AC Security Lock

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What is AC Security Lock? – It is a lock for window air conditioner units that keeps it firmly in place, preventing it from being detached from outside and falling down.



AC Security Lock Claims

The first-ever AC security innovation – The manufacturers of AC Security introduce it as the world’s first exclusive invention devised to keep a window air conditioner unit in place which ensures it cannot be removed from outside nor falls down. AC Security Lock is a device of compact size that can be installed easily by connecting to both, the AC and the window. Its makers claim that it provides fool proof protection from burglars who can easily remove the AC unit and from the risk of accidental falling of the AC that cannot be ruled out.

Easy to install, weather-resistant and reliable – The makers of AC Security Lock further state that it’s a small yet power-packed device that can be installed easily within 10 seconds. You just need to place it on the window rail, close the window and turn its screw with your hands to tighten it. AC Security Lock is also compatible with wood, aluminium and vinyl. It is made from top-grade quality steel and is strong enough to withstand various weather conditions such as scorching heat, moisture, rain, snow and ice.


What do I get?
Buy AC Security Lock for $14.99 + $11.90 S/h at the official AC Security Lock website

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