Juiceman Classic 2-Speed Juicer JM400

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What is the Juiceman Classic 2-Speed Juicer?

The Classic 2-Speed Juicer is the idea juicer that everyone absolutely needs in their kitchen. The Classic 2-Speed Juicer makes it possible for you to have tasty, healthy and nutritious juice all day any day. It’s time to get a variety of juices at the switch of a button. With the Classic 2-Speed Juicer, you can now make all your fruit and vegetable juices in a matter of minutes. And that’s not all, the Classic 2-Speed Juicer not only has amazing functionality but also looks equally good in your kitchen. The Classic 2-Speed Juice now allows you to try out a number of different recipes for tasty new ways to get your daily serving of fruits and vegetables!


How does the Classic 2-Speed Juice work?

3 Cup Juice Jug with Foam Separator – Juice is funneled into the 24oz. removable, pourable jug that includes a foam separator to keep juice smooth and delightful. Have a kid who likes the froth on her juice? Well, the Classic 2-Speed Juicer now claims to give you the option of keeping the foam or separating it from the juice as and when you like it with its foam separator. The removable jug, makes it that much easier for you to directly pour into the glasses rather than the extra effort involved, in pouring it into a jug first and then the glasses.


Stainless Steel – The stainless steel filter basket is built for long-term performance. It quickly extracts juice and funnels it through the spout while separating the pulp. The Classic 2-Speed Juicer also boats of a stainless tell filter that helps you separate the pulp, giving you smooth and tasty juice. That said, the pulp separator can also help in ensuring that the pulp is preserved separately for you to use for other recipes or even as compost. Sounds too good to be true? With no reviews yet, the Classic 2-Speed Juicer is yet to be gauged on its performance by the users.


Speed Control – The intuitive dial has settings for low and high speeds, depending on what you’re juicing. High for hard produce and low for soft. This feature of the Classic 2-Speed Juicer helps you juice even the hardest carrots or an entire stick of celery in a matter of minutes. With 700 watts of power, the Classic 2-Speed Juicer certainly does claim to be able to turn even the hardest produce to juice.

Tired of struggling with your mixer grinder doubling as a juicer? Go right ahead and place an order for the Classic 2-Speed Juicer. That said, don’t you forget to write in your reviews on whether it lives up to its tall claims or not.


What do I get?

Get 2 CLASSIC 2-SPEED JUICERS FOR $74.99 at Juiceman.com

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