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What is PetiCare

As per its infomercial, it is an innovative nail trimmer that is designed to remove pet nails easily and lovingly. It asserts to have a super bright LED light and magnifier that guides users to trim nails gently.

Safe nail trimmer

PetiCare promises to be the professional way of trimming pet nails without taking a lot of time and hurting them. It convinces to be designed keeping in mind the delicate internal vein, known as the quick and ensures to avoid hurting it. The fanciful claims made by this trimmer will be only proved once users send us their review for analysis.

Smart guide
PetiCare assures that unlike painful nail trimmers it illuminates the nail and shows the vein under it with its super-bright LED light for precise trimming. The nail guide system of PetiCare states to also provide 5x magnification mirror to clearly view the area requiring the trim. Such amazing features make PetiCare an interesting trimmer but will be only verified once it is reviewed.

Easy-to-use design

PetiCare emphasizes to offer comfortable grip with a Quick Clip feature that trims the nail with its precision-honed razor sharp blades. Another feature that it claims to be useful is its Nail Trapper that traps the nail for easy disposal later. How true is the claims made by PetiCare will be known once users review it.


Mike Chandler used PetiCare on his dog and writes in his PetiCare review- “Very poor quality. When trying to trim my dog’s toe nails, the clippers would get stuck together after each use making them almost impossible to use properly”.
Della Rose says in her review of PetiCare –“It does not have an adjustable protective guard. This makes the unit mostly useless. Buy a larger unit that does have this feature (or try a different seller)”.

Tom Newton states in his PetiCare review- “I am a dog and cat groomer. I ordered these looking for a cheaper option to my old clippers after they broke. You get what you pay for with these. Even on small dogs, these clippers splinter the nail instead of cutting it clean. I don’t recommend these if you are buying them to use on your pets.”

In her review of PetiCare, Alyssa Henderson states- “Not strong or sharp at all. It made my dog’s nail splinter so I had to file off the parts of his nail that were crushed looking”.

Another user, Dick Ward mentions in his review of PetiCare –“It does not work. I have basset hounds which are known for tough nails and thought this would work but all it did was twist the nails. I did not get one nail cut. Maybe on less tougher nails it would work, however not for all types of nails”.

In his PetiCare review Thomas Green writes- “Clipper is not suitable for smaller dogs when using the nail safety guard. Quick guard gap is >3mm and over cut into my dog’s nail causing bleeding. ”

Another person, Ross Depp who tried PetiCare on his pet says- “I don’t like the clippers at all. They are not sharp and my dogs yelped when I tried to cut their nails”.

PetiCare Questions and Answers

Q. Does PetiCare have the protective guard?
A. No

Q. How do you use PetiCare?
A. If your dog’s toe nails are too long they could be extremely dry and fragile. Also, when you trim the nail cut it quickly. Don’t cut it slowly. When trimming dog’s nails you only do the tips and not sides. I clip my dogs after their baths when their nails are softer. Position the clipper on the bottom and top of nail, not on the sides as the nail can crush.

Q. Does PetiCare work for small dogs?
A. No, it does not work well with small dogs. I believe the cutters are too large and may cut too much nail off and cause it to bleed. It also depends on how small your dog is. If you are talking about puppy size, then it may not work.

Q. Can lefties use these?
A. Yes.

Q. How does PetiCare work for a German Shepherd?
A. I have a German Shepherd/ Sharpei mix (80lbs) that has thick nails and is sensitive about people touching his paws. I’ve used these a few times now and they work well, and he has even been less resistant to having them trimmed.

Q. Where is PetiCare made?
A. China.

Q. Does PetiCare work for thick nails?
A. PetiCare should work for thick nails.

Q. Can you use PetiCare on cats?
A. These are meant for big nails. I use a toenail clipper for all my cats. They work perfectly for their smaller nails

Q. Does PetiCare have extra blades when it gets dull?
A. No there are no blades the metal has been sharpened. Should last long time.

Q. Is the safety guard adjustable?
A. Nope.

Q. How do you get your pet to use it?
A. If they are new to getting their nails clipped, I just do one paw at a time. Clip it and praise them and let them get goofy and run around a bit before I start the next one. The next time, you can do two paws and then a break graduating to all four paws. I also hold their feet like a horses’. It helps me see the back of the nail to determine where to clip and doesn’t encourage the dog to bite at my hand or the clippers as it does when you hold their feet in front of them. Your vet or groomer may also have some tips.

Q. Can the clippers be used safely on a small Chihuahua?
A. Yes they can.

PetiCare Verdict

Pet owners looking for a safe and easy way would be delighted to read PetiCare features. Although there are some key unique features that come with it, there is no way to prove its functionality. The problem is PetiCare is not available on Amazon or other such leading websites and can be bought from its parent website only. So there is no way to check how does it compare with other clippers that come up in the list by searching keywords such as toenail clippers for pets and pet nail trimmers. We recommend going through the list since there are many options available at cheaper costs than PetiCare.

What do I get?
PetiCare Pet Nail Trimmer for only $19.99 plus $4.99 p&h | Official Website:

4 Comments on "PetiCare REVIEW"

  1. Product blade comes out after only two uses. Be Careful using…Blade cut my hand trying to use. Also CUSTOMER SERCICE only offers a 30 day refund. Most people only cut there dogs nails once per month. The device broke after 2nd use. They must know that it will break after a few use. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!

  2. Thank you so much for preventing me from making a bad purchase!!!

  3. Why does it only show pets with white nails is it even possible to see where to cut on dogs with black nails

  4. really what to try it. i order 2 months ago why is it takeing so long to get my order

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