Micro Knife 180 Review

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What is Micro Knife 180

As per the infomercial it is an ultra-light pocket knife that is foldable in a credit card shape and is forged with surgical stainless steel blade for precision cutting.


How does Micro Knife 180 work?

Advanced utility knife
Micro Knife 180 claims to be the most advanced cutting edge knife available today. It is stated that Micro Knife 180 is unlike pocket knives which are bulkier and have a dull edge. In fact it is designed in such a way that it innovatively folds up to a size of a credit card making it ultra-light and compact. And despite its compactness it manages to keep the blade size to 2.5 inches.


Cutting edge design
Micro Knife 180 is asserted to be so unique because of the fact that it weighs only 13 grams and also has thickness which is lesser than 2 credit cards. This is why it is stated that Micro Knife 180 is perfect to carry as it can simply fit inside a purse, a wallet, tackle box or back pocket. The 2.5 inches blade that comes in Micro Knife 180 convinces to be powerful because it is made from high quality surgical steel material. This blade is way better than other compact knives and does not go blunt as the time passes. In fact Micro Knife 180 proclaims that it can cut easily through cardboard boxes, nails, vegetables, envelopes and even chicken bones swiftly. The handle of Micro Knife 180 is declared to be made from polypropylene material which is firm on grip and easy on the hand. Allegedly, Micro Knife 180 is waterproof and rust proof for use in all weather.


What do I get?
4 Micro Knife 180s for $10.00 + $15.98 S/h. Official website: MicroKnife180.com


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  1. What out for this —- it takes forever to process order (7 weeks) and Each knife is charged separately for shipping and handling — poor quality, poor service and a rip off.

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