Knits Cool Review

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What is Knits Cool

It is stated to be a fun and exciting way to learn knitting. Unlike traditional knitting needles it helps in learning knitting easily and is perfect for making purses, mobile covers, bracelets, etc in 10 minutes.


How does Knits Cool work?

Knitting made easy with Knits Cool
Knits Cool claims to make knitting fun again by providing an innovative way to do it. Traditional needles are not everyone’s cup of tea and which is why most people shy away from it. But what Knits Cool convinces to do is introduce a new way to perform knitting faster and easier so that everyone will surely love it. Plus it is declared that the package that is provided along with Knits Cool can be used to make so many different items.


Knits Cools Seems to be easy to use
Knits Cool promises to be a breakthrough way in which knitting can be converted from a boring job to fun activity. It is maintained that Knits Cool comes with two posts instead of traditional needles. The idea remains the same but the yarn is to be knotted around one post and later the yarn is to be looped around the other post. After that the yarn on the Knits Cool posts is to be twisted to get it started for making amazing items in just 10 minutes.


Knit variety of items
Knits Cool guarantees it can make a variety of items like headbands, purses, bracelets, phone cases, scarves, wrap-style sweaters, pet sweaters, leg and arm warmers, etc. With colorful accessories and combination of different yarns one can allegedly use Knits Cool to create numerous items which can be used for parties and gifted to special ones.


What do I get?

  • 30 sets of Knit Cool Posts
  • 50 yards of fashion yarn
  • Tools and knitting accessories
  • Trendy Charms
  • Knits Cool Style Guide

All this for $19.99 plus $7.99 processing and handling. Official website:


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  1. I can not believe this site…. I ordered knits cool and they said it’s on back order and then they said I won’t get it…. There is no way to contact them……. 🙁

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