Laser X

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What is it?

Laser X is a hi-tech game of tag that gives you a real-life gaming experience that you can enjoy with your friends or the whole neighborhood.



How does it work?

You get to choose from three teams. You can select team Red, Team Blue or go Rogue and blast anyone. Laser X is the ultimate game of tag that you can play anywhere; play inside your home or outside in your backyard. You can also play it during the day or at night. It’s so much fun; you are guaranteed to love the gaming experience the Laser X game offers.

There is no limit on the number of players that can play with the Laser X. With an unlimited number of players, you can play one on one or take on the whole neighborhood.

Laser X gives you pinpoint accuracy up to 200 feet. The vest is designed to count your hits and the power indicator shows you when it is time to reload. It also features an interactive voice coach that keeps you focused on the game.
Laser X does not come with batteries and you must be 18 years or older to order.

Order the Laser X today to enjoy the ultimate game of tag!


What do I get?
Buy your Laser X just for only $49.99 only.

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