Jumbo View REVIEW | Jumbo View Flip-Down Visor Exposed

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What is Jumbo View? – It is a day/night anti-glare visor that reduces glare from the sun or bright lights around on road. Being 25% bigger than other visors, Jumbo View offers better visibility and safety while driving.



Jumbo View CLAIMS

No More Risk on Road – Jumbo View promises to make driving safe and hassle-free by shielding your view from glare of the sun or other bright lights during day as well as night. Jumbo View is 25% larger than other visors and features two tinted panels- a dark panel for daytime driving and an amber tinted panel for night. According to the makers of Jumbo View, it maximizes visibility and safety while driving by protecting your eyes completely from bright lights.

Quick and Easy to Attach – The makers of Jumbo View state that clipping it to your car is very simple and fast. It takes just a few seconds as all you have to do is attach it onto the visor you are using. Jumbo View is designed to stay intact precisely where you want it to without getting in your way. After you install Jumbo View, you just need to flip down its panel to reduce the glare of the sun or headlights ahead and drive smoothly.


Jumbo View Questions and Answers

Question: How is Jumbo View used? Is it attached to the car visor or is it worn by the person driving?
Answer: Jumbo View has to be clipped on to the current car visor. You could use a bungee cord to tie both, and even wear them as a cap.

Question: Does Jumbo View fit all cars?
Answer: Yes. It has an adjustable attachment that can fit any size sun visor. In very rare cases, it may slip a bit, but it generally stays completely intact.

Question: Is an extender provided with Jumbo View which blends with it and increases flexibility? Answer: I don’t think so.


Jumbo View Review

Customers who purchased Jumbo View and have been using (or have used) it regularly for some days or weeks have shared their experiences through reviews. Jumbo View, according to some, does a decent job of blocking the sun.

They feel relatively comfortable on the road while driving with Jumbo View fixed on their vehicle’s visors. They feel having Jumbo View gives better coverage than the normal visors (case of something being better than nothing).

Some users who have been using Jumbo View have said that they do feel that the glare of the sun during the day and bright lights at night seem a bit milder now. They are able to view the road ahead a bit more comfortably now with Jumbo View.

However, a majority of reviewers are not very satisfied with Jumbo View as it has fallen short of their expectations. These users have complained that Jumbo View doesn’t stay intact and keeps slipping down. Quite a few have said pointed out how exasperating it is to see their Jumbo View slipping down constantly and struggling to keep it in place. One user said how, while talking a turn while driving, his Jumbo View came undone and actually flew out of the car window!

Some reviewers of Jumbo View feel it would have worked better if it was designed a bit differently. They also find Jumbo View bulky and imperfectly designed. Revision in the design of Jumbo View would solve the problem. This is one more issue that users who have installed Jumbo View feel needs to be addressed immediately.

One user has complained that Jumbo View is much smaller and brittle. Though its clamp holds the visors properly, the product itself isn’t of good quality. Some parts of Jumbo View, which are made of plastic, are already breaking. He says that its day visor is too small and the night visor keeps clattering against the day visor.

Some people using Jumbo View who are of shorter stature do not get adequate protection from the sun. One customer, who is of medium built, wanted a big attachment for her vehicle’s visor. She bought Jumbo View but it turned out to be smaller for her needs. It doesn’t give her the coverage she needs and her eyes still face the sun all through. She feels that Jumbo View isn’t ideal for people like her.

One customer who took a long road trip recently was tired of the constant glare of the sun even after installing Jumbo View. He also said how driving at night was a hassle due to the glare of oncoming vehicles’ headlights.

Another reviewer, who travels over 100 miles every night for work bought Jumbo View says it has been quite useful for her. She doesn’t have to strain her eyes too much now thanks to Jumbo View so she bought two more for other cars. Jumbo View is working well with one car while it’s strictly average with the other. This apart, she says she has no other issues with Jumbo View.


Jumbo View is priced at $19.99 and FREE shipping and handling and is available only at the official website: GetJumboView.com

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