that she’s very impressed with its usefulness. She finds it perfect for shopping as she can store a lot of things in it, move it around easily in a grocery cart and also keep it under her rear SUV seat comfortably after shopping.

Lionel Berry, another person who chose Pop Bag over other brands, says its handle broke after he used it for shopping a few times. Though he used it to carry things that were rather heavy, he expected it would sustain, but it didn’t. Overall, he feels Pop Bag is not too bad, and was alright till it lasted. And now he is now using the bag at home to store lots of things, so he’s glad he has been able to optimise its usage and keep things in a more organised manner.

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