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Nesterware Container Overview

Nesterware claims to be a clutter-free food storage solution that comprises of multiple containers of different sizes that uses the same size lid for food storage. Each Nesterware container is allegedly translucent and can be stacked over each other with a lockable lid feature. To store it, simply use a double-sided tape to stick the storage rail to any wall or cabinet and slide the storage appliance to the rail. Start stacking the container and lids neatly on it.

nesterware containers

Nesterware CLAIMS

Eliminate clutter – Food storage is claimed to be easy with Nesterware, as it guarantees to have a stackable design. It proclaims to come with a stand for easy storage anywhere. How far this is true will be proved once users review Nesterware. Each of these containers can be stacked over inside a cabinet door, under shelves, tile walls, on counters, etc. Nesterware states to be available in three different sizes – 500, 800 and 1200 ml. More shall be revealed when Nesterware is reviewed.

Multiple benefits – Nesterware assures that its lid creates an air tight leak-proof storage to eliminate spills and keep the food fresh. Cleaning is a breeze too since it is dishwasher safe. Does Nesterware really work? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Nesterware Reviews

Holly Oliver, a Nesterware reviewer, says that it uses poor quality material for construction. The plastic started to peel in just three months of use. She also states in her Nesterware review that the type of containers and lids along with the numbers shown in the advertisement are different from the ones shipped.

Another Nesterware user Leah Keller complains that its lids do not fit the bowl at all. She found that the lids are very tight and had to return it back.

Dora Gilbert also faced the same problem with lids, according to her Nesterware review. She found that the quality of bowls were decent but had to return it due to the lids not fitting well.

A Nesterware purchaser, Darnell Zimmerman, praises it and states in the review that the BPA-free containers look good and are made of high-quality plastic. His concern about Nesterware in the review is the tightness of the lid that makes it difficult to use.

A Nesterware reviewer, Melvin Maxwell, asserts that the containers are decent, their air-tight feature works well and the material is good too. As per his review, he warmed the Nesterware lids a little and closed it immediately to get rid of the tightness problem.

What do I get?

  • 10 Small Nesterware Containers
  • 6 Medium Nesterware Containers
  • 6 Large Nesterware Containers
  • 22 Lids
  • 4 Stands

Price: $19.95 + S/h. | Official website:

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