Svelte Review

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What is Svelte?

Svelte is a men’s performance slimming undershirt that promises to let men look slimmer instantly and allow them to wear anything with the confidence of looking in good shape. Svelte assures to be comfortable to wear especially with its cooling effect.


How does Svelte work?

Proclaiming to be made on the Italian Santoni machine, Svelte guarantees to be made with a unique blend of materials that are ultra smooth to give you a smooth look and have rugged knit to give your muscles a more toned look. Svelte maintains to have a completely seamless torso that is engineered by using computer body mapping to give compression, ventilation and flexibility. With this patent-pending feature, Svelte claims that it can minimize the appearance of flab on the middle area to make you look slimmer instantly.


A versatile undershirt to tone your body
The compression of Svelte states to get rid of love handles and the special design also sculpts chest to give a more chiseled look and eliminate man boobs. The extra stay tucked styling of Svelte maintains that it prevents ride ups and plumber’s crack every time you bend or lift your arms. Svelte claims to get its versatility because of the 360° peripheral stretch fabric to not only give you utmost comfort but also give you the freedom to move comfortably. Svelte proclaims that its precision compression tones your body and smoothes it out so that your clothes will fit you better, too, apart from giving you more energy and confidence all day. This undershirt also convinces to improve your posture and keeps your shoulders and back in the right stance while giving support to your lower back.

Flexibility and ventilation
A classic problem that regular undershirts have is that the wearer gets too hot in them. But Svelte has stay dry vents that keeps the body cool and wicks sweat away even when it’s hot outside. Svelte claims that you can wear it to work or even when you are going out, and for any occasion. Whether a pilot, business tycoon, factory floor worker, cop, or a public figure, Svelte assures that any man can wear it under any kind of clothing to get the right shape instantly. Svelte states to be machine washable, so caring for it is easy. And unlike other age-old undershirts it promises to be constructed with high-quality recovery fibers that ensure that Svelte does not lose its shape even after long usage, and it also claims to not turn yellow or wear out after wearing it for years.

Made for all body types
Svelte promises to be available for men of four sizes from small to XL, in two colors and three styles and have something for men who prefer something tight and also for those who like looser fit. Svelte assures to contour and conform as per the shape of your body and gives you a firmer and more toned look instantly no matter what your body type along with comfort.


What do I get

Get Svelte for $59.99 CAD + S/h. Official Website:

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