Pedi Angel

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About Pedi Angel

Pedi Angel claims to be a revolutionary foot care system that gives you salon like pedicure right at home quickly and easily. It assures to get rid of cracking skin and calluses to transform unsightly feet into gorgeous ones. Pedi Angel promises to be gentle on skin and not leave cuts behind.


How does Pedi Angel work?

Traditional rollers take time and effort to work on the feet and don’t give great results. But, Pedi Angel asserts to feature a large surface roller that is four times bigger than the traditional rotating devices. Pedi Angel also emphasizes to have a larger contact surface that gives immensely better results while being safe. Pedi Angel maintains to be very easy to use. It has four different roller textures constructed from micro minerals and which change according to your needs to give you the best pedicure at home.


Perfect pedicure at home – It is really difficult to have silky smooth skin on the feet, particularly heels, without going to a spa. But that costs a lot of money and is time consuming. So now the revolutionary foot care system Pedi Angel promises to let you get smooth, sexy and attractive feet right at home and easily. It convinces to easily get rid of problems such as dry and cracking skin, stinking feet, and thick calluses. Pedi Angel proclaims that it has four interchangeable rollers with different textures – Fine, Light, Medium, and Coarse – made from micro minerals and the extra large surface roller can be changed to use the one that suits your needs the most. Pedi Angel states to have a larger contact area so that you can beautify your feet much faster and more efficiently.


Effective and safe – Pedi Angel alleges that its motor rotates at 10,000 RPM that is both effective and safe. Pedi Angel guarantees to be so gentle on your skin that unlike other pedicure devices it doesn’t leave cuts behind. In fact, it states to be so gentle that you can run it over an orange and it won’t leave a single scratch. Pedi Angel emphasizes that unlike other handheld foot care devices you do not have to keep scrubbing them over and over again on the skin of your heels. Pedi Angel convinces to glide right over the skin so that the coarse and rough skin will be cleaned fast and easy and beautiful and smooth skin underneath will be revealed.


Easy to carry and clean – You can easily get a pedicure anytime and anywhere you want with Pedi Angel as its manufacturers allege. It has a compact and ergonomic design that makes it easy to carry in a purse and on travels so that you will never be left to deal with unsightly feet with painful calluses ever. Along with an ergonomic design, Pedi Angel claims to have an easy-to-clean and maintain feature. All you need to do is remove the roller of Pedi Angel and clean it under running water with the brush provided with the device.


What do I get?

You get Pedi Angels for just $49.95 (AUD) | Official website:

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