Nohbo Ball Review

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What is Nohbo Ball?

As per the infomercial it is the world’s first single-use eco-friendly shampoo ball that replaces the need of shampoo bottles and instead comes wrapped in biodegradable plant-based material.



Eco-friendly shampoo

Nohbo Ball proclaims to be the next generation and world’s only solution that replaces the concept of shampoo completely. Plastic, by nature, is not degradable and the surge of plastic materials is threatening to the future generation and the environment. It states to be one of the steps that people can take to ensure that the use of bottles is reduced when it comes to shampoos with its innovative design. At this point of time there are no Nohbo Ball reviews available that will attest to its claims.


Innovative concept

Nohbo Ball alleges to be the brainchild of Benjamin Stern, a 16-year-old boy from Melbourne, Florida, who realised that there is a need to control the amount of plastic used in the world. Nohbo Ball declares to be a simple ball like shampoo that when stored is hard but once used under water just melts and works like any other shampoo. Such farfetched claims by it can be only verified once it has been reviewed. Nohbo Ball promises to be completely waste-free as it just comes off as single use ball. It also assures that the ingredients used in it are Paraben-free and sulphate-free for a smooth silky finish without the guilt of using plastic. On paper, the concept does sound like a promising idea; user reviews will expose the truth.

Two amazing options

Nohbo Ball emphasizes to be perfect for everyone and comes in two distinct choices. There is the Smokey Sandalwood which comes directly from the woods and helps in strengthening and conditioning the hair. The other Nohbo Ball shampoo is the Japanese Cherry Blossom that leaves the hair light, bouncy and soft after wash. Whether these two Nohbo Ball shampoos are really as good as it claims will be only verified once we receive user reviews for further analysis. Nohbo Ball assures that it uses no harsh chemicals and since it is plant based it has no animal extracts and is animal-cruelty free. Does Nohbo Ball really work as well as it claims? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


What do I get?

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  1. Do not purchase this product. I believe it is a scam. He is not shipping product, not responding to inquiries. Several people have asked for refunds and are not getting anywhere. See Facebook page.

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