EZ Gym Review

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What is EZ Gym

It is compact home exercise equipment that provides workout for the entire body with exercises covering both strength training and cardio and is branded by Suzanne Sommers, one the most popular and beloved personality.


Get fit today

EZ Gym allegedly is the answerto everyone’s dilemma of working out at home. It is very important to be in good shape for a healthy life but due to the stress in lifestyle it is difficult for many individuals to really hit the gym. On the other hand home workout equipmentis very costly. EZ Gym states that it designed specifically to help people get a home workout that will make them fit easily without forking out a lot of money.


Total body workout

EZ Gym guarantees to be very effective especially its backing by Suzanne Somers who has been one of the most popular and beloved celebrity in today’s generation. The reason why EZ Gym is claimed to be one of the best way to workout is because it provides exercises which works out the whole body and provides the easiest way to perform strength training as well as cardio exercises. EZ Gym proclaims to be great for quick exercises, Pilates, yoga or stretching needed for specific sports training.


Rich features

The 3.5 pounds package of EZ Gymis declared to be compact and can be easily setup so that it doesn’t necessarily take any fixed space inside the house and can be carried while traveling.It is claimed that EZ Gym needs a standard door to begin setting it up and comprises of set of resistance bands that provide flexibility of eight levels to choose from for beginners to advanced athletes. Plus the use of EZ Gym convinces the user of safety and flexibility with its high/low swivel pulley system which lets the user move in any direction with great range of motion with perfect resistance.


What do I get?

You get EZ Gym for $79.99. Official website suzannesomers.com

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