Linka Lock Review

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What is Linka Lock?

As per the infomercial it is a smart bike lock that comes with revolutionary features such as auto-unlock, theft protection, advanced locking and a theft indicator map. Locking and unlocking your bike when you need to just stop in for a quick second can be extremely frustrating. Here’s introducing an incredible way to lock and unlock you bike automatically. LINKA Lock’s revolutionary Auto-Unlock feature saves you the trouble of pulling out your keys or a bulky lock from your bag. As you approach your bike, LINKA LOCK will recognize you and unlock your bike making it perfect for when you got your hands full and lets you up and going quicker than ever.



Keep your bike safe

Linka Lock guarantees to be an amazing smart lock that can help in safeguarding your bike. It promises to be the breath through lock that is designed to provide a great protection and additional features making it the safest solution available till date. Do you think Linka Lock is really this good? Send us your reviews for evaluation.


Pioneered with technology

Linka Lock states to combine the idea of traditionally mounted locks and new-age technology. Linka Lock claims to have a light-weight design that is to be hard-mounted to the seat and stays on the bike. The heavy duty shackle is hardened steel with a square cross-section that cannot be tampered or cut. It also has Tamper Alerts that identifies if the bike is in danger and begins beeping with a 100dB siren and app notification. Currently there are no Linka Lock reviews available that will substantiate with its claims. It emphasizes to be assigned with smart features that work with any smart phone. It basically connects to the phone for unlocking but also has a 4-digit phoneless access with single button coding available for unlocking in case the phone battery dies. Such promising design is pretty impressive; Linka Lock reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Linka Lock features

Linka Lock proclaims that it’s not just its design and accessibility but also the additional features that makes it a pro-choice. It convinces to be highly sophisticated with its auto-unlock feature that doesn’t need any need to pull out keys or bulky lock from bag while reaching their bike. It simply detects the owner and starts to unlock. Such fancy claims by Linka Lock will be only verified once users review it. Linka Lock asserts to have a long battery life and lasts for around 9 months on single charge with notifications available on app. It also features a theft indicator map that tells the owner areas prone to theft and suggests a better place. At this point of time there are no Linka Lock reviews available that will attest to its claims.


Built-in Siren – LINKA LOCK features a screeching 100 dB siren to ensure preying thieves cannot get away with your prized possession .The triple-axis accelerometer reduces the chances of false alarms by capturing the methods and movements of thieves compared to someone bumping your bike by accident.

Strong and Durable – The locking ring on LINKA LOCK is very powerful. The shackle is made of through-hardened steel and has a square cross-section making it really difficult to cut through.

Theft Indicator Map – Once you lock up your bike, you will be instantly alerted if the neighborhood isn’t safe for your bike and also recommend a better place to park!

Phone-less Access – Even if you do not have a phone or your phone battery dies simply enter your customized 4-digit phoneless access code on LINKA LOCK and ride away. Even if LINKA Lock’s battery dies and your bike is still locked you will get ample warning when your battery gets low. If it’s still not charged, LINKA LOCK will not lock below 5% charge to ensure you don’t get stranded.

Lightweight – LINKA LOCK weighs less than 700 grams (1.6 lbs), so it won’t be holding you back from those long fun rides across town.

Tamper Alerts – With LINKA LOCK there will be no more looking outside every once in a while checking “Is my bike still there?”?The accelerometer can also trigger a notification to your smart phone letting you know your bike is in danger. LINKA LOCK has a long range Bluetooth 4.0 with a range of up to 400 feet is features to assure you have peace of mind! Even if you get out of range, you will be intimated.

Compatibility – LINKA LOCK is designed to fit most bikes. Whether you’re on a road bike, mountain bike, hybrid or even a Dutch cruiser, chances are it is compatible.

Long Battery Life – LINKA LOCK consumes very little power so its powerful battery will last around 9 months on one charge. Simply charge it when the app reminds you and you’re set.

Recognized Locking – LINKA LOCK lets you lock up with a simple press of a button. With LINKA LOCK you will no longer have to look for your keys or fiddle around to get the tightest fitting lock up job. LINKA Lock s the same way every time ensuring your bike stays in place and o one can ride away with it.


What do I get?
You get Linka Lock for $129.Official website

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