Metal Garden Hose REVIEW

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What is Metal Garden Hose

As per the TV infomercial it is a stainless steel garden hose that is lightweight, puncture proof, flexible and kink-free. Metal Garden Hose proclaims to be a unique hose made out of strong and durable stainless steel material.



Metal Garden Hose CLAIMS

Stainless steel hose
Metal Garden Hose’s 304 stainless steel material bearing body is a patent pending design. Metal Garden Hose promises that it is designed for use in the toughest of exteriors and with any water pressure. Currently there are no Metal Garden Hose reviews available to substantiate with its claims.


Sturdy hose
Metal Garden Hose promises to outlast any other garden hose since its heavy-duty construction is puncture proof, tear proof and can even resist dogs chewing on it. Metal Garden Hose further claims to have cool to touch attributes even under harsh sunlight. It also alleges to be UV and corrosion resistant that ensures longevity of its construction. These claims made by Metal Garden Hose will be proved only when users review it.


Easy management
Thanks to Spiroshield technology, Metal Garden Hose assures to be kink resistant and coils and uncoils naturally for easy storage. Metal Garden Hose states to be available in 25, 50, 75 and 100 foot lengths to match user requirements. Metal Garden Hose asserts to have the capacity to handle high pressure flow of 120 psi. This makes it easier to clean house exteriors too without the need of a ladder. How well does Metal Garden Hose really work will be only known once we receive user reviews for analysis.


Metal Garden Hose Review

Metal Garden Hose review states that Metal Garden Hose is a sturdy, durable hose that keeps its non-destructible claim intact. The extra money that goes into buying Metal Garden Hose is worth since it safeguards itself from external factors and most importantly pets. Pets have a tendency to chew through anything that is in the yard. This hose ensures that there are no breaks, leaks or even teeth marks left behind after it has been chewed.

Metal Garden Hose review says that Metal Garden Hose is perfect for use in the yard. It is designed to last long and can be even used with a heated hose. It doesn’t leave any taste or smell in the water while using it in the shower. Plus Metal Garden Hose offers good amount of pressure to get along all the chores.

Metal Garden Hose review reveals that it is very heavy and costs extra. But having a pet dog makes it kind of necessary to have since it doesn’t get chewed off or broken by constant biting. It stays great in all weather conditions too.

Metal Garden Hose review asserts that Metal Garden Hose stands tough against large dogs that constantly destroy regular hoses. Metal Garden Hose is expensive but far competent and durable when compared to regular hoses.

Metal Garden Hose review mentions that Metal Garden Hose is perfect for use in the yard. It doesn’t get affected by external factors and can withstand extreme wear and tear. It can be dragged around for use and it still stays intact. In fact it works great against pups and dogs that have a tendency to bite and chew absolutely anything and everything in the yard. As the name of Metal Garden Hose suggests it uses strong metal built to ensure there is no puncture or leak from it whatsoever.

Metal Garden Hose review states that it works great against chewers and biters. Dogs have a tendency to drag and bite hoses that can render them useless within minutes. The user’s hoses hung on the tree for safekeeping but were still eyed by the dogs for their playtime. Metal Garden Hose has a tough exterior that keeps them away from chewing it. Although the red rubber on its body has couple of bite marks but hasn’t made it useless.

Metal Garden Hose review says that it is costlier when compared to regular hoses. But there are several advantages of Metal Garden Hose over the regular ones thanks to its sturdy built and design. Apart from being kink-free it also offers protection against UV and variable weather conditions. Metal Garden Hose also stays strong against dogs since it is completely chew-proof. It winds up easily, drags conveniently and weighs very less for easy carrying.

Metal Garden Hose review asserts that Metal Garden Hose works great with standard nozzles and is perfect for external use. Whether it is watering the yard or cleaning the porch, it provides adequate pressure. Plus it stands tall against any biting and chewing that can otherwise make regular hoses useless.

Some of the customers who’ve used the Metal Garden Hose, launched as an exceptionally lightweight and long-lasting hose, have expressed their views about such claims vis-à-vis regular garden hoses. A majority of the users have stated that the Metal Garden Hose is indeed a good quality product.

A customer who bought the Metal Garden Hose for his farm house put it through most of the tests suggested by its makers to establish its value. First, he measured the length of the hose to verify whether it really is 50 feet long. He says his Metal Garden Hose did turn out to be that long. Next, he checked whether the spray of the Metal Garden Hose was forceful. He noticed that within seconds, the force was very powerful, and that it really could go as high as two stories do. However, the Metal Garden Hose got entangled as a knot at a point, but he could undo it without much effort. He was also pleased to note that he didn’t find the Metal Garden Hose leaking anywhere even though he yanked it and tugged at it a lot. He signed off saying he’s quite satisfied with the Metal Garden Hose.

One more customer who chose the Metal Garden Hose over other brands has also given a largely positive feedback about it. He says he actually rubbed the Metal Garden Hose over a cactus plant to check its robustness, and it didn’t cause leakage anywhere. Next, he thought of parking his car over the Metal Garden Hose as its commercial guarantees it won’t be dented even if it’s run over by a vehicle. He also wanted to test if the Metal Garden Hose maintains its pressure equally well under that condition. He did that, and was surprised to see that even though his car literally stood over it for some minutes, no signs of damage were there. There was just a minor fall in the force of water gushing out of the Metal Garden Hose, but only till the car was on it.

Yet another reviewer who subjected the Metal Garden Hose to such tests has written in that it does meet most of the expectations its makers have built up for it. He wanted to investigate whether the Metal Garden Hose stays cool under the sun. However, it wasn’t very sunny at that time so, he’s postponed testing how long the Metal Garden Hose stays cool for another day.


Metal Garden Hose Questions and Answers

Q. How much does Metal Garden Hose weigh?
A. Approximately 3 lbs.

Q. Can it really stand up to heat and cold weather?
A: Metal Garden Hose encapsulates the hose with metal to keep it safe from exposure to the sun and external environment.

Q: Does it come with standard fittings for easy connection with a 5/8 inch hose?
A: Yes, this ½ inch hose bears standard fittings for easy connectivity.

Q: Is Metal Garden Hose durable enough for sporting sprinklers?
Answer: Yes.

Q: Is Metal Garden Hose similar to compact, pocket hoses?
A: No, it is a regular size hose.

Q: Where is Metal Garden Hose made?
A: It is made in China.

Q: Will Metal Garden Hose need a separate adapter to attach with a kitchen sink?
A: It would require an adapter.

Q: Are its diameters interchangeable?
A: Yes

Q: Will a standard nozzle fit on the 1/2 diameter hose? Will Metal Garden Hose accommodate a standard nozzle on its ½ diameter?
A: Yes

Q: Will it work between 40 to 50 degrees high temperature?
A: No

Q: How to wrap the hose in cold weather?
A: Ensure that water is completely drained out of it.

Q: Can Metal Garden Hose be used for drinking water?
A: No


What do I get?
The cost of Metal Garden Hose is $24.99 plus $6.99 shipping. Official Website:


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3 Comments on "Metal Garden Hose REVIEW"

  1. It says wash your hands after using the hose it could cause cancer

  2. buy with caution; I purchased 3 hoses in the past 3-4months; one of them failed where the plastic liner inside the steel sheath blew off the hose connector to the hose bib. Its impossible to get someone to help you (I spent 30 min trying to get to customer service. in the process I found out that The Metal Hose Co is part of Harvest Corp(whoever they are). I tried to get to their customer service but gave up after about 20 min. bertiejo

  3. I recently ordered three Metal Garden Hose items; two at 25′ and one at 50′. Upon my return from an extended trip, they were waiting for me. I’ve been using them now for about three weeks, and so far everything is as good as it’s been declared to be. They’re light-weight, they don’t kink, they are cool to the touch (and, here in central Oklahoma on a 95-degree day, that’s saying a lot!) So, unless something goes drastically wrong, I will say that I’M VERY PLEASED WITH THESE HOSE!

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