Mohu ReLeaf

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What is Mohu Re-Leaf

It claims to be a ground-breaking indoor HDTV antenna made out of recycled materials. It is environmental friendly, helps keep the energy bills minimal and captures over-the-air free television channels.



Mohu Re-Leaf Claims

Environmental friendly entertainment – Mohu Re-Leaf claims to be an intelligently designed indoor HDTV antenna that is completely made out of recycled materials. These waste materials are generally cable waste, Mohu Re-Leaf alleges specifically to be created using 30% post-consumer recycled cardboard. As a result it is not just paper-thin but actually paper. Mohu Re-Leaf assures to still function efficiently and powerfully to capture all the channels that can entertain the entire family. At this point of time there are no Mohu Re-Leaf reviews available that will attest to its claims.

Green design – Mohu Re-Leaf guarantees that it is designed and constructed completely out of recycled materials. The antenna also assures that the antenna has chlorine free post-consumer colors (PCF) and is FSC, Green Seal and Green-e Certified. It also has Carbon Neutral Plus that reduces carbon missions to commit to and conserve the environment. The material in Mohu Re-Leaf is declared to be 30% recycled cardboard which helps conserve the environment. The instructions also are printed over the box to save more papers on manuals. The plastic clamshell of the device is claimed to be made from 100% recycled cable and satellite set-top box waste, which is known as MohuGrind. Mohu Re-Leaf asserts that it saves people in three major drawbacks that cable TV boxes bear. It proclaims to save energy which is the biggest concern of set-top boxes. They drain the second highest power in household energy consumption and can not only account for higher bills but also wasted energy as a resource. Also, not every cable box is energy certified which means users sometimes pay a lot of what they are not aware of. Secondly, Mohu Re-Leaf states to help reduce the e-waste that is generated by faulty and replaced cable TV boxes. Lastly and most importantly, it helps save money. Most channel subscriptions are bundled into a monthly price. Whereas, Mohu Re-Leaf alleges that it needs to be bought just once to enjoy free television over-the-air. Such farfetched claims are although subject to user reviews.


Future-ready features – Mohu Re-Leaf emphasizes to be future proof with specifications as per the new television standards. It has 1080p full HD compatibility and is also ready for broadcasts in 4K Ultra HD. It also declares to have detachable cable that can be flexibly detached and attached as per requirement to change different lengths. Another impressive benefit it convinces to have is reception quality. It has multi-directional feature that lets users mount it anywhere instead of pointing it in a particular direction. This boasts clarity and reception up to 30 mile range. Plus, it maintains to be storm ready so there are channels running throughout for information and news. Mohu Re-Leaf promises to be a great, cheap and environmental friendly source of entertainment but will be only verified once we receive Mohu Re-Leaf reviews for further analysis.


What do I get?
Buy 1 Re-Leaf 30 Mile Indoor HDTV Antenna Made With Recycled Materials for $39.99 at

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