Jelly Strips Review

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What are Jelly Strips?- They are customizable cushioned gel patches that protect your feet from bunions, blisters, corns and calluses and get relief all day long when fixed on them.


How Does Jelly Strips work?

Dread wearing new shoes? Not anymore!

Jelly Strips promise to provide sure relief from what afflicts all of us at some point of time or the other- extreme discomfort in toes and feet due to ill-fitting shoes or other problems. Jelly Strips are special gel patches designed like an adhesive tape that you can fix like an adhesive tape on feet so that a protective barrier is created. All you have to do is peel and stick a strip by rolling it out on the affected area. The thin, gentle yet sturdy gel patch keeps even a minute scratch from occurring on feet and ensures you don’t experience any pain.



Shields your feet and toes unfailingly

The makers of Jelly Strips claim that the gel strips offer complete protection from the pain that developments like bunions, blisters, corns and calluses cause. Instead of turning to ordinary alternatives for protection that aren’t and never really were the perfect solution, you may well give Jelly Strips a try. The strip acts as a soothing cushion that provides gentle relief effectively. While ordinary bandages are thin and flat and like corn tapes simply roll away and fall off. But Jelly Strips are cushiony and stay put as long as you wish and continue providing protection. It is the innovative SoftStep gel which wraps around your feet and toes like a second skin that does the job. The strips also prevent the distressful sensation of shoes rubbing into your skin so the excitement of wearing new footwear isn’t dampened.


Versatile and fully customizable

Apart from protecting your feet from a whole lot of problems and discomfort, you can also use Jelly Strips on other areas such as your shoulder to prevent bra straps from digging into your skin. They can also be customized easily as per the size and shape you want by cutting it accordingly. They stay in place, easily flex with skin by going with the flow and cause absolutely no pain and uneasiness at the time of use as well as while being removed.


Safe, reusable and hassle-free

Jelly Strips pose no trouble at the time of applying on feet as they can be applied easily. They stick directly on your skin and instantly act as a protective cover. They are reusable and can be gently peeled off after use simply by rinsing with water The gel strips are hypoallergenic and safe on skin so anyone can use them as long as necessary. They can also be removed easily after use and leave no residue behind.

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