Magic Pens Review

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What are Magic Pens?- They are innovative color pens that allow children to give amazing detailing and shading effects, change and erase colors, type secret messages and do lots more to transform their simple drawings.


No limits to creativity in art!

Magic Pens promise to infuse ordinary drawings with loads of creative excitement by making it possible to add a variety of innovative touches to them in various ways. Magic Pens are special color pens that claim they go beyond regular markers and color pencils and make anything else seem limited and lackluster. These pens don’t just color and shade but also allow you to change and erase colors, provide amazing shading and detailing and create fascinating 3-dimensional effects to any drawing. In addition to that, they even allow you write secret messages on a plain paper which are not visible to the eye but can be seen only when you color and shade the entire sheet with this pen. The promoters of Magic Pen proclaim that these pens will not only stimulate artistic imagination in little children but also cater to the creative needs of highly experienced professional artists. According to them, there is simply no other alternative to Magic Pens in any sphere and that they have an edge over everything else in the market.


Easy and fun 3-step use

The makers of Magic Pens further assure you that using these pens is not difficult or complicated but in fact so easy that anyone can use them. It’s a simple 3-step process which involves first using the color markers to make a drawing, color over with the white magic pen to change and erase colors and then use your imagination to explore your creativity further with the other pens in the set. With Magic Pens, kids who are not very confident about drawing will also begin finding it easy and fun. There’s no limit to what one can do with shading and detailing their drawings with different Magic Pens colors, erase anything impeccably in the drawing and incorporate new artistic elements in any work of art.


Durable, mess-free and safe

Magic Pens are provided with shock proof tips, which aims to impart precision to drawings and eliminate smudging or running out. These colors are known to last for years and keep your works of art intact. In addition to that, the Magic Pens are washable so you can also use them over and over again. Another highlight of these pens is that are non-toxic so parents can entrust their children completely with them. They are even economical, so you can look forward to saving lots of money and still derive the best any color palette can offer to budding artists.

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