Vagua Vac

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What is Vagua Vac?

Vagua Vac is a 2-in-1 cordless water vac designed with water filtration technology and rechargeable lithium ion batteries powered with an industrial grade high efficiency motor to deliver ultimate suction and power through dirt and mess, anywhere.



How does Vagua Vac work?

Simply fill the water filtration reservoir and the reservoir collects all the dirt and debris while maintaining zero power loss. The dirt and dust particles are trapped in the water so they stay in the reservoir to give you amazing cleaning results.
Unlike other ordinary vacuums with canisters or bags that push dirt and debris back into the air, the Vagua Vac contains and traps all the dirt, debris, mites and allergens right in the water so your air stays clean and pure.


Rechargeable batteries
The rechargeable batteries will easily give you up to 45 minutes of cleaning power.


No Odor
The active carbon filter eliminates odors and produces fresh clean air and the built-in UV light kills bacteria and sterilizes the reservoir while recharging.


Lightweight and ultra maneuverable
Vagua Vac is lightweight and features a powerful motorized floor brush that is combined with a 360 degree pivoting motion to effortlessly clean under furniture and reach tight places. Vagua Vac is perfect for carpets or hard floors.


Quiet Mode
Vagua Vac has a quiet mode feature that is ideal for cleaning while watching TV or while the baby is sleeping.


Easy Clean-up
Vagua Vac is very simple and easy to clean. Simply remove the reservoir canister and pour out the water for a quick dust free clean up.

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What do I get?
Vagua Vac is priced at five monthly installments of $59.99, plus free S&H, for a total of $299.95. With your order, you’ll also receive the Pro Vac attachment that allows you to use the same water filtration technology, but in a handheld version.

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