NutriBullet RX vs Nutri Ninja Review

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Compare What is it? NutriBullet RX vs Nutri Ninja

What is NutriBullet RX – It is an extractor that is boosted by SMART Technology and claims to bring out the maximum nutrients out of food.

Nutri Ninja – It is a blender, extractor that promises to break down fruits and vegetables to ensure that you get the best nutrients in a cup. But what’s more, it can crush ice in a matter of seconds too.

Verdict – While both these blenders do the job of extracting nutrients out of natural foods, Nutri Ninja also crushes ice with ease.


Compare How does it work? NutriBullet RX vs Nutri Ninja

NutriBullet RX – Quite simply NutriBullet RX works by breaking down food items into their most easily digestible states so that they are absorbed into your system quickly. The secret of NutriBullet RX lies in its SMART Technology that it is pre-programmed with. It’s because of this technology that it turns at precise RPM, stops exactly at the right interval at the right amount of time. From soups to smoothies and juices, there is a lot you can make with your NutriBullet RX, according to its claims.

Nutri Ninja – To begin with, Nutri Ninja has a powerful 900 watt motor and when coupled with PRO Extractor Blades, it ensures that fruits and vegetables are converted into liquids that are nutrient rich. Importantly, you don’t end up losing out on fiber, which is something that the regular blenders do. Practically nothing is left behind when you are using Nutri Ninja, which asserts that it is also versatile to help you make juices, smoothies and soups as well. In case you also want to use it to crush ice to make beverages, this blender is up to the task.

Verdict – Both the blenders are on par when it comes to extracting nutrients from whole foods but SMART Technology in NutriBullet RX gives it the edge.

Compare Features: NutriBullet RX vs Nutri Ninja

NutriBullet RX Features – NutriBullet RX is powerful because of its 2.3 horsepower motor that promises to offer you optimized nutrient extraction. It also ensures that you have just the right portions to serve your loved ones with its family friendly, multi serve cup. The Souper blast heating function it has allows you to make piping hot soups in seven minutes. Boosted by SMART Technology and its pre-programmed hands free extraction, you can make your favourite health drinks and soups without too much effort.

Nutri Ninja Features – One of the major highlights of Nutri Ninja is its 900 watt motor that boosts its performance along with the 21000 RPM PRO extraction blades. Together, they can pulverize any whole foods with complete ease and no ingredient is too tough for it. Since you are offered power and speed, you get drinks with silky smooth consistency. The blender is versatile enough to make nutrient rich drinks, frozen treats, sauces, dips and more.

Verdict – The hands-free operation of Nutribullet RX is an advantage but Nutri Ninja is quite versatile for your needs.


Compare Benefits: NutriBullet RX vs Nutri Ninja

NutriBullet RX Benefits
• The SMART technology of NutriBullet RX means you get precise results without having to stand in front of the extractor for long. Importantly, it extracts nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants from fruits and vegetables in a form that can be easily absorbed by your body. Hence you can start looking and feeling good about yourself.
• NutriBullet RX is versatile enough to let you make smoothies, juices and soups. You can make individual portions for your entire family with ease.
• It is easy to clean up too and you are saved that hassle on a regular basis.

Nutri Ninja Benefits
• Its powerful motor and PRO Extractor blades offer you a solid performance, while its compact size and sleek design make it a handsome addition to your kitchen. With Nutri Ninja you can do away with the need for different blenders and devices as it can do the task for you.
• It has different sized cups that can be used for your individual needs. You have a cup for personalized drinks on the go while a larger 24 oz cup for your family needs.
• The drinks you make with your Nutri Ninja can support digestion and immune health, increase fitness recovery and energy besides promoting sleep and reducing stress.

Verdict – Both these blenders have varied all round features that make them efficient and convenient for your requirements.


Compare Wattage: NutriBullet RX vs Nutri Ninja

NutriBullet RX – 1700 watts.

Nutri Ninja – 900 watts

Verdict – NutriBullet RX has higher wattage.


Compare Horsepower: NutriBullet RX vs Nutri Ninja

NutriBullet RX – It has a 2.3 horsepower motor.

Nutri Ninja – Around 1.2 horsepower.

Verdict – NutriBullet RX has more horsepower.

Compare Motor Speed (RPM): NutriBullet RX vs Nutri Ninja

NutriBullet RX – It has a capability of 30000 RPM but thanks to its SMART Technology it chooses the right RPM based on the requirements.

Nutri Ninja – It has 21000 RPM.

Verdict – Nutribullet RX has higher RPM, which gives it the edge.


Compare Blades: NutriBullet RX vs Nutri Ninja

NutriBullet RX – It has a powerful, twist on extractor blade that can extract whole fruits and veggies into liquid without losing out on the fiber or other nutrients.

Nutri Ninja – Pro Extractor Blades it has ensure that you can break down whole fruits and veggies into nutrient rich smoothies, juices and soups without leaving any fiber behind.

Verdict – Both the blenders have powerful blades that can extract whole foods, but Nutri Ninja also crushes ice.


Compare Speed Settings: NutriBullet RX vs Nutri Ninja

NutriBullet RX – It doesn’t need speed adjustments due to its SMART Technology. However in manual operation mode you can use two speed settings.

Nutri Ninja – It has just one speed setting of 21000 RPM.

Verdict – NutriBullet RX is definitely versatile with its speed.


Compare Material: NutriBullet RX vs Nutri Ninja

NutriBullet RX – NutriBullet RX has a plastic and metal construction that BPA free and non-toxic.

Nutri Ninja – The motor base is metal construction while the cups are non-toxic, BPA free plastic.

Verdict – Both the blenders are on par here.


Compare Safety Features: NutriBullet RX vs Nutri Ninja

NutriBullet RX Safety Features – It offers you complete safety if you follow precautions like not to touch it when hot.

Nutri Ninja – It claims to be completely safe for use as long as you follow the instructions carefully.

Verdict – There is nothing to choose between the two blenders here.


Compare Cooling Fan: NutriBullet RX vs Nutri Ninja

NutriBullet RX – No information.

Nutri Ninja – No information.


Compare Noise: NutriBullet RX vs Nutri Ninja

NutriBullet RX – It makes a little noise.

Nutri Ninja – It is relatively quiet.

Verdict – Nutri Ninja makes less noise but that’s also because it functions at a lower RPM on a less wattage motor.

Compare Reviews and Complaints: NutriBullet RX vs Nutri Ninja

NutriBullet RX Pros and Cons

Doesn’t work well for long – Serena who bought NutriBullet RX complained in her review that it did work well initially but started showing problems after just over a month. It didn’t function well and also started to smoke. But since it has one 30 day money return policy she couldn’t do much about it.

Good concept, bad execution – Amy who used NutriBullet RX revealed in her review that she was quite excited about the concept because the cups are large and can be suited to her family needs. But as soon as she opened the package she realized her folly because it doesn’t look well made at all. It is quite flimsy and smells of plastic. She also said that she was not too happy about the fact that she would have to blend at that high speed no matter what.

It’s defective – Alan who bought NutriBullet RX warns in his review that you need to be careful when you get your delivery and check it for any defects. Second time he used his NutriBullet RX the rubber gasket got dislodged and the blades cut it. Now he just can’t use his blender.


Nutri Ninja Pros and Cons

Tricky to wash – Susan who used Nutri Ninja complains in her review that although it works alright, there are problems when you try to open it up. It can be a huge hassle when you want to wash it because you end up wasting a lot of time on it alone.

The lid is useless – Anthony who reviewed Nutri Ninja complained that using it is a nightmare because of the lid, which makes a complete nuisance of itself. He says that he bought Nutri Ninja because it crushes ice and that indeed is an advantage for him but because of the lid there are constant leaks and splatters. You have to screw it on really tight to make sure it stays in place but that’s a huge effort in itself.

Doesn’t blend everything – Jessica who bought Nutri Ninja exposed in her review that the main reason you buy it is because it says it doesn’t leave anything behind and you get the most out of your fruits and vegetables. But according to her, that’s not the case at all and there are small bits that are left behind every single time.

Doesn’t work with certain items – Naomi who used Nutri Ninja reveals in her review that it works okay for certain items but there are huge limitations when it comes to others. She wanted to use this blender to sneak in spinach etc into her kids’ diet through smoothies. But spinach is one thing that this blender doesn’t seem to like much because the whole blade assembly gets tangled up in it. She says that the blades are not really sharp in the first place and when tangled up with Spinach they make things a lot worse. The poor customer service doesn’t help at all either.

5 Comments on "NutriBullet RX vs Nutri Ninja Review"

  1. Just bought the RX wow what a disappointment all juices come out warm, and this is on the blending function not the soup making function. Really dissapionted defo going back.

  2. I have Nutribullet we just freeze fruits then pull out when needed. No ice needed.

  3. I have the Nutribullet RX because of the success I had with both the original and the Pro. Down side it comes with only one blade (Original and Pro came with 2)
    RX blade fell apart after two weeks. They sent a new one (took 10 days) so about 1& 1/2 months couldn’t use it.
    Just got the “Nutri Ninja” but it also has only one blade.

  4. because the ice stays stuck on top of blades it wont go down

  5. How the Nutribullet Rx have a higher wattage and more horsepower than the Nutrininja but doesn’t crush ice?

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