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What is Phoenix Gold Ceramic Steam Iron

It is a steam iron that claims to provide standard care for your clothes while ironing out wrinkles and leaving you soft, crease free clothes.

Phoenix Gold Ceramic Steam Iron asserts that now you can look after your clothes just like you’d want to. You spend a lot of money on your clothes because you want to make a lasting impression with them. However to maintain them in the best possible state and make a crisp impression, you want them to be ironed well. However ironing your clothes can become a chore without a top quality steam iron. Phoenix Gold Ceramic Steam Iron maintains that it is the answer to your ironing issues as it looks after your clothes too.


Cristine, a customer who used Phoenix Gold says that though it irons fine, the steam production is not considerable enough to provide a high-level performance. The water leaks sometimes and the iron don’t get hot enough for use over linen and denim. Another customer Paula complains that the iron did not match her expectations. It requires a large amount of water for the kind of steam generated. There’s no provision to keep the iron upright while adjusting the clothes on the ironing board. The user needs to turn the steam dial to minimum and steam button off leading to cumbersome multiple adjustments. On one occasion while getting the steam out the iron launched like a hovercraft and dropped on the floor. Use the iron in a spacious area where no one is around for at least 3 feet near it as it could pose a danger with the high amount of steam generated. The customer also tested it on a pair of linen trousers but the results were as good as its competitors.

Duncan who reviewed Phoenix Gold says that it may be good on paper but is not practical. The water spits out, sprays and even drops lime-scale after a short period of time. The steam itself has a mind of its own and doesn’t come out when required. Even after the replacement, there were no changes in its performance. Ray, a customer who used Phoenix Gold says it is a disappointment as the iron doesn’t work well on creases. The steaming is great and works well for basic requirements but the attachment is flimsy and keeps falling off while in use. Richard, another customer of Phoenix Gold, complains that water comes out of it instead of steam thus messing the clothes and ironing board beneath. Another customer Mike, who used Phoenix Gold, reveals that it worked great for a few months but the vertical ironing “sauna mode” is not that great. Also it quickly irons the clothes but needs lots of water especially when on steep mode. It’s a decent iron but recently spurted brown water from primary steam vent and ruined the customer’s clothes.

How does Phoenix Gold Ceramic Steam Iron Work?

Phoenix Gold Ceramic Steam Iron Features – The secret of Phoenix Gold Ceramic Steam Iron’s effectiveness lies in its built-in steam generator and ceramic sole plate. It’s because of these features that the iron glides comfortably over your clothes getting rid of the wrinkles in the process. Moreover the concentrated steam zone at the front of the Phoenix Gold Ceramic Steam Iron assures you that the wrinkles are driven away, even when there are multiple layers to work with.

According to its claims, Phoenix Gold Ceramic Steam Iron is so powerful that it can get rid of wrinkles without contact. That makes a lot of sense when you need to iron wrinkles on buttons, sequins, prints and more.

Phoenix Gold Ceramic Steam Iron is convenient – If you have been looking for a garment steamer then you don’t have to look beyond Phoenix Gold Ceramic Steam Iron because it stresses on the fact that it can iron vertically. It gives out continuous steam with the press of a button and you are saved a lot of hassle along the way. Phoenix Gold Ceramic Steam Iron also emphasizes that it’s known for its scratch resistant ironing and the large capacity water tank is an added bonus. The texture care brush helps remove surface debris too.

What Do I Get?

  • You will get Phoenix Gold Ceramic Steam Iron

Official website: Price: for £39.99 | Official website: | Phoneix Gold Iron is available in the US at for $69.97

10 Comments on "Phoenix Gold Ceramic Steam Iron Review |"

  1. Upgraded from the Phoenix Gold which I returned. Even though I always used filtered water the whole thing scaled up very quickly and did not respond to de-scaling solution. Plus the plate went brown and the water blobbed out everywhere. I exchanged it and paid the extra for the Phoenix Free Flight Gold. I read the instructions and quickly realized I needed a science degree to work out how to iron my shirts! However, I battled on and immediately wondered why even though I was constantly using the iron it decided to turn itself off whilst the blue light kept flashing, indicating it was no longer heating. I overcame this by turning it off at the plug and turning it back on. Now I am becoming irritated by the fact that I can only use it for seconds before it has to be replaced on the stand to heat up again! Thus my ironing is taking twice as long, it has also started to blob water out even when fully heated and whether the steam button is on or off. Also, the water chamber is ridiculously opaque. I have taken to using a torch to see where the water level is before it runs dry! It is also unstable on the iron and wobbles around. This one will also be going back tomorrow for a refund. I would not recommend this iron to anyone. Don’t waste your time and money.

  2. susanne graham | March 17, 2018 at 8:32 pm | Reply

    I bought this iron at full price and it has stopped producing steam. I have lost my receipt and do NOT recommend this iron to anyone. Only had it 3 weeks. The water came out to steam very rapid and I burnt myself. Poor performance. Do not buy

  3. Cord twisted stopped steaming rubbish and I bought when was at full price never again

  4. Jane bonsall | June 25, 2017 at 9:34 pm | Reply

    I have just thrown my THIRD replacement Phoenix gold iron (in 9 months) in the bin.
    Brilliant for about a month then they all lost steam. The steam motor stopped.
    Contacted jml, the lady spoke to me like an idiot, going through how to iron. Patronising doesn’t come close. I’m 54 with four children, I know my way round an iron.
    It is, in my opinion like all jml products, a good idea but not good at actually pulling it off.

  5. Just purchased one of these Irons after seeing the advert over Christmas, to iron cotton tablecloths and Knapkins which I use in my restaurant. Firstly I am wet through with all the steam it lets out. Secondly I had to fill a 2ltr water bottle up four times!! Thirdly I shall be taking it straight back to Asda what a load of rubbish. Can still see creases, took me twice as long as normal..What a utter let down!!!

  6. I’ve just used it for the first time
    The steaming hanging clothes function is very good so far , I did however find it heavy
    Just about to start a mammoth iron from my recent holiday and will further review once Ive done it (maybe next week sometime looking at the pile lol)

  7. Purchased from Asda Walsall after seeing on TV.
    Our opinion is it is a load of rubbish . TV says it glides!!!
    The flex is too firm and in my opinion not safe were it enters the iron, as it makes it fall over if you do not pay extra care
    how you stand it.
    Taking it back for a refund.
    Tony Wall

  8. One button fell of absolute rubbish

    • I am currently looking to purchase a new iron. According to the JML advice it would appear that the Pheonix Gold Iron has all the answers.

    • I am currently looking to purchase a new iron. According to the JML advice it would appear that the Pheonix Gold Iron has all the answers.
      Which button fell off?

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